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auto play switch auto play NBA announces 30 Team New Jersey Durant George leading appearance is loading... September 16th Beijing time, NBA held a new season's shirt conference, each team sent their own representatives to participate in the shirt conference. What's the difference between the Nike - sponsored Jersey and the usual season in the new season? Through this article, I believe it can be understood in detail. Durant Griffin led the model The 30 teams from the League have sent their models to the conference. The thunderbolt sent the new Paul George, the clipper sent Griffin, and the warrior was Durant. In addition to these big, the rest of the team have also sent a team of important figures, such as walking, the Lakers sent Turner sent Randall, 76 people sent Simmons, Minnesota sent Downes, the nets sent Russell, Toronto sent DeRozan, the sun sent bledsoe...... Thus it can be seen that all the teams still attach great importance to the press conference. G cheap nfl jerseys free shipping riffin shows his shirt personallyThe conference site full of cool, be filled with the sense of science and technology. 30 new shirt "model" finally stood at the scene before and after the two row, click click flash, like a man of general day group. , it is worth mentioning that there is an "alternative" member in the 30 teams. The wasp will become the only team in the league with the Logo flying on the Jersey. And the rest of the team, Logo is the Nike classic "hook". The reason is that the boss of the wasp is Jordan, and "Jordan Brand" is Nike's brand. It's a "back door" for its own team. How much is the change in the shirt historically, NBA has experienced 7 different partners. In ancient times, a Native American manufacturer, named Sandknit, was in charge of sponsorship. Since 1990, Champion (1990-2000) has been the sole supplier of NBA shirt, and has been the sponsor of NBA's jerseys. Champion has brightened up the fans through the bright avant-garde design, and has brought a more intuitive impact. is worth mentioning that in 1997, Nike (1997-2004) and Starter (1997-1999) joined the sponsorship ranks of the jerseys, and Champion three points the world, three teams have their own sponsorship of 10 teams, which is also a hundred flowers bloom. In 1999, Puma took the shirt contract from Starter, but Puma, a NBA shirt sponsor, lasted only two years, and in 2001, it was announced to exit the market. In 2001, Reebok (2001-2006) joined the competition and was at 2004-〉, with the end of the meeting of all NFL owners this week, Losangeles decided that a team would return to a few. Saint Louis rams, Oakland Raiders, San Diego lightning three teams that are most likely to complete the migration plan. If the three teams do not make arrangements, there may be a new plan. Jacksonville Jaguars boss shad (Shad Khan Khan) suggested on Wednesday, his teams are interested in migration to Losangeles. "The best solution is often not before," he said. "That's the C plan." anyway, no matter which team is moving, at least one thing is certain, Losangeles will have its own team at once,The official website of NFL | Hernandez - after Bryant has begun to trot | football just a few days ago the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) - Bryant Mendez will (Dez Bryant) recently compared to Superman, coach Jason - Garrett (Jason Garrett) said that Bryant has been in operation in the recovery. Garrett suggested that Bryant had started a light running training after the operation. Of course he hasn't returned to the training ground. Garrett said: don't put pressure on him. He's going to recover slowly. He can't run the route right now. is currently the Cowboys still hoped that Bryant would return in December 25th against the New York giants in the game, plus the bye week, it is very important for the Cowboys for seventh weeks. now the cowboy team is 2 - 2, and will face new England patriots this Sunday.Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) took over for Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant) the situation is very optimistic, he believes that the latter is ready in this week's preparation. But in fact, Bryant's return was not so smooth. Bryant missed all the team's training on Wednesday at the local time, just watching his teammates on the sidelines. According to previous experience, this is an indication that Bryant will not play this week. The NFL official has made it clear that Bryant will not play in this week's match. cowboy has decided to appoint Matt - Cassell (Matt Cassel) as the first quarterback in New York this week. The team is not in a hurry to make an exorbitant request to the attack team at the moment, but is looking forward to the defensive team to provide the best performance. Now the cowboy is 3 - 3, still in a competitive position in the National League. But if you want to enter the playoffs, they need Bryant and Toni Romo (Tony Romo) help.

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