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on Thursday U.S. time, the 84 year old Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney (Dan Rooney) died, in addition to the Penguins of Pittsburgh Steelers recent NHL also joined the ranks of the memorial of the great man. is reported to wear a helmet to commemorate the Rooney logo during the second game of the Friday playoffs. President Rooney said: "all the penguins' performance are so good, this is also the reason why the Steelers excellent his loyalty, humor, to never forget where I came from, he is every one of us is an example, he is learning how to live how to operate their own, his team is one of the most successful the history of the sport team." His players the Steelers in the spring season to commemorate Rooney wearing helme cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ts, a tribute to the great boss.The Philadelphia hawk line guard Brandon Graham has been very good this season, the 2010 first round show has gradually grown to be the mainstay of the hawk defense. Graham will become a free agent after the end of this season. The Hawks have repeatedly said they will renew their contract, but Graham seems more willing to try the water free players market for bigger contracts. according to the "Philadelphia inquirer newspaper" reporter Geoff McClain (Jeff McLane) said, although Graham thank you very much for the renewal of Eagle tendency, but I still want to join the free market to see other teams will be given up to the contract, he also hope to join an orthodox 4-3 defensive team. Graham said in an interview: "I feel very good now, can change people's opinion of me, and I'm very happy. I'm just putting my heart and soul into competition and training now. Other times will come naturally."The official website of NFL | Victor Cruz is expected to participate in the first week of | football game , we are already ready to see the New York giants' Victor Victor Victor Cruz wearing the uniform on the sidelines at the first week's competition, but there's news that he can play. According to the New York daily newspaper, should be able to catch up with the training camp and the first week of the game. But considering that we have seen Cruz's training photos innumerable, the training of Nike and the return of news, we still need to be cautious. saw Cruz appear on the court last time, the sixth week of the 2014 season, when he hurt the tendons in his knee, he was very hopeful that he would return in the 2015 season, but other injuries led to his failure to return. recently Cruz has been in the field for restricted training at least 4 months before the pre - season in September 11th, and we are looking forward to his return. if Cruz can return to the stadium, then the giant attack team will have Cruz, Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) and the new Stryn Shepard (Sterling Shepard) three people's terrible external pick up combination.on Sunday afternoon at the Gillette stadium, Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Connor balbin (Connor Barwin) after the game seemed very thirsty. had a journalist tweet: "Balwant was holding a victory beer from Philadelphia fans when he left the court to enter the dressing room." 's excellent performance in this game has helped the eagles win the Patriots. After the game, he shared a small pre match story with us and his bets on the beer. balbin told reporters: "the day I came to the stadium early warm-up, many patriots fans has been, I would talk to them, they have been saying what I could not have captured and killed the patriot will win something, I don't listen anyway, I tell them to prepare your beer, etc. I won the game I will collect." so we saw the story of the reporter's tweet. news:. - Kelly: I've never contacted the University team

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