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The official website of NFL | important players back to reduce injury burden | Saints Football New Orleans saints' training camp has been battalion for many days, but the situation is beginning to improve. Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) wore Armor Training for the first time since the left external oblique muscle injury, while Chang Po Bailey (Champ Bailey) (unknown injury) did not participate in any antagonistic training, but she took part in warm-up and position training, . needs no more words. Bracey's return training is a great advantage for the team. Although attention is paid to the position of Ryan Griffin and Luke McKoen (Luke McCown) in the competition to backup the quarterback, it is also quite interesting. Almost nobody doubts that his injuries will soon recover, so his quick return is not particularly surprising. Bailey's return has a huge impact. The second is the saints defensive team one of the best ever, but their cheap nfl jerseys free shipping current position has been plagued by injuries (such as jarius Byrd (Jairus Byrd) is recovering from surgery, and Patrick - Robinson (Patrick Robinson) due to undisclosed injury leave training). Of course, Bailey has been involved in many team meetings and the discussion of players in his position. But it is still a great thing to see him return to prepare for the new season from the beginning of the season. has many problems to worry about in the saints, but the injuries of the two important players of Bracey and Bailey are finally laid down. There is still a lot of time for the players to return to training before the regular season begins, so there is no reason why the fans need to worry. At the moment, everyone should be happy for the two star players to return to training.this week in the new England patriots swept the Chicago bears game, the Patriots star tight end rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) - Gelon limelight, including a 46 yard touchdown catch is off the audience. After the game, Gelon Sikorski said in an interview: "I love to score, I have time to enter the red zone after shining eyes. That's a great feeling. " As a near - end front, has both speed and strength, and his figure makes his opponent free. The rival bear's line guard and the second line lineup would have been battalion, and could not stop the big man in the game. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) said his teammates: "he is huge, high speed and strong, he was like a beast, it is difficult to stop." this season, Gelon kousky recovered, his outstanding performance in the past 4 weeks, all patriots help. The worry is that the game 'once symptoms of dehydration gloon. Fortunately, he said, this will not affect him to continue the game, he will avoid this problem in the future, to make more contributions to the team.The official website of NFL | pony become the most suitable home football | rice , since the original Baldi Rice Ray has already won her appeal, which team will consider it? Overall, the Indianapolis Colts are most likely. first, rice and colts coach chuck ppagano's (Chuck Pagano) have a great relationship, two of his former teammate, defensive end Cory - Redding (Cory Redding) and Arthur Jones (Arthur Jones) are currently playing for the colts. second, the Colts need one or two strength of the front running, the main players Ahmad - Brad Shaw (Ahmad Bradshaw) has been suffering from a severe ankle injury, Les is the only candidate to fill the position, because Les can not only complete the task and he punches the ball, there is a remarkable ability to protect pockets. in any case, the price of rice is not very high, but he is reluctant to leave home (New Rochelle) too far, do not love rice big city and being too media dogged, so Indianapolis is definitely a good place.Philadelphia hawk quarterback Fowles Foles has been in a truce since the clavicle injury eighth weeks ago. Now it looks like Fowles may need a longer recovery time to return to the field. (Nick Foles) Philadelphia Daily reporter on Geoff McClain (Jeff McLane) said Fowles are unlikely to recover in the expected 6 to 8 weeks, and Fowles in the clavicle after injury still need to rest for a period of time to adapt to the strength of NFL. The schedule is not easy, though in the same district rival Dallas to win the Thanksgiving cowboy, but after they also face the Seattle Seahawks, and again came face revenge cowboy, if Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) to prove his ability to lead the team to win the game, Hawks coach kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly may consider the abandoned Fowles). , so December is a decisive month for both hawks and Sanchez. If Sanchez and eagles can keep up with the status of cowboys today, Hawks will not enter the playoffs or even further.

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