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The team ended the second consecutive days of upper armour training. Since tomorrow afternoon is leaving for Oakland, training on Thursday local time will be arranged at 9:45 a.m. Jordan joined Webster and Robey-Coleman, and three people were not trained today. McVay explained that they had no serious injuries, and they could play at any time if they needed a match. The wounded still not trained include Austin, Dunbar, Donnal, Ebukam and Grigsby, and they will not take part in this week's match. For the purpose of protecting the players today, once again the veteran holiday, including Whitworth, Saffold and Sullivan. Spruce is returned for a small amount of training. ram in tomorrow's trial veteran cornerback Leodis McKelvin. At the present time, he may not be able to match the 4 horn guards of the team, and the potential is not as good as Penton and Peterson. If you have a successful contract, it may be a few considerations: too much injury, Hill two games, lack of team experience, and... "Ready to deal Tru!" The team used the ball training as the first for third days, and the players' performance on the training ground was improved, but the results were still waiting for the test. The state of Goff continues to improve, although it is still given to Tru a copy, but the whole training state is hot, and the mobili cheap nfl jerseys free shipping zation of TE is very handy. In the WR/CB of continuous training, the ball to feed over most love position, Watkins miss missing, but Reynolds and Thomas are easy to accept. Goff is different in different target to pass when the focus has been to, Watkins, Cooper, Kupp and Reynolds was significantly faster than that for Thomas and more to take care of their height advantage. In the aftermath of the training game, Goff first found the Hemingway in the empty space and then scored again in the out route that Higbee was very good at. Under pressure, his correspondence can also be commendable. Under pressure, we should find Kupp that is closely pressed by Joyner on the route of quick slant and seize the chance of fleeting. There's also a 25 to 30 yard run. If not several teammates in the end zone out of the stock in today's training will be more perfect. about Goff and the first time this week. Last week, McVay said she hoped that the first team could play the second quarter in second weeks, and the third week in the third week and the rest four weeks. The two day coach's rule is to spend more time than the first week. The arrival of Watkins did change the team's passing system, and the informant revealed that he could see through the naked eye that he was quicker than the other players. Although he had previously expressed his desire to be part of the team for a week and a half, it was only two days.The official website of NFL | boss pony auction bought a singer "Prince" used the guitar | Rugby Jim Irsay, the owner of Indianapolis's pony, has collected a lot of instruments. irsay has purchased once by the Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia (Jerry Garcia) with the guitar, John and the Beatles Lennon (John Lennon) and Ringo Starr (Ringo Starr) and singer Bob - Dylan (Bob Dylan) had used the instrument. yel Sai expanded his collection on Saturday. He bought the Huang Yun electric guitar used by the dead singer Prince (Prince) at a concert at the auction. He spent 137500 dollars on the guitar. Prince used the guitar from the end of 1980s to the middle of 90s. It is said that this is his favorite guitar.NFL preseason is a way to let you refresh the lower limit -- the high kick-off, the bad pass and the messy cover. It's like a little fur ball that needs cleaning when sweeping. At this time the veterans are adjusting their state, and the shortcoming of the newcomers is placed under the microscope. everyone makes mistakes, but the mistakes made by the players of the special service team are very tolerant. In this way, the Carolina Panther's replacement kicker, Jordan Gaye (Jordan Gay), is not uncommon. Before the against the buffalo Bill team, comrade Jordan made a cameo appearance in the football player, missed the additional points. In a match with the Kansas City chieftain last Sunday, he upgraded to the position of the kicker. in order to win, he once again a small outbreak of the universe, bajiaonushe. The ball is very high, time is very long, but the flight of 8 yards. (feeling like a goalkeeper's foot does not open a forbidden area) automatic playback switch automatically play [collection] Miami 80-97 warriors curry elbow eat T Durant 21 points winning loading... Tencent sports news November 25th Beijing time, the warriors came to the news that they will wear a new urban version of the match tomorrow in Pelican competition. Unlike the previous Jersey, the bridge pattern of this shirt has been replaced by a tree of the city of Oakland - oak. warrior's New Jersey In addition to the pattern of the chest, the word "The City" has become "The Town" in addition to the pattern of the chest. The shirt was a new style that the warriors announced at the conference in September this year. It was Durant who represented the warriors at the conference. So when the reporter asked whether Durant knew the meaning of the shirt, Durant felt that he was Diss. Durant said, "of course, I know the meaning of this shirt. This is a tribute to Oakland, the city that reminds me of where I grew up. I feel that this way of paying tribute to Oakland will make the whole team and the city merge. I think a lot of fans are waiting for this shirt. It's a cool thing to wear this shirt for the first time. " is actually a bit bitter for Oakland fans to see the warriors wearing this shirt. The warriors have been home in Oakland since 1971, but now they are moving from "Town" to "City". The warriors will move to San Francisco in 2019. , according to the warriors' plan, they will wear the New Jersey on most Saturday (Beijing Sunday) home games, and they may also wear a New Jersey in some of the away games. Such a shirt is part of the Nike shirt sponsorship program this year, the so-called city special version of the shirt. is worth mentioning that, when the shirt was released, pioneer star Lillard also praised the shirt design. As a Oakland man, Lillard thinks the oak tree is more able to reflect the city's characteristics than the bridge. Lillard's tattoo in front of his chest is the pattern of the oak tree. (Dudu) scavis download the hottest NBA competitive hand tour "the strongest NBA" copyright statement: This article is the exclusive article of the Tencent sports. It will not be reprinted without authorization, otherwise the legal responsibility will be investigated.

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