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The official website of NFL, the Raiders linebacker al Smith East for the resumption of qualification, played rugby wo Oakland raider's line guard Aldon Smith has not yet given up his career as a NFL. Raiders general manager Reggie McKinsey (Reggie McKenzie) said Smith has played for the resumption of qualification to reporters. the ball impact hand due to the violation of drug abuse had been prescribed union a year ban will expire in November 17th this year, which means that if he and President Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) meeting with positive results, he can also play in this season. Smith's very promising career was destroyed by a series of over-the-counter problems. The 27 year old passing shock hand was arrested three times due to a wine drive and was treated in a treatment center in July. Smith signed with the Raiders before last season and he was arrested 3.5 times before he was banned. When he played for the 49 men in San Francisco, it was the quarterback's nightmare. In the first two seasons of his career, he captured 33.5 times in the history of NFL. if the alliance allows Smith to return, the raiders who need to change the situation players in the defense team are sure to get his help. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its agent running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster) was one of the top league beyond all dispute running back, but this offseason because of a series of injuries and the high salary contract he was Houston by the people of Dezhou to give up. Now it is only for him to prove that he has recove cheap nfl jerseys free shipping red to get the next signing. , according to , will enter the free market in the next 1-2 weeks after a physical examination. Forster is 29 years old. He has missed 19 games in the past 3 seasons. He missed 4 games last season because of Achilles tendon laceration. Many players had a similar injury experience. If luck is good, maybe Forster can return strongly. , but Forster's absence is not all his responsibility. In the 3 years from 2010 to 2012, Forster held a total of 1119 times, averaging 371 times in each season. This is the situation that the running guard never encountered before. is Forster's talent, he still have a chance to find a team to prove himself, the new England patriots expressed interest, in addition, the Miami dolphins, Oakland Raiders, San Diego lightning, Indianapolis colts, the Detroit lions are likely to be of interest to him.he loves to tell, always his story in grade four. Lebron's recollection is a lot less detail, even in his autobiography, the story about his grade four is blurred. Now he doesn't seem to be surprised when he recalls. But when you ask people who have witnessed the story of Lebron from 1993 to 1994, it will not be the case. When was in grade four, Lebron moved 6 times and was absent for more than 100 days. He did not know who his father was and he did not take part in the collective movement. In a "Mr. Right" before, a poor child he is Akron, a notebook with the usual collection of the Dallas cowboys and the Losangeles Lakers team logo. When was in grade four, Lebron lived in his mother's friend's house and had only one room in his friend's house, and he had to sleep on the sofa. Adults are often late in the carnival, and the police come to the door from time to time to ask for a lower noise. At the time, Gloria James Gon, 25, quit the job of a shoe shop salesman and lived on unemployment gold. She likes to go out to play and leave Lebron at home. Many times, Lebron did not want to go to school and hid at home and played games. At the time of , Lebron's 2/3 lives were all indefinite and moved with Gloria every few months. Before Lebron was born in 1984, Gloria, 16, lived with his family in a big house on Hiker's road. After Lebron was born, Gloria continued to go to school, and her mother, Freida, helped to look after Lebron. Soon, Gloria's grandmother died, and in 1987, Freida died of a heart attack. A man and a son broke up. Gloria and two brothers, Kurt and Terry, wanted to make a living, but the house was too old and they had no money to pay for heating. A neighbor to their home, Wanda Reaves, said the house was cold and messy, dirty bowls in the pool, and even a hole in the bedroom floor. Wanda said to their mother and son, "come and live in my house?" That night, Gloria and Lebron, three, went to their neighbors' homes and slept on the sofa. "I took a small bag, put what I needed, and told myself: it's time to go." Lebron recalls. they spent several months in Wanda home, and later went to a cousin, then went to Gloria's boyfriend, then live with brother Terry...... In the spring of 1993, they moved 5 times in 3 months, and no one would welcome them again. In the summer, they were driven out of the house by a friend. Just now, Bruce Kell Kell posted posters for 8 to 9 year old football players in a local parking lot. Kell first saw Gloria, he said Gloria "lively, proud and beautiful", when he approached her, and saw the tall Lebron, when he has the same mother and high (5 feet and 5 inches), and friends are playing hide and seek. Kelke was more interested in athletes than women. He asked the children, "Hey, do you like rugby?" Lebron said: 〉In the base of | international athletes at the end of the forum called for greater efforts to combat doping | , according to International Olympic Committee website: in October 11, 2011, the International Olympic Committee athletes forum was successfully concluded. The conference called for more efforts to crack down on doping and strictly manage the team around athletes. fifth international athletes forum in Colorado springs ended and the formation of a number of proposals, suggestions for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to take positive actions to effectively solve the practical problems faced by athletes. International Olympic Committee President Jacques · Jacques Rogge (Jacques Rogge) attended the meeting, and the 8 special working groups discussed a series of proposals. in the last plenary meeting, on behalf of the athletes on a series of issues to the general assembly made a summary report, including: the athletes team (around the surrounding staff, responsible for providing auxiliary or advisory services for athletes and coaches such as doctors, to contact) social media International Olympic Committee, occupation planning, athletes the athletes' health and security, Anti Doping, gambling, Olympic Games experience and Athletes Committee work etc.. The conference calls for strict control of the number of athletes around the team, while coping with the investigation and possible punishment of the staff. The athletes they serve usually face similar situations. but the strongest proposal by the working group remains on the issue of Anti Doping. One of 's recommendations is to require athletes who are deliberately and severely violated to take stimulants to impose a lifelong ban on the Olympic Games. In addition, once a coach, a doctor or any other athlete's staff member participates in the incident of illegal doping, it is necessary to pronouncement the disciplinary actions and enforce punishment measures. The representatives of attending the athletes forum are from the international single sports federations, national committees and regional Olympic committees, International Paralympic Committees, intercontinental associations and the World Anti Doping Agency. The purpose of organizing the athletes' forum is to fully listen to the strong voices of the athletes in the Olympic movement. The proposal of the General Assembly will be submitted to the International Olympic Committee Executive Committee for final approval. Frank, chairman of the International Olympic Committee athlete Committee, · · (Frank Fredericks), highly appreciated the hard work of the delegates and the many proposals they had finally discussed. In the Olympic movement, the growing voice of the athletes should be given high attention, which is crucial, Fredericks said. Taking all athletes as the basis is the right choice. When athletes make clear and effective proposals for those problems that are pressing on their own interests, we should take corresponding actions. (show product)

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