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Water polo |400 meters from the Triwizard | Sun Yang won the first gold personal pick September 23rd, the Inchon Asian Games men's 400 meter freestyle final, Sun Yang in the finger injury cases in 3 minutes 43 seconds 23 won the championship, Hagino Kosuke 3 points 44 seconds 48 runner up, host contestant Pu Taihuan 3 minutes and 48 seconds 33 was third. in the men's 200 meter free tour competition, Sun Yang, Pu Taihuan and Hagino Kosuke three people once dued once, finally Hagino Kosuke defeated Sun Yang and Pu Taihuan two hot wins, Sun Yang at the last to the side, also accidentally stabbed the fingers. But in today's 400 meters freestyle race, Sun Yang revenge, beat Hagino Kosuke and Pu Taihuan win. Sun Yang 3 points 51 seconds 17 results in the preliminary round of the middle, to the final result of the first, Hagino Kosuke and piaotaihuan respectively swam 3 minute 52 seconds 24 and 3 in 53. 80 seconds, Pu Taihuan held in Australia at the Pan Pacific Championships once in 3 minutes 43 seconds 15 won the championship. This achievement is the best. men's 400 meter freestyle tournament record Pu Taihuan creates in the Guangzhou Asian Games in 3 minutes and 41 seconds 53, the Asian record is the creation of Sun Yang in the 12 London Olympic Games in 3 minutes and 40 seconds 14, the world record by the German Paul Pitman, time is 3 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping minutes and 40 seconds 07. finals, Sun Yang in fourth, Pu Taihuan and Hagino Kosuke were in third and fifth, both sides of Sun Yang, Sun Yang into the water reaction time is 0.75, 50 meters, 0.23 seconds ahead of Sun Yang Hagino Kosuke, after 150 meters, sun Yang Fanchao, leading Hagino Kosuke 0.13 seconds after the 200 meters, the advantage of Sun Yang slightly enlarged, leading the second Hagino Kosuke 0.17 seconds. After 250 meters, Sun Yang remained first, but Pu Tae Hwan went to second place. But after 0.42 seconds and 300 meters behind Sun Yang, Sun Yang still ranked first, Hagino Kosuke also rushed to second place. At the last 100 meters, Sun Yang began to exert himself. After 350 meters, the leading edge reached 1.18 seconds, and the last 50 meters, Sun Yang's advantage was bigger and bigger. Finally, it won 3 points and 43 seconds 23. Hagino Kosuke scored 3 points, 44 seconds, 48 runner up, Pu Taihuan was in third place again, the result was 3 points 48 seconds 33, another Chinese player Hao Yun got fourth, the score was 3 points 50 seconds 38, and the Japanese player Yamamoto Kohei got the name of "38". (China - Tencent)on Friday, the US Dallas cowboy boss Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones) once again pointed out that Toni Tony is a Super Bowl quarterback. last week with Luo Mo led cowboy tactics New York giants, Jones Romo for more confident in their persistence will bring to Dallas super bowl. Jones radio interview, said: "Toni is really great, I have said more than once, but I have to repeat, if he is in Dallas throughout the occupation career can't open the door to the super bowl, I would say he has won the super bowl, maybe this is my biggest loss. He is a quarterback that wins the super bowl, and he can lead the team. So he is the least of the league I want to go to the opponent. " Jones seems to have been for Romo very trust, but don't forget that Jones is a businessman. For the 35 year old Romo has no road back, and if Jones said, it is to win the super bowl, he is best to do so.The official website of NFL | Walter Payton man of the year award finalists announced | football New York giants quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning), San Francisco 49 people over amkhan (Anquan Boldin) - bolding and the New Orleans saints tight end Benjamin - Watson (Benjamin Watson) nominated Walter Payton NFL Awards (Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award) the final list of candidates. The winners will be announced at the NFL award ceremony on the eve of the super bowl on February 6th. The NFL personage award was founded in 1970, which is used to commend the players' volunteer service and charity work every year. In 1999, Walter Payton (named 1977) won the prize after his death due to cancer. Three candidates, Manning is committed to the protection of the health of the baby and help for children's cancer charity foundation, the foundation for bolding poor educational opportunities for young people to get the target, Watson has been in contact with the problem of domestic violence struggle. a $55000 donation will be donated to the charity he chooses based on the winners, while the two winners will get 11000 dollars in donation. The candidates selected by the other 29 teams will receive a donation of $5000. Three were included in the final list of candidates by a jury selection, the members of alliance President Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell), former president Paul - Tagliabue (Paul Tagliabue), sports reporter Peter - Kim (Peter King), Connie Payton (Connie Payton) (Walter Payton's widow). Former player Anthony - Munoz (Anthony Munoz) and Tomlinson (LaDainian Tomlinson - LADA gnan) and last year's winner, the Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davies (Thomas Davis).The official website of NFL | alliance that should not on the Hossain prayer throw yellow | football week night match Kansas Emirates team against the new England patriots in the game, the chiefs safety Hossain Abdullah (Husain Abdullah) in steals Patriots quarterback Tom Brady pass and return touchdown, as a devout Muslim, he with a Muslim prayer form in the end zone, but was the referee for violating the sports moral punishment threw yellow and fined the chiefs back 15 yards. The double standard of has triggered a series of concerns and angry voices, and it is believed that players should not be punished for praying. (when Tim Thibault in touchdown or - to win, as he was a devout Christian prayer, on one knee but did not throw too yellow. This leads to a series of statements that the punishment has religious bias and double standards. It is a fuel for the NFL who is already at the center of the controversy. ???????????}??NFL????????????????????????????????????-????????????????????????????????????쨴??? Twitter text: Abdullah should not be a foul, the referee should not kneel and pray players throw yellow. Although this is an unwritten exemption, but still let kneel and pray celebrate from punishment. then Abdullah intercepted a Brady pass (his third interceptions), he return touchdown in the end zone and kneeling in prayer. When thrown yellow penalty after Abdullah and coach Andy Reed have not understood. Because of this prayer and throw the Yellow Banner approach is simply a disgrace, and because of religion, are more likely to be misunderstood or expand the influence. Obviously, the official statement of the League official on Tuesday was correct in dealing with this event.

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