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Water polo | national diving team "will be held by | perfect in every respect" section at Shijie Cleveland August 7 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Kang Shaohan) the evening of August 7th, Li Ning Co and special China sports in Beijing jointly for the national diving dream team held a celebration party perfect in every respect. Duan Shijie, deputy director general of the State Sports General Administration, gave full recognition to the excellent achievements of diving athletes in the Shanghai world swimming competition, and encouraged them to make persistent efforts and strive for further glory in the London Olympic Games. has just ended in Shanghai the fourteenth FINA World Championships, China diving team to perfect in every respect stunning performance won all 10 gold medals in diving, since the national team created a hitherto unknown 29 years of victory. The next World Championships will cancel the men's and women's 1 meter springboard, so the history of the 10 gold medals in the world championships will end. party in Grand Hyatt Beijing Hotel basement of the banquet hall, the national diving team leader Zhou Jihong led a team of 10 World Championship dream 11 champions all visit. On the anni cheap nfl jerseys free shipping versary of the celebration, the video clips made by the organizers carefully reviewed the wonderful performance of the diving athletes in the Shanghai world tour. Although the game has been going on for a few days, watching these scenes, they are still very excited and excited. The diving team, it's amazing! To participate in a celebration party on behalf of the enterprise said. Duan Shijie, deputy director of the State General Administration of sports, was also on the scene. He jokes that he has been in a low profile for 30 years in competitive sports, and this time it has some high profile. Thank every friend who attended the event and share with us the historic breakthrough that the diving team has made this time. Duan Shijie gave full recognition to the performance of the diving athletes in the Shanghai world tour, and expected the divers to continue to play the spirit of struggle and make persistent efforts to create brilliant results in the London Olympic Games. Mr. Lining, the founder of Li Ning Co, the chairman of the extraordinary China holding company, also congratulated himself on the spot and presented the latest fashion film to the national diving team a month ago. The gymnastic Olympic champion Yang Wei, Li Xiaopeng's attendance was another surprise on the scene. Unlike teammate Yang Wei, Li Xiaopeng is appearing as a representative of China's extraordinary sports legal person. (finished)The official website of NFL | ryszard Jones finished the strike | football training dolphins return Reshad Jones's strike continued for a day. the safety on Tuesday out of the Miami dolphins Mini camp for the first time after training on Wednesday to return to training. Jones told the Miami media said he did not want to let his teammates distracted, and he has been training. I'm here to play. Jones also said he did not plan to stop training at the training camp. Jones had planned to have a mini training camp to get more income for himself. Jones, 28, has a slightly more than $7 million salary each season for the next two seasons, but he feels he should have a higher price. , according to the labor agreement, will be fined 12765 dollars as Jones is absent from the first day of the mini training camp. But it is not clear whether the dolphins will be fined. Dolphins may not be fined to show sincerity in future renewal negotiations. Jones appeared in the mini training camp whether negotiations between the two sides were approaching a renewal or whether he decided not to suffer more fines to be observed., if I told you before the competition between Houston and Dezhou Oakland Raiders, J.J. J.J. Watt will win more matches in the competition, do you believe it? The ruling defensive frontline player, the near - end in the game, went on the field when the team had 1 yards from the array. Subsequently, he completed the occupation career first touchdown catch. But on the defensive end, Watt had a flat performance until the fourth quarter finished the only quarterback. despite the 0 data in the capture and capture of Ben Watt, his performance at the offensive end is exciting. He is also very likely to get more opportunities when the team is attacking. Team manager Bill - Obrien (Bill O "Brien) told reporters that he would use Watt more frequently after attacking the red area. He said: "we have some injuries at the position of the near end. The team has a 6 - foot, 7 - inch, 295 - pound big guy and has a good bouncing ability. He played the near - end at high school and college, so he knew how to catch the ball. His figure also ensured that he could do a good job of attacking the front. We can use him as a near end in different circumstances, which is great. although many times, Watt is only used as a bait, he still can get a lot of opportunities. Interestingly, the Dezhou coach Mike Faubert (Mike Vrabel) has been the 12 pass goal in his career and completed 10 catches. Watt should ask him to ask for advice.{"averagePoints":14,"playerId":14221,"percentChange":0.2,"averageDraftPosition":21.9,"percentOwned":99,"fullName":"Doug Baldwin","lastPoints":25,"pointsSEASON":223.3,"seasonOutlook":{"outlook":"Regression to the mean was an inevitability for Seattle's top wideout last season and, although his touchdown production was cut in half, Baldwin still managed his second consecutive top-10 fantasy campaign. Baldwin posted career highs in receptions and yardage on his way to an eighth-place finish. For the second straight season, he was a bit too boom/bust, posting five top-10 weeks, but only three additional top-30 finishes. Baldwin is in his prime years at age 28 and remains one of the games' most-underrated players. He's a solid WR2 play in a Seattle offense that has relied more on the pass in recent years.","seasonId":2017,"date":"Fri May 19"},"positionRank":13,"totalPoints":223.3}

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