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in Cincinnati last week to the end of a tiger away at 14:13 Tampa Bay Pirates Game, some fans in Raymond - James (Raymond James) involved in a brawl outside the stadium, can make nothing of it causes of things, but one thing is certain at least one of the pirates fans face hit. Take from the witnesses of the video, a man wearing a A.J. Green (A.J. Green) Jersey tigers fans and a pirate fans quarrel in the chatter without stop, while the Bengals fans want to turn away, perhaps heard some insulting statements, he hit the pirates fans a blow in the face of the latter, then fell to the ground, writhing on the floor, not only out of the slippers, also nearly hit by a jeep. more people came to open the two sides, at this time it was not clear at the end.UMBRO New Jersey Club offers the comfort of wearing that shirt, lightweight and has a slim cut, rib collar increased comfort, lower arm mesh design cheap nfl jerseys free shipping fabric enhanced the permeability in the movement, back 8 laser cutting holes help to keep the players back ventilation, reduce body temperature.The official website of NFL | week third Thursday night game preview: red giant | football @ in the new season has started two weeks like a raging fire, has always been to chaos instability in the NL East quickly showed the characteristics of red last week upset victory over with 1 wins and 1 losses ranked male division second, while the giants lost all two matches only better than the eagle. If you want to realize the laws of the year of the Olympic Games, we should go to the ground to get the blood of the season first. maximum point: red skin ground attack vs giant defense group Two weeks ago Paoqiu number first team from the east country, but not a luxury line of jeans, more than last season has rushed Diego Murray eagle, but red! Alfred Maurice and rookie Matt Jones each rushed out of the 100 yards in the first two weeks, which is the first time since the 06 season of lightning that the team had a 100 yard runner in the first two weeks. And the main team giant's runaway league sixth is not bad. Whether the giants are able to intercept Maurice and Jones will largely determine whether they will win the first season of the season in this game. giant attack group vs red defense team Although the first two lost all, but it's only lost 5 points, the most responsible is undoubtedly play offensive group. The two groups of Rashard - Jennings and Andre - Williams were not very efficient. In addition to Odell Beckham ranked two or three in the catcher is running back vering (12 122) and the proximal end of the front dornell ranked fourth, Parke took over the accident was dismissed. Coupled with Eli Manning at the critical moment of the bad decisions. All data are the main attacking giant League in the middle reaches of the suspended in midair, let Laoshuai Tom Coughlin's position looks extremely dangerous. The offensive front line in general, left Jiefeng first show Elek flowers not surprisingly in the rookie season by fancy teach man, and his tuition is behind a small Manning was knocked to the ground. The only bright spot is Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper Beckham OBJ, before the two 12 pick 190 yards, including 9 catches is to help the team get the first attack, the conversion rate reached 75%, plus Victor Cruz began jogging, this is undoubtedly a good sign for the giant attack group for current predicament. The defense red quite nerve knife taste, a will in the Seahawks who get 31 points to 10 points only limit rams. The Redskins defensive 3-4 striker configuration is also quite magnificent, sub - three - hatchel Knighton, which are the League yangmingliwan corner, has excellent ability to impact the quarterback. On exterior guards, the 13.5 Carrigan and two grade Murphy and the two - round Preston Smith were all young and energetic in the last season. Keenan - Robinson and Perry - Riley, who have joined the London Fletcher gun for two years. There are a lot of loopholes in the back defense, except for the former 49〉Chongqing hong'ao bowling alley third week of May 2015 with 1244 points to win the match player Yang Jun curve! | Bowling Chongqing honglink bowling alley May 2015 third week tournament held at 19:00 last night. The game last night was both lively and exciting, and the arc ball player Yang Jun won the championship with 1244 points. The UFO players scored second and third in Jinhua and manchuang, followed by arc ball players Zhang Yu, Mou Jinsong and Linjun fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively.

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