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According to the NFL Media reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo reports, or will the defensive back ram Marcus - Joyner (Lamarcus Joyner) will use the privilege label, receiver Sami Watkins (Sammy Watkins) into the market. rams don't have enough salary space, leaving two people at the same time. Watkins's tag value is expected to reach 16 million 200 thousand dollars, and Joyner's value is about 11 million 100 thousand dollars. Joyner plays an important role in the ram. He played 12 games in the last season, completed 49 grappling, 9 broken passes and 3 copies. last offseason rams are also facing similar situations, they choose the diagonal Weitelumeiyin - Johnson (Trumaine Johnson) the privilege of using the label. had to deal with Watkins, he sent Bill a 2018 two round and signed cornerback E.J. Gaines (E.J. Gaines), but Watkins in the rams played 15 games only 39 receptions, 593 yards and 8 touchdowns, a bit sorry for his annual salar cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y of $16 million.The official website of NFL |: Sherman Brady once called us a cipher | football 2012 season, the Seattle Seahawks had 24-23 win over new England patriots. At that time, Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) in their social media attacked Tom Brady (Tom Brady), said he was in the game called Brady Seahawks as a cipher. Sherman said: he said we are a cipher, I think he has stood on the opposite side in the sea. As I said before, it is not accurate to evaluate the brady. It was like he had a fixed image, everyone regarded him as a man, and never speak ill of others. But we know what kind of person he is. He always doesn't remember what he said, but we'll help him remember it. two weeks after the super bowl, the two sides will again, as the defending champion, no one can put the Seahawks called a cipher. Sherman revealed in an interview that he is looking forward to playing against brady. Obviously, Sherman did not like the Patriots and their quarterback. Can not restrict the patriot's passing attack will decide the championship this season largely attributable to Sherman, leading the Seahawks to the game to have a second.has someone to do the statistics, the beard and the ball playing position is related! is coming to the regular season every week. Fans will pay attention to player data and technology statistics. However, there is a group of most concerned points on the field, though it has nothing to do with competition, but it is related to masculinity. Among them, the most sexy "big moustache". has done a survey based on the shape, style of the beard, and the position of the player on the field. A score of 0-5 scores is used to count the beard of the NFL team. The result shows that the New York giants have the highest score, that is to say, the New York giants have the most beard, the longest and the most distinctive characteristics, and deserve the "most bearded prizes". The second ranking is the Kansas City Chiefs, followed by the Carolina Panthers, the new England patriots and the New York jets. also found that most of the quarterback had a clean face, and 44% of the quarterback, Lian Shangqing, was refreshing. While running back many moustache, runs around 30%, the League running back with a moustache. Of all the attacking players, 28% of the people left the beard to the top of the beard.before the new England patriots first round pick Dominic Easley (Dominique Easley) last season when healthy performance is very good. It was more surprising that the news that made him be cut. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported in the two season for the Patriots only played in 22 games after being cut, Easley on Wednesday. Although has been plagued by injuries Easley, it's hard not to want to lead he was cut whether there are more reasons. Patriots coach Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) last season before the praise as "excellent explosive Easley, very disruptive players". Easley last season played only 275 stalls, but when he looked at health is one of the best defensive player. Although the playing time is limited, the professional rugby focus net has taken him as the twelfth good defensive cut-off of the league. Easley University on both sides of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee were torn, and his rookie season due to a knee injury ended. He tore four muscles in the last season. leave already lost Easley pass Chandler Jones hand shock (Chandler Jones) of the Patriot defense attack is more a lack of manpower. Easley can flexibly as defensive end and defensive tackle. The Patriots in the defensive tackle position and on the opening day of the season show Barkam Tim Brown (Malcolm Brown), veteran Alan - Blanche (Alan Branch) and has recently signed Terence Knighton (Terrance Knighton) - and Marcus - Kuhn (Markus Kuhn).

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