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The official website of NFL, and the Carolina Panthers defensive end Edison contract for 3 years, football wo The Carolina Panther has taken time to leave the players who are about to enter the free agent market. When opened less than two weeks from the market, the black leopard and the defensive end forward Mario Edison (Mario Addison) were renewed for 3 years. The contract is worth 22 million 500 thousand dollars. Edison will now work for the panther to 2019. Mario is one of the best pass players in the league. He is worthy of the contract. The Black Panther general manager, Dave Gethmann (Dave Gettleman), said in the team statement. He has been interfering with the quarterback of his opponent, and we expect him to play a bigger role in the defensive team. despite the disappointing performance of the Black Panther last season, Edison is a few bright spots. He got 9.5 shots of his career high last season, the first in the team. He has been killed 22 times since 2014, and at this stage the team is the most. Edison is the first of the 5 leopard defensive frontline players to become free players to renew their appointment with the team. To renew or call the lead of a $13 million 615 thousand franchise tag way for defensive tackle Schott Kavan (Kawann Short) provides a big c cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ontract. In addition, the Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson), who has been playing for the Panther, will also become a free player. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL |NFL nearly 50 years of classic battle: we can't go back | football in the summer of 1998, Michael - Jordan Byron - by Russell, the last shot into the top of the arc, completed second career three championships, also achieved fame as God; is the summer of 1998, Zidane in the World Cup final head scored two goals, led by France defeated Brazil, perfect in France dream. but in the 1998 season of the NFL game, but some lean look, John elvy, Dan Marino, Steve young and Troy Ekman have entered the career last season, and the League of future king Payton Manning just into line, he also wondered how to reduce the number of steals (26 times). At the juncture of the times, we witnessed a classic battle in the National League final. The guest, Atlanta falcon, the 1998 quarter achieved 14 wins and 2 losses is achieved since they built since 1982's best regular season record. The falcons coach Dan Reeves in his early years under the tutelage of Tom Landry, then steeped in league twenty years, reached a career in the 1998 quarter of the peak. Falcon defense have ten level league, cornerback ray Buchanan, safety Eugene Robinson and David Jesse - Tuggle line led the league's best defensive mistakes in the manufacturing group. Quarterback Chris Chandler until after the age of 32 mutton dressed as lamb, suddenly through Ren and Du two veins, but he is just a great manager's game. The trump card of the team -- run Wei Jemal Anderson, if I compare him with Sean, Lynch, we can think of Anderson's running style. 14 wins 2 negative regular season performance, even can not rank the first National League, because riding on their heads is the intoxicating purple Minnesota Vikings. Effect of black coach Denis - Green Bill - by Woershenxi coast attack, and this is a system of implantation of the Vikings offense, since Green arrived after the Vikings, they almost every season to the playoffs, after the completion of the bud Grant in a new round of Renaissance, but to be honest, they can be in 98 season 15 regular season wins 1 negative still surprising, because in the eyes of many people, the 1998 season they finished the season of miracle. Randall Cunningham, black quarterback, young was the highlight of the alliance known manufacturing machine, of course, he in effect Eagle achieved during the achievement only this, he won't feel bad, observe the passing quarterback, only with his legs to win the fans cheering, career approach death period, he join the Vikings, to become Brad Johnson on the bench, the 1997 season he has been drinking machine 〉 Viking, December 19th, Beijing, December 19th, with the warriors in the midfield, the Lakers held the Kobe 8 and 24 Jersey's retirement ceremony to honor the 5 legendary star who won the championship for the team. Before his number was raised, Kobe delivered a 5 minute impromptu speech to bring you the full text: I'd like to thank you for your participation tonight. It's nothing to do with my shirt. It's about the day I'm playing with them. The end is not the most important, the important thing is the journey. does not mean that two shirts rise, how much I have done. There are mainly 9 previous ones, the Jersey itself is just a Jersey, but the retired Jersey represents a spirit, it is worth our promotion and the encouragement of the team in the next 20 years is better than the past 20 years. That's what he means. I get up at 4 and 5 every morning. All I think of in my mind is to get you. Every one of us has a dream, not all dreams can be realized, but the pursuit of the process is the most important. (decommissioning shirt) this is not the point, it's the process. Thank you, I love you. Mamba out! Kobe also became the tenth retired player in the history of the Lakers, and he was the first player in the league's history to retire two numbers.Dallas Cowboys defensive attack member David Erwin (David Irving) although not to leave this summer, but also seems hopeless about. Stephen executive vice president Stephen Jones (Jones) said: "this will be a difficult decision. He needs to ensure that his health can last throughout the season, and it must also play a stable role. The excellence of his health is obvious to us. But Laurence DeMarcus - (DeMarcus Lawrence) can stay healthy, stable throughout the year to play, this is more important. So whether to sign a long contract with David will depend on a lot of things. " The team is likely to add a two - round bid to the restricted free player Erwin so that Erwin can negotiate with other teams. If cowboys do not want to match the contract, they will also get a two - round sign. Erwin began to be banned four games in the last season, and the last four games were absent from a concussion. The good performance of the packaging hours in 2016 had made him the best defensive player of the week, but his stability was always a problem.

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