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The official website of NFL | Rudi - White is absent for training this week to play football | doubt Atlanta Falcon Rudi White (Roddy White) missed the team's training on Thanksgiving Day because of an ankle injury. Despite a continuous absence of 2 days of training, coach Mike - Smith (Mike Smith) is still confident of his love. Smith said: I think he will be able to return to training tomorrow, and I believe him. When asked whether White played in this week with the Arizona Cardinals game, Smith firmly replied: yes! despite his coach's confidence in White's injury, the continuous absence of training is not a good sign. White himself did not accept any interview, and we will continue to pay attention to his injuries. In addition, spike Paul Suoliai (Paul Falcon Soliai) as the absence of training, he will accept the examination tomorrow. Smith believes that even if the absence of all training this week, Suoliai still could return to the team in the game before. in addition, another foreign relay Harry Douglas (Harry Douglas) has returned to training. If White's injury c cheap nfl jerseys free shipping an't be restored to his expectations, Douglas will take more responsibility in the game.The official website of NFL | between Smith and Randall crow rookie Cobb | Rugby Baltimore crow wide receiver Stephen Smith (Steve Smith) is looking for more help for the team. It seems that this year's first round of draft may work, but Smith is more interested in another new show. said, "I like his hunger and thirst, I like his attitude, and I see a young Randall - Cobb (Randall Cobb)." de Andre - Carter (DeAndre Carter), the former Sacramento state player, failed to be selected, and his weight and height and Cobb Cobb was chosen as like as two peas, of course, in the second round of the 2011. for the current Carter, he needs to get the opportunity to enter the team list. At present, crows do not have many passing points. Last season, Smith, who had the most Raven catch, completed only 55 passes in a single season. even if Carter has a chance to get a big list, he needs to win a regular game to take over and wait and see.The official website of NFL, Baltimore cut running back Justin crow Fawcett, rugby nest Baltimore crow running back Justin Forsythe (Justin Forsett) confirmed the us a week to predict things: he is not a part of the project team crow. Baltimore will always have a special place in my heart. Love you. Thank you for your excellent support over the years, he said on his personal twitter account, which indicates that he will be cut off. The crow has not officially announced the decision to lay off the staff, but it did publish his remarks on the official website and confirmed that he was cut off. Forsythe's shot shot dropped from 14 in second weeks to 7 in third weeks. In the play against Oakland Raiders game, he did not get the chance to punch the ball and Terrence West (Terrance West) to gain more opportunities in the offensive team. In the last game, West rushed the ball for 113 yards and 1 touchdowns. , when crows are anxiously waiting for the comeback of Kenneth Dixon, who is a new knee injury at the end of the pre-season games, they decide to no longer have space and resources to Forsythe. Kenneth, Kenneth. Forsythe in 2014 to become a cipher attack group beyond all expectations from important members. The team won't forget the effort he made for the team, and he won't forget his season in the professional bowl two years ago. But when the crow tries to keep pace in the north area of the United States, they know they have to become younger, stronger and stronger. Forsythe also understood that he didn't have much time to wait. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Newton poor state chief | Panther comeback wins football Beijing time in August 18th, the 2014 season in the NFL season also launched a focus. The Carolina leopard team came back with star Newton (Cam-Newton), and the Panther beat the kkansas chief with 28:16 at home. Sheikh at the beginning of the game xianbatouchou, by virtue of their two free kick ahead. Then, the Panther is still in color. Running Jonathan - Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) was running two times, making the black leopard finish the anti - Super by 14:6. The beginning of the second half, the chiefs fought back, they first completed a 25 yard free kick will be close, then the chief Aaron Murray - backup quarterback (Aaron Murray) a 43 yard super long found tight end Travis - Cares (Travis Kelce) completed a touchdown. The Sheikh finished the anti super at 16:14. In the next game, the Panthers were in the third quarter at the end of fourth and completed the festival at the beginning of two touchdowns. After that, the two sides did not build a tree, and finally by virtue of the excellent performance of the attack group, the chief of Kansas City was defeated by 28:16. The black leopard team of quarterback Newton's comeback is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the game, the first game of the first game after Newton's recovery. In the game, Newton 9 4 in 65 yards and was sacked two times. Although people had high expectations for him, Newton, who was still in the recovery period, did not make any effort in the game. What is his recovery after his comeback can only be checked for the next match.

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