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The inner and outer sides of the shirt have a sign of honor to the national glory. Jersey chest printed by hot pressing technology team badge, collar back is woven with "Holland" (Nederland) "," orange "inside the cuff fabric (Oranje) and the" Lion "(Leeuwen) two words. The shirt printed with a circular badge, to pay tribute to the Holland Football Association was founded in 1889, the Holland national team badge to draw inspiration from the early middle badge, badge in past lion crown.NFL's official website, Oakland Raiders two will be evicted from training, training to fight football nest Does the Oakland Raiders inspire them in the 2016 with their bad children? , according to local media reports, the off-season obtain high priced contracts to join the team guard carich - Arthur Mailer (Kelechi Osemele) and cheap nfl jerseys free shipping defensive end Mario - Edwards (Mario Edwards Jr.) conflict in training on Saturday. After the two men fell on the ground, Edwards took advantage of the number of fist punches to Osel Mailer. The two men then pulled two people, but a few minutes after wearing all armor again struggling together. Two people were expelled and trained on the sidelines for the rest of the time. as long as no one is injured, the Raiders' coaches may use it to teach the players and then no longer get entangled in the matter. Many coaches in NFL hope that some small fighting can make it more stressful for many players to become boring training camps. But the Raiders may not want to see their high price players lying on the ground. The Raider Jack Rio (Jack Del Rio) did not arrange an interview on Saturday, so it was not publicly talked about. if the Raiders are finally able to recover in the 2016 season, the attack front may be their key. Arthur Mailer will play with Edwards at most of the training camp, but it is hoped that the two will be able to improve together instead of being driven out of training.NFL's official website, the dolphin signed limited safety Michael Thomas, rugby wo Miami dolphin left one player again. According to the NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the restricted free agent, safety Michael Thomas (Michael Thomas) the United States on April 17th signed his bid for the contract. Thomas's bidding contract would give him $1 million 797 thousand salary, but because he was undrafted, if he finds out, the dolphins won't get compensation. Thomas before most of the time for the secret service effectiveness, but since the safetys Isaac Abdul koodos (Isa Abdul-Quddus) due to a neck injury after being fired, the dolphins will he promoted to a more important position. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL |49 with no protective | football training to crow 49 San Francisco people and the Baltimore Raven tried training without a protective gear during Monday's training. At present, the two teams are satisfied with the training situation. In two consecutive days of high-intensity multi confrontation training, 49 people and crow yesterday chose to shorten the training time to 2.5 hours of training, the rhythm is fast, but no one was injured. crow team on Saturday and Sunday for two days of the entire equipment training, defensive end caplong - Lewis Moore (Kapron Lewis-Moore) unfortunately Achilles tendon rupture. In addition, there are several players left the training, including cornerback Jackson crow ASA (Asa Jackson), 49 guard Adam - Snyder (Adam Snyder) and 49 wide receiver Quentin Parton (Quinton Patton). In view of this, the two teams chose more relaxed training on Monday. currently, two teams are training in Alves, near Baltimore. The two teams can be trained together, thanks to the relationship between the two teams' coaches. (Owings) In fact, the crow's coach John - Harbert and the 49 - man coach Jim - Harbert are a pair of brothers. Fortunately, the two teams got along well, and the two coaches were also very satisfied with the current training.

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