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Tampa Bay pirate new rookie attacking player Dominic Robertson (Dominique Robertson) was shot with two shots in the early morning of Thursday morning. His lawyer referred to the incident as he unfortunately appeared in the wrong place at the wrong time. Robertson, a 21 year old, stood outside his apartment around 3 a.m. on Thursday, chatting with his friends, when a car drove over and shot him in the direction. Local police said Robertson's leg was hit two shots. Robertson was sent to a local hospital for first aid, and he left the hospital on Friday afternoon. The police revealed his back, his hips and his leg. Robertson's lawyer said it was not clear who the gunman's goal was. "We don't think his goal is Dominic," he said. But there was a shooting, and unfortunately Dominic was hit. The pirates confirmed on Saturday that they were aware of the matter and said they were collecting information, but they stressed that they were concerned about Robertson's health.NFL official website | Carol Lynch interview perfunctory: he just wanted to be true to yourself | football in yesterday's Super Bowl routine interview days, the Seattle Seahawks running back Sean Lynch star hor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping se (Marshawn Lynch) again in an interview to show their negative attitude to face any problems are consistent, only two words: I participated in the interview is not to be fined. And I came here for the reason you know. subsequently the reporter will be reflected to the Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll), but Carol was not to regard it as right: I think he is to be true to yourself, and not in order to cater to the media forced to make changes. So I think there's no reason why the whole team doesn't support him. Carol continued to add: "he just wants to maintain his true feelings. Many people may feel that they shouldn't do this in social occasions, but I think it's more important not to be false." I understand that many people hope that he can be more open and able to communicate with the media, but he really doesn't adapt to the interview. You can only accept such a person, instead of forcing him to change him.Handball | London Olympic handball Olympic Park staged the first handball tournament | hand Association Luca according to the London Olympic Organizing Committee News, the London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee should be invited from southeast London Crystal Palace Olympia handball club team in April 12th at the London Olympic Park hall handball match. during the 2012 Olympic Games, the stadium with 6500 audience seats will hold five modern fencing and Paralympic Games, besides handball. , according to the requirements of the organizing committee, the handball match on Tuesday will be carried out under the lighting condition of the TV relay. The surface and goal of the match site will also be installed according to the requirements of the match. A number of cameras are installed at several main points in the presence of the service personnel in the presence of the Olympic Games, and the retransmission effect will be fed back to the organizing committee as soon as possible. this is the routine test before the London Olympic delivery office completed the construction of the handball Museum. Alex ·, director of the London Olympic Committee's handball competition, Chiaveri Boris praised the lighting settings in the library. He thanked the Olympia handball club for coming to the stadium test. He said, although it was just a stadium test, the players were very serious and showed us the speed, strength and brilliance of the handball movement. I am looking forward to seeing the whole audience for the players All seats are occupied., cheering. , the sponsor of the Olympic Games handball museum project sponsor Colin ·, said the handball building was about to end this spring. The project highlights the sustainable development of the stadiums and stadiums, including the natural lighting of the roof and the rainwater storage system. In addition, detachable seats are installed at the bottom of the audience, so that other events and community activities can be carried out when required. Tickets for the handball game at London Olympic Games are being sold on the ticketing website of the Organizing Committee ( The deadline is April 26th this year. The whole handball project is divided into 46 units and 76 games for a period of 16 days. (Yi Wen)The official website of NFL | Iraq in the playoffs than early in his career Manning do better | football for Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck), no matter what he will achieve in the future, now he has exceeded the early career of Payton Manning in the playoffs. It took only 2 seasons to get his first playoff victory. Last season Indianapolis pony against Kansas City chief, LAK led the team to complete a 28 point reversal. Manning's career is undoubtedly successful. But if he compared his early playoffs with LAK, Manning's fans may be disappointed. Manning and his pony had waited until his sixth season to win the first playoffs of his career. In the 2003 season, Manning defeated the Denver Mustang and the Chieftain to enter the United States League final. Unfortunately, he was finally lost to the new England patriots. Manning is undoubtedly the most legendary quarterback in the history of pony. He played the 11 team in the 14 season of the pony, and finally won a championship. it is hard to say whether he can catch up with his predecessor in the future, but his present performance will bring great hope to the pony team. When the two players entered the playoffs three times before their lifetime, they scored 2 wins and 2 losses. The pass rate was 58.7%, and the field pass code was 359.5 yards. The 7 matches were completed and 8 times. Manning is in the top three playoffs in 0 wins and 3 losses, passing success rate is 47.6&, averaging 186 passing yards, scored 1 touchdowns was 2 steals.

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