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original title: every shirt, there is a soul a few weeks ago, I gave NBA2K Online game in Huairou film base. The film studio called Wang Xing, a young man can be interesting. On the first day, he said to me the 3 most classic black Philadelphia 76 shirt. He said to me, "Miss Yang, I heard you came to wear it specially. You see, from today, every day is not heavy. we Beijing boy, say do it. That's really not the same day. With nearly half a month, I go there every day to see what star Wang wears, the king and the warrior, the Lakers green Nicks, and everything. On the last day, Wang Xing also wore the first day Iverson. He said it was consistent. He also brought an old version of Iverson to me. He said, "Yang, you can wear this picture. Let's take a picture together. When was leaving, I told Wang Xing, in fact, I bought the first shirt, also Iverson, have a chance to show you. finally turned out today. Come on, star Wang, look at al cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l of them. this was 16 years ago in the 2001 NBA finals. After watching Iverson's 48 points and blocking the Lakers for the first time, he bought this jersey from the first World War, and he didn't even take the time to go to Washington. It was young and not very professional at that time, and it was also wearing the interview. The Philadelphia daily news reporter interviewed me and said the Chinese journalist was a Iverson fan. You see, seeing the shirt, the stories behind it all come out.The official website of NFL | Green Bay Packers of Matt Ford | interested in football Matt Ford (Matt Forte) has been one of the most efficient runner in the league in the past 5 seasons, which is bound to attract the attention of many teams. us time on Wednesday will be the beginning of the NFL free market, according to news that Green Bay Packers want to get Ford. packers last season's performance is actually not bad, the field running times and the ground floor push yards are ranked fifth in the league. Their initial runner Eddie Lacy Eddie's performance in the 2015 season is not good, but the latter half is back to Yong. but Ford's performance obviously good than west and substitute James Starks ran Wei (James Starks), and other substitute packers season run guards. Ford completed over 1000 yards of running ball and 7 touchdown last season, which is not ideal for Ford because he missed 3 games this season, maybe because of poor data. Ford's career has completed more than 1000 yards of the ball in 5 seasons, and the 2014 season is ranked first in the league with 102 hits.The official website of NFL | von Miller won fiftieth Super Bowl football MVP| Denver wild horse's line guard von Miller (Von Miller) won the fiftieth session of the Super Bowl MVP. this game Miller finished 6 grappling, 2.5 quarterback captured and 2 forced the ball off, and tonight he was almost unstoppable. The first section of the game Miller successfully captured and killed the four Carolina Panthers quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) to help defend the group completed a touchdown of the game to give the Panthers offensive line repeated pressure. Miller has also become the tenth defender in the history of the NFL super bowl to win MVP honors.The official website of NFL | Vikings seems to have lost confidence in Paterson took over foreign | football the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver of the second grade Daryl - Paterson (Cordarrelle Patterson) this season was disappointing, the season before experts fans are quite optimistic about Paterson this season can easily win over thousands of yards and grow into the League first-class, but so far, Paterson always depressed state. the Vikings have been trying to give Paterson the ball, he also designed many ball tactics, but never have let the Vikings coach Mike tzimol (Mike Zimmer) have lost confidence in an interview this week, said Paterson and Teddy (Teddy Brigdewater quarterback Bridgewater) with the poor is more Paterson's own problems. Cimol said in catching the interview, "we always try to involve Paterson in the pass attack. We also hope that he can participate in it. But when passing, the catcher must be in the right position to receive the ball. team's offensive coordinator Norv Turner also said in an interview: when we were faced with red skins, we successfully passed 26 times (Paterson only caught the ball once). To tell the truth, as long as passing passes can be successful, I don't care much about who is catching the ball. Paterson on his performance is very sad: I need more out of space, I need to find my state to help Bridgewater. When asked how he would help Bridgewater, Paterson replied, "concentrate on running my route. If the opponent comes up against me, I will teach him how to behave.

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