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introduced Lukaku in the center's position in the new season, and Lukaku put on Manchester United's No. 9 shirt after Ibrahimovic's approval. And he chose the number 10 left by Rooney, a symbol of the core of the team. According to sky sports, Ibrahimovic made his own interpretation of the meaning of Manchester United No. 10 in an interview. Ibrahimovic believes that when he returns to the team, he can play different roles. He said in an interview: "for me, player 10 is the star on the field, the leader who affects the match, the media focuses and the team wins. I think I'm a player in this position, but it's not for you, but you are born with it. That's the way it is. " Ibrahimovic: No. 10 is the power of the comeback Ibrahimovic said that the No. 10 Jersey is the driving force of his comeba cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ck. "To be honest, the reason why I recovered from such a serious injury is the No. 10 Jersey, because I wear No. 10 in the national team and in Paris. Ben wanted to wear No. 10 at Inter, but soon went to Barcelona. I think I'm a number 10 player, and I also represent number 10. I have 10, this will be a story of the history." Ibrahimovic scored 28 goals for Manchester United last season. But in a game of April this year, Ibrahimovic had a serious knee injury that led to a season's reimbursement. Now, Ibrahimovic, who has been recuperating for nearly 7 months, is ready to return. If he can catch up with city, he will see Ibrahimovic's performance.The official website of NFL | Peterson: Cardinals coach talk with action to support your speech | football Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce - A Ryans (Bruce Arians) did not mind his players before the game against the other player's remarks: appropriate. What he cares about is whether the players' performance can match their previous remarks. This week, the star corner guard Patrick Peterson (Patrick Peterson) attacked the Atlanta falcons and took the Julio Jones (Julio Jones) before the match. But in the end, Jones helped the team win the game 29-18 through 189 yards of the 10 catch, and also hit Peterson's attack with action. A Ryans says: when you try to attack your opponent, you'd better be able to make sure you say it. You have to make all the preparations before you make the speech, and support your comments through action in the game. Now, Peterson attacked Jones, but let him finish 10 catches. lost quarterback Palmer Carson (Cason Palmer) after the Cardinals had lost 2 games. If you want to continue to lead the country in the next game, the Cardinals have not lost. Especially with the Seattle Seahawks second meetings, the results will determine the final ranking belongs to a great extent.The design team with home court Jersey in 1875 wearing jerseys, Bermingham City Club started called Heath United (Small Heath Alliance), New Jersey blue and small blue Heath United past the same, also hung a white oblique ribbon, white shorts and blue socks is below.NFL official website | lion fans sent | football because of the use of laser pen males in local time on Thursday announced the punishment of a fan, the reason is that the fans in the lion to bill the game for using laser pointer exposure Bill player this season ticket holders this season tickets will be revoked, and accused of disrupting social order. The behavior of the home audience at Ford stadium has always been good. Lion team president Tom lofvander (Tom Lewand) issued a notice. We will be punished for the action that affects the game and endangers the safety of the players. Bill's discard player Colton Schmidt (Colton Schmidt) was struck by laser pointer when he helped the ball. He immediately reported the matter to commander Doug Malone (Doug Marrone), while Malone contacted the League security official. Bill Orton, starting quarterback Kell (Kyle Orton) also said that in the course of the game he felt for his pen using laser irradiation NFL guarantees the safety of the player and the success of the game, and it will not allow the use of a laser pen to irradiate the player.

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