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even-even football equipment network this winter transfer window has been closed, there were a lot of drama in the winter transfer window, but then we have to tell you about the transfer, but ultimately destroyed in the player's image on the right.NFL official website officially announced and | dolphins quarterback Hill signed 4 years | rugby Taney on Monday local time, the Miami dolphins officially announced that the team has with quarterback Ryan Hill Tenney (RyanTannehill) on a 4 - year contract agreement. In signing a new contract, if no accident will at least Tanja Hill for the team until the 2020 season. The 26 year old Hill Taney became the 2012 session of the four quarterback (Andrew ruck (Andrew Luck), Robert Griffi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n (Robert Griffin), Russell (Russell Wilson) - Wilson) in the first player to complete the contract. According to , the new contract is 4 years, worth $77 million, according to a reporter on the NFL website. The remaining part of the contract with Hill Tenney originally, the existing 6 year contract, worth $95 million, 25 million of them enjoy the full protection, 45 million security team. last season, Hill played the best performance of Taney occupation career success in passing touchdowns count (27), passing yards (4045 yards) have set a career high. The team hopes the young quarterback can continue to improve and lead the team to better results. The new season, Hill Tenny offensive weapons will be more abundant, the team lineup includes: Jordan ball - Cameron (Jordan Cameron), Germany (DeVante Parker) - Aventis Parke, Greg - Jennings (Greg Jennings), Kenny Stiles (Kenny Stills) and Jarvis Landry (Jarvis Landry).Pittsburgh Steelers for 17 weeks and the American League North Title victory to pay a big price, the main running Weile viand - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) basically missed Sunday against the Baltimore team crow home court. Baer on Sunday night by the Cincinnati Bengals safety Reggie Nelson (Reggie Nelson) low grapple knee injury. after the diagnosis, although he avoids ligament injury, but currently unable to participate in the wild card game. This season he even rushed with Earth took 2215 yards and 11 touchdowns, leading the American league. And the substitute Josh - Harris (Josh Harris) and Delhi Archer (Dri Archer) only run 19 times to get 56 yards. had two run Weile (LeGarrette Blount) - Blount GalAT last month was cut because of early exit, after returning to the new England patriots.The official website of NFL | Forster state is optimistic, is expected to return to football in the offseason | weeks for the people of Houston Dezhou, Hugh week is just the right time. According to the official website of NFL news reports, although the team running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster) in last week's game with Philadelphia eagles in the groin injury, but he may not be so missed any games. The reporter revealed that what Forster needed was just a rest. Forster is currently out of the second union in rushing yards, the people of Dezhou will face Cleveland Brown in the offseason, they have 13 days of rest. Forster will have enough time to recover the injury. The 4 - 5 - negative Dezhou people do not want the team's top star to be absent from any game. at the same time, there was another message inside the Dezhou people. There are media reports, the team is considering using the backup quarterback Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallett) to replace Ryan Patrick proudlly fizz (Ryan Fitzpatrick). 2 weeks will be enough for the team to inspect the team and make the decision they think right. We hope that when we see the people of Dezhou in the eleventh week, we can feel their changes and progress.

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