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Water polo | World Championships women's open water: British players Zhaijin | Yanqiao Fang fifteenth Luca thirteenth World Swimming Championships born today women's 10 km open water gold, Britain's Payne (PAYNE KeriAnne) in 2 hours 01 minutes 37 seconds 1 won, the Russian player Ceri Voss Tova (SELIVERSTOVA Ekatarina) and host Italy player Grima Corti (GRIMALDI Martina) won a silver copper, the results were 2 hours and 01 minutes 38 seconds, 2 hours 01 minutes 38 seconds 6. World Championships women's 10 kilometers, a total of 45 people participated. Finally, 43 players completed the competition. Two people returned from the competition, including the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games champion and Ilchenko Larisa. Beijing Olympic bronze cheap nfl jerseys free shipping medalist, British girl Penn State well before the game today, half always maintain the leading position, the biggest rival Ilchenko out of the race more make it feel more relaxed, and ultimately to 2 hours 01 minutes 37 seconds 1 first to reach the end point, the silver medal was another Russian contestant Sai Rive Tova picked Grimaldi, with second players host 0.6 seconds narrowly to harvest a copper. the Chinese delegation sent Fang Yanqiao and Shi Yu to compete in the open water women's 10 kilometers. Finally, Fang Yanqiao ranked fifteenth in 2 hours, 02 minutes and 04 seconds, and ranked thirty-fourth in terms of time. The score was 2 hours, 02 minutes, 28 seconds 3. (finished)JJ Watt (J.J. Watt) lives not only American football. Houston, the Dezhou's Star Defender, recently went to a local hospital to surprise a 11 year old boy named Manuel Jimenez (Manuel Jimenez). Manuel suffered a gunshot injury last week, while his 6 year old brother was killed in the shooting. watts tried to encourage the children. During the visit, he played video games with his children and sent his signature to Manuel. Manuel's mother said Watt's visit was a cure for the child's traumas.NFL????|???-????????????????|????? Seattle Seahawks bowl occupation safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) is a top player in the League safetys. this weekend he became their wedding the emperor, Thomas Houston in the win thanks to cocoa - wife mo (Chateau Cocomar), the wedding dress Thomas became the focus of people, he wore a cloak and wearing a crown is really, it is different to the dress. Thomas also owns 14 Groomsmen, including the Seahawks teammate Tim Wei Kan security money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) and former Dezhou teammate Houston Jamal Charles ran Wei (Jamaal Charles). this is really a deluxe wedding, blessings Thomas.STATSSEASONTEAMGPGSMINFGM-AFG%3PM-A3P%FTM-AFT%ORDRREBASTBLKSTLPFTOPTS'80-'8182020.14.3-8.1.5330.0-0.0.0001.3-1.9.6791.'81-'82823328.45.7-10.7.5310.0-0.0.0002.3-3.0.7542.'82-'83821328.65.9-10.9.5410.0-0.0.0002.4-3.3.7172.'83-'84821031.47.2-12.9.5560.0-0.0.3334.1-5.4.7652.'84-'85793133.67.7-13.4.5700.0-0.1.0004.5-5.9.7602.'85-'86686235.38.3-14.4.5740.0-0.0.0004.8-6.2.7762.'86-'87777739.710.3-17.0.6040.0-0.1.0005.6-6.6.8363.'87-'88646337.38.6-14.2.6040.0-0.0.0005.4-6.8.7972.'88-'89787436.98.5-15.5.5460.0-0.1.0005.6-6.8.8182.'89-'90822533.27.9-14.4.5490.3-0.8.3334.8-5.4.8932.'90-'91681030.47.4-13.4.5530.2-0.5.4053.4-4.0.8292.'91-'9256125.05.8-11.3.5090.0-0.2.0002.4-2.9.8222.'92-'9371023.34.2-9.1.4590.0-0.3.1112.3-2.7.8411. Stats ?

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