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A new Vietnam National Team Jersey sponsored by Nike, the color on the continuation of traditional white Honker team, two Jersey has a wide interval of fine lines, the chest badge placed a Vietnamese flag, New Jersey and Nike to use the same design process in the world cup in South Africa for the national team and each shirt is made of 8 recycled plastic bottles. The Vietnam national team just in the ASEAN Football Championship (before the tiger cup) opener 7:1 victory over Burma first win, they are to participate in the tournament as the defending champion, the Vietnam team from 1996 began to participate in the ASEAN Football Championship (former tiger cup) all 8 games, and in 2008 over Thailand to become the first king of Southeast asia.ESPN Bill Simmons (Bill Simmons) is one of the most famous sports writers and commentators in the United States, and this week cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he was suspended by ESPN for three weeks, because he scolded the NFL President Roger Goodell in the radio program as a liar. Simmons had written a scathing article questioned why Godell can continue to sit tight, the throne, and the Simmons is in the personal radio program directly to Godell acrimony. "if Godell also insisted that he did not know that tape (Thunder rice video words, domestic violence) so there is no doubt that he is a liar. I said that directly. He was a liar. If you use a polygraph to test him, it will be sure that he says a false word. All these unfamiliar people are all [abusive words], and I feel I'm insulted by my IQ. " Simmons said he was very aware of his behavior and had long taken into account the consequences of the behavior. Instead he dared in the stimulation of ESPN to punish myself: "I really hope someone can now call or email to tell me that I got into trouble because of abusive Guder, as long as there are people who say that to me, I'll take this public speech. So ask you to punish me, I bet you don't dare. " , and ESPN, met Simmons's desire to dispose of him: "every ESPN worker is responsible for his words and deeds in the program." All employees engaged in the review work are obliged to comply with the regulations of the ESPN journalists' behavior. We think Bill - Simmons did not perform these duties in the recent radio program, so he decided to suspend him for three weeks. "The official website of NFL | conflict Seahawks cornerback was sent off for fighting | football in Beijing on August 8th, the Denver Broncos defeated the Seattle Seahawks in the home court. The game was thrilling, and you came to play very hard, and the score was very tight. The third section there are 10 minutes and 44 seconds, Broncos running back Capri - Bibusi (Kapri Bibbs) to the Seahawks touchdown zone attack, in the process of Bibusi loss ball, touchdown zone is a mess, both sides rushed to the ball, the referee whistle immediately and ready to replay to sentenced. At this time, Seahawks cornerback Cerro de Simon (Tharold Simon) with the Broncos tight end Greer - Robinson (Gerell Robinson) dispute, and pushing each other and provocation. , of course, was not allowed in the game. The referee made a severe penalty for Robinson's provocation - deportation. This is a rare event in pre - season games. No one can see the winner of the pre - season as important or even the risk of being banned. The official website of NFL | Josh Norman and the Redskins finished 5 years of contract | football , on the Friday of the US time, Josh Norman (Josh Norman) agreed the 5 year and 75 million dollar contract of Washington's red leather, of which 51 million dollars is part of the first three years, and Norman became the top income member of the league's corner guard because of this contract. earlier this week Norman was labeled as a free agent by the Carolina panther. has learned that Panthers do not want to pay Norman's $13 million 590 thousand a year contract, and the two sides are unable to reach a long-term contract. didn't play a big role in the off-season season. It abandoned Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) and chose Kirk Cousins as the first quarterback in the future. This Norman's contract surprised the world. What is the impact of on the fans? The chances of Norman and the New York giant's outside hand to Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) have become more opportunities. Third and seventeenth weeks, respectively.

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