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The unique details of the inside and outside sides of the shirt show the history and strong genes of the club. The shoulders and sleeves are added to the dark fabric on the basis of the main colors. The two different tones of blue texture enable the players to show wonderful color changes in sports. shirt printed by hot pressing technology team badge, collar back woven with "Paris (Paris)", "Grandeur medial cuff fabric (Zhuang Yan)" and "Passion (passion)" two words, on behalf of the club's core value outlook. Jersey on both sides have a permeable zone, and extends downward along the JERSEY SHORTS on both sides of the air permeable belt match. When the players are in a state of movement, they can provide great air permeability and also flash the interior red design. AeroSwift Vapor kit wasThe official website of NFL | cousins sluggish performance defeat in the | football giants Redskins home court Beijing time in September 26th, the New York giants easily defeated Washington's red skin with 45:14 on the road. The whole game red attack problem, the audience sent a total of 6 turnovers, only reluctantly come to grief. Red soon after the opening encounter ball, Redskins quarterback Kirk - cousins (Kirk Cousins) by the giant player - Jiwannuka Macias in the 24 yard line (Mathias Kiwanuka) captured and killed after dropping the ball, the giants win the ball. Then the giants quarterback Eli Manning quickly enter the state, in the first half with 5 yard line successfully with a tight end Larry - Donnell (Larry Donnell) completed a touchdown. Since then, little Manning and Donnell have been connected continuously. At the beginning of the second qua cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rter, little Manning once again finds Donnell to complete the 6 yards array, and the giant set the leading edge with 14:0 as early as possible. Kirk had been unsuccessful Cousins (Kirk Cousins) back in the middle of the second quarter, the Redskins by successive pass and move steadily, finally by wide receiver Andrew Roberts (Andre Roberts) receiving touchdowns, pulled one back. But then Manning third times in the red region found donnall once again opened the score. Before the middle season, Niles Niles Paul was hit by the concussion of concussion, and the Rogan Paulson (Logan Paulsen) replaced the ball before the giant red area, which made the red leather miss the opportunity to catch up. The giant entered the second half with a 24:7 lead. came back in the second half, and the red leather seemed to find the attack rhythm. Once again, through the efficient running, combined with running Alfred Alfred (Alfred Morris) completed the 20 yards of the touchdown, and the score is coming closer. But this is not to host the game's last crazy, then Kirk - cousins turned into a nightmare in 8 minutes in 3 passes was steals, instead the giants still played a 17 point lead into the full of sound and colour, the last day. The fourth section of the giant is still not relaxed offensive pace, not good at running Eli Manning even completed a rushing touchdown. Cousins continued to be in the doldrums, and the fourth of the Games had been copied, and the hope of winning the red skin was completely lost. Then the game entered the real garbage time, and finally the score was fixed at 45:14 the game Eli Manning fire, came 300 yards and 4 touchdowns and one rushing touchdown, he also became the first in 1962 to face red giants quarterback came 4 touchdowns.Miami dolphins are very satisfied with their own running guard Jay Ajay's performance this year, but they think the promotion will also give Ajay a more floor. According to reporter Miami, dolphins general manager Chris glier said he would promote the stability of the line, to improve the efficiency. "Look at the Falcon You'll see. how important it is," glier said, "terrible Falcon attack you and they attack those members obvious to people, no one missed a game. All the year, it is healthy to fight side by side. So, if you can keep your line starting five state that your attack pressure will be much smaller." , "returning to our dolphins, maintaining the status of the first strike members is very important, but the plan is not going to change. We have to make sure that the people who are on the field next season are the most efficient and able to play our best combination." dolphin center Mike (Mike Pouncey) for pouncy hip injury missed the 11 game of the season, veteran Brandon left Jiefeng - Albert (Branden Albert) missed four games, there are many other strikers experience temporary reshuffle. Even so, Jay Ajay still got the League fourth, 1272 yards of the ball. : "I think he is trying to become better yourself," glier said, "he will be more patient, the line is also very important to keep healthy. This year he has to adapt to different teammates, which has a certain impact on his performance. But one thing is no doubt, Jay wants to be stronger and he wants to be greater. " "he is still young, he knows he has a lot of places to improve, and we look forward to his future. So we have to give him his teammates and continue to strengthen the attacking front so that he will be the key to the dolphin's future. " The first round of Sula Remy - has provided a steady downhill first choice, if pouncey can stay healthy, Ajay would have more chance to attack.????|???????????????????????????????????? chart for the Lei Jun to announce the opening of the event Figure for the opener after the Jiangsu team and Taiwan team players greet each other clapping at Cleveland September 14 Foshan Xinhua (reporter Liu Xiangqian) 2012 Strait Cup women's softball match in Foshan this afternoon in Shunde, the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song director Lei Jun in an interview with this reporter when interviewed said: Strait Cup Softball Game is more important than the softball event itself, become to promote cross-strait exchanges, is a very good platform for cross-strait youth exchanges, the future is expected to continue to expand the scale of events, so that more young people on both sides of the Strait to join in the conversation. on the founder of the Straits Cup Softball Game background, Lei Jun said: from the Beijing Olympic Games, the Olympic softball temporarily left the family, but the spirit from the softball program has its own culture, team sense, should be very suitable for Asians, we Chinese to carry out around baseball temporarily leave the Olympic Games this situation, China Softball Association changed the development of ideas, more to the teenagers, to school, to ensure the sustainable development of the project on youth and promotion. And the exchange of young people on both sides of the Straits is one of the key points. Lei Jun said that the current cross strait Cup Softball Game has formed a tradition, its significance is far more than the softball event itself: from 2010 to create the Cup Softball Tournament started, this is the third year, the purpose is through softball such a platform to strengthen cross-strait youth exchanges, through such a medium of softball let the two sides, including softball tactics, especially family communication and exchange. After three years of operation, the cup softball game has formed a tradition: held in mainland China and Taiwan, the following year by year, I think its significance far beyond a softball event itself; from a deeper and broader sense, should be to promote cross-strait exchanges, especially a very good the platform of cross-strait youth exchanges. through the three years of competition and operation, we both sides of the young players together very happy, for technical exchanges, the exchange of ideas like a holiday, on both sides of the Strait share the same nation, a family of this family, I think it is very meaningful. Lei Jun said, but we have also been in the plan, the competition form our long tradition, on both sides of the Softball Association should be said this very identity, with the continuous development of the event, will be formed between the two sides of a softball and baseball brand events, promotional items, more publicity on both sides of a pro theme. for the future development goals of this special event, the Lei Jun said the two sides are actively negotiating, expected to expand the scale, to make more young.

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