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new England patriot's rookie Sellers Jones (Cyrus Jones) does not seem to enjoy the team's super reversal in the fifty-first Super Bowl. , because Jones was the top ranked player in the 2016 season's draft of the patriot in the draft of the patriot, but when the team was 3 to 28 behind, Jones stayed in the field wearing clothes, because he didn't even have the chance to participate in other playoffs. "I won't be happy because I did not make my contribution," said Jones. I'm a team member, but I can't feel it. " The main reason Jones is unable to participate in the playoff team in the regular season, he kicked the ball in the abandoned off the ball 5 times, 11 punt return average 4.2 return yards, only in 14% when the number of defensive team. Jones on the season fourteenth weeks ruined team punt lead Baltimore crow lead the game, after he was involved in a game. But Jones became fans of the punching bag. For this reason, Jones canceled the plan to take off the season with his family, but began to prepare for his 2017 season. Jones said: "I have no entertainment for the rest of the season, because I'm not qualified to enjoy it."N cheap nfl jerseys free shipping FL official website, Indianapolis Colts signed running back Kristen Michael, rugby wo Kristen - Michael (Christine Michael) found an opportunity in another team. on Thursday announced the signing of the Indianapolis Colts at the beginning of last month by the Green Bay Packers running back cut. outstanding performance of Michael eventually punches the ball number ranked first in the Seattle Seahawks team last season home preseason, but he was in mid November to cut beyond all expectations. The Seahawks and the packers Michael punches the ball 690 yards and 8 touchdowns, rushing for 3.9 yards per ball. 's addition to the pony is the best chance for Michael to play in the 2017 season. The 34 year old veteran Frank Gore (Frank Gore) and the power run Robert Turbin Robert (Turbin) now occupy the top two position of the running guard lineup, but the pony urgently needs to run and defend to complete the attack of large number by pure speed. in August and September last year, Michael showed an explosive power and excellent ability to flush the ball. But in the next two months, the bad run open, quarterback Russell (Russell Wilson) - Wilson injured and Michael their poor reading ability and passing ability to cover the gap he eventually left the seahawks. See in the Seahawks, packers, the Dallas cowboys and the Washington Redskins in the last few seasons did not allow Michael to release his explosive force, pony will give him the chance to and this year's four round pick Malone - Mike (Marlon Mack) competition. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Ten male handball games | hand: defending champion Beijing team won three straight | hand Co Shandong Weihai October 20th sports news (reporter Zhang Xudong) ten men's handball games 20, the four group phase, the defending champion Beijing team to 40:27 victory over the Hongkong team, won three straight. defending champion Beijing team and the Hongkong team at the beginning of the second half soon lost its suspense, but the Hongkong players to dare Ganpin spirit admirable scene, sparse audience from time to time for their applause refueling. At the beginning of the game, the Hongkong team first scored and once took the lead with 5:1. But defending champion Beijing soon showed their strength, patiently cooperate with each other before the forbidden area, and relied heavily on scoring frequently, and soon scored the best result and ended the first half game at 22:11. in the second half of the race, in the face of the score of tall opponents and a larger gap, the Hongkong team did not give up the game, still on the pitch to spare no effort to strive for, and seize the turnovers launch fast, but because of the strength of the gap, lost 27:40. is the first day of host Shandong team against the Jiangsu team, the Shandong team lost to 22:28, the first taste of fruit abortion. Two minutes from the end of the game, Shandong goalkeeper Wang Shuai was injured when he blocked the opponent's shot and was immediately sent to hospital for treatment. After CT examination, Wang Shuai had no obstruction. There was no fracture in the cervical spine and no craniocerebral hemorrhage. another two games, the PLA defeated Guangdong by 26:19, and Sichuan defeated Macao by 37:12. Anhui and Hebei were isolated because of a flu epidemic, and their two games were cancelled. On the 21 day, the men's handball game was a day off., according to the telegraph, knows that the latest World Cup Jersey in England will be the most expensive in history, and the price of one set of shirts may be 110 pounds. The New Jersey will be officially sold out next month. despite the release of the New Jersey, the FA did not disclose the price of the shirt. But Nike, a manufacturer of Jersey, revealed to the telegraph the "recommended retail price" of the shirt. The price of the New Jersey is 10% higher than that one introduced two years ago, when the price of the shirt was 101 pounds. It is reported that England , New Jersey Shirt priced at about 65 pounds, higher than 2 years ago the price of 30 pounds 5 pounds, shorts, higher than 2 years ago was 2 pounds, socks priced at 15 pounds, or 2 pounds higher than two years ago. In addition, the company will launch "Nike game" jerseys and shorts. It's better in quality and for players. It costs the same as before, 90 pounds 55 pounds tops, shorts. If the socks are added, the value of a England "game" shirt is close to 160 pounds.

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