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even-even soccer equipment network Nike released the Mexico puma (National Autonomous University) club season 2014-15 new jerseys, including gold and navy blue jersey home court as the main body of the away kit. Design inspiration Golden shirt with collar design simple home court, puma famous landmarks is placed in the middle of the most prominent Jersey, with a very high degree of recognition; the Navy Blue away kit body, left chest badge with relief in the form of display, the Universidad Nacional Autó logo "noma de Mexico"; show that the club and the University of Nacional Autonoma Mexico in close contact.a few days ago, the New York giant's outside hand to Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) said he wanted to be the top player in the league. John Mara, the boss of the team, has recently shared the idea of the team. "He's worth the highest pay, and we're going to do it," Mara said. obviously giants will make Beckham's dream come true, and the team will give Beckham a secure future, but not cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the highest income. Beckham is planned to carry out his last year of his new show contract, when his salary will be only $2 million 600 thousand. Since was selected by the giants in 2014, Beckham's performance has been very efficient, 43 games, 288 passes, 4122 yards and 35 array. with the negotiation of the contract, Beckham's salary may be equivalent to $17 million a year of Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown)., after the formal partnership between Nike and NBA earlier this year, was focused on bringing innovation to the game. has continuously released various versions of its jerseys. Nike and NBA have shaken the tradition and are no longer restricted to the host and guest rotation system of the Jersey. Each version has a clear design goal: highlighting the symbolic elements of the 30 teams of the league. After launched the alliance version, the classic color version, and the theme version of the Jersey, Nike released fourth versions: the city edition. These designs are used to pay tribute to the fans - they come to the home court 41 times a year for a pilgrimage to define the difference of each team with their passion. Nike NBA version of the Jersey City team of profound understanding and emotion, from every city stadium, stands and street, with the one and only way to show each team and the city, the expression of each club present and the respect of history, but also indicated their future. below is a detailed introduction to several urban jerseys this season. Losangeles Lakers since 1960, the Lakers have nurtured countless star players, each of which is able to unite the whole city around the purple Legion. For this consideration, the team has designed the city version of the shirt as a "legendary series" to pay tribute to the most famous players of the team. Lakers legend Kobe Bryant became the first source of the Lakers' city version of the shirt design. The shirt with black mamba pattern, the waistband with the Lakers 24 number. There are 16 stars on the side of the shirt, which symbolizes the 16 NBA championships that the Lakers have won and the Lakers' glorious tradition. Boston Celtic in Boston since 1957, the Celtics have won 17 NBA Championship League second to none. No matter who led, the most dominant inner line, super pitcher, legendary, or the key man known as "truth" in history, Boston Celts have always been the best definition of "Dynasty". Boston was born with too many leaders and legends, and they were all successful under the dome of the same ball hall. This piece is called the "garden" site has become equally important parquet flooring with Celtic white green color tag team. The Celtic city version of the Jersey salutes the unique hardwood floor, as well as the creator of the dynasty, the cardinal Auerbach. The belt banner emphasized the banner elements to show the honor flag hanging on the dome of TD garden hall, and highlighted the Celtics recently won the championship in 2008. The shirt has a gray background, symbolizing the long history of the team that has always supported their fans in the vast new England area.for the Denver Broncos wide receiver de Marius Thomas (Demaryius Thomas), this week's game may be some regret, one of his personal record was the end, but 3 touchdowns ball can make him feel a little relieved. Before this game, Thomas has been catching more than 100 yards in 7 games in a row. The current record of the league is Kelvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) has received a hundred yards in 8 consecutive games in the 2012 season. this game, the wild horse carried out as many as 35 ground attack attempts, this number also set the team's season high. Thomas completed 10 matches in the game, took 87 yards and completed the 2 5 and 1 15 yards. Thomas was sad about the record break, but he was still optimistic: "I want to win every game. It's my first goal." Now I don't want to discuss any more of the record. I just want my performance to be better and better. Everyone wants to have a record like this, but it's more important that the team can win the game.

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