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Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) will lack the help of the first to meet the Dallas cowboy in the next game. , according to team manager Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy), Jordi Jordy will not play in the match against New York giants. He will travel to Dallas and on the sidelines. from this week's news, this is the most likely decision made by the packers, and the decision that Mccarthy and Rodgers have been hinting at. In an interview on Thursday, Rodgers said that if Nelson was not ready to play against the cowboy, he hoped he would be ready to play next week. Nelson did not attend training on Thursday. Nelson has no doubt about the meaning of the packers. Nelson completed the 97 ball 1257 yards and 14 touchdowns in the season, his performance for the team and the offensive team to understand it. since 2014, Rodgers's quarterback score has been 15 points higher than other games in Nelson's game. The pass rate was 5% high and 37.7 yards in the field. packers fans should cheap nfl jerseys free shipping be thankful for the Cobb Randall (Randall Cobb) to play well again. Cobb ball in play in the season best 116 yards and 3 touchdowns. Can he replicate this performance against cowboys?The official website of NFL | Connor - Cook: I believe they will be the number one draft | football quarterback Connor - Cook (Connor Cook) has a lot to prove in this week's NFL test in the camp, but the former Michigan State University quarterback believes that he can use the event their market promotion to draft number one quarterback. I do think that Cook was asked if he thought he was the best quarterback of the show this year. There are many misunderstandings about me. I can solve these problems in the interview with the coach and the general manager. Let them know what kind of person I am. I will demonstrate on the tactical board how I deal with a set of defensive line-up. I will identify the opponent's intention to re adjust the Blitz quarterback, quarterback protection. Everything I can do is show them that I'm not only a good player, but I'm mentally smart and I know everything about the game. if Cook wants to be the first quarterback, his way is very difficult. Most experts agree that the best draft is the No. fourth quarterback Cook, University of California ranked Jared GF (Jared Goff), Carson - North Dakota State University (Carson Wentz) and Wentz University of Memphis - Paxton Lynch (Paxton Lynch). Cook's part of the adjustment was to overcome his idea of being alienated by his teammates and lack of leadership during his fourth season. He was not appointed as one of the team captains, which makes scouts worried, Cook said after he arrived at the camp has an informal interview team also raised the question. Cook did not notice the criticism. I like is a conceited player saying. It's just nonsense, Cook said. That's why I'm looking forward to sitting down with these teams to talk and let them know what the real Connor Cook is like.The official website of NFL | patriot center is expected to return to training, the Super Bowl appearances | football is less than two weeks away from the super bowl, and the new England patriots are starting to step up the team's training program. Local time Thursday, the training field to upload the good news, the team center Blaine Stokes (Bryan Stork) in Indianapolis last week and missed the pony United after the final return to training. , according to the reporter on the spot, said Stock took part in the training of all the items that day and seemed to be in a good state. Although the team has not made a statement on his specific injuries, he is very likely to be able to return in the super bowl next week. Stock was injured in the semifinals of the Baltimore crow in the semifinals, and then Ryan Wendell replaced him as the center of the team. if Siduoke can be scheduled in the Super Bowl in return, it will be a great complement to the Patriot offensive attack. Due to outstanding second tier Seattle Seahawks defensive strength, experts predict the use of ground offensive patriot will be more. And Stock can provide the most direct help to the team from two aspects of open and pass protection.The draft and signing undrafted that had previously been focus on all of the free market has become as trassient as a fleeting cloud. The team list almost full. Victor - Cruz (Victor Cruz) still hasn't found a new job, and the veteran can't wait to prove that he still has the ability to help the team. "I just want to play," Cruz said. "I'm eager to be favored by the team, play football and see what I can do." Cruz, a 30 year old, was solved by a giant in February. He missed most of the Games in the 2014 and 2015 seasons, but he did well in the last season, 586 yards from 39 and 1. but we had not heard much of Cruz except for a meeting with the Panther. But Cruz himself said to the Jaguar, so it could be with coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) meet again.

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