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U. S. time on Tuesday, new England patriots announced the Montee Ball of the Denver wild horse before signing the contract. This indicates that the signing the Patriots starting running Weile Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) will haunt him for a period of time against Houston on Sunday in Dezhou against injuries. Bauer, a former star player at the University of Wisconsin, was selected by a wild horse in the second round of 2013. In 2013, he performed well. He was once thought to be the main runner in the future. But the injury affected the next season's performance. At last, wild horse released him at the beginning of this season. So far, he has completed 21 matches and promoted 731 yards. now Bauer gets another chance to prove himself on the NFL stadium. related news: the Denver wild horse defense group or th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e creation of historyThe official website of NFL | free agent visit rumors: former eagle will join the Seahawks cornerback or | Rugby Seattle Seahawks is likely to be Maxwell in the offseason and cornerback Byron (Byron Maxwell) part company each going his own way. In this regard, the Seahawks naturally want to find a suitable replacement. Kaili Williams (Cary Williams), which was cut off by the Philadelphia hawks earlier this week, might be the right choice. 1. former Eagle rushed military Trent Cole (Trent Cole) has been to the Tampa Bay and the pirates meet. Whether to use the 4-3 defensive formation will be the main consideration for Cole. 2. former Atlanta Falcon Harry Douglas (Harry Douglas) will visit Tennessee Titan in recent days. 3., the former Miami dolphin catcher Blaine Hart Ryan (Brian Hartline) is very close to Houston and Dezhou people. It is reported that the two sides will sign a contract in the near future.the four Carolina Panthers quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) due to training shoulder pain in passing by the team to stop training. coach Rivera said that on Tuesday, Newton told trainers that he felt pain on his shoulders since last week's training. Therefore, although he trained recently, he had only passed the ball training. Rivera said, "we are confirming what caused this situation. Why did he feel pain when he passed the ball? What made his shoulder ache?" was absent from Sunday's training, and Monday was a panther's rest day, and he was looking forward to the return. Rivera has not yet decided whether Newton will be able to take part in the August 9th pre season match against Houston Dezhou. Newton's shoulder operation was carried out in March this year and has now been restored for 5 months.The official website of NFL | alliance admitted HARVIN 51 yard touchdown are false | football One of the best moments of the Seattle Seahawks Sunday local time in San Diego lost lightning game should never happen. receiver Percy HARVIN alliance admitted in the game the first day the sea eagle (Percy Harvin) and 51 yard touchdown are false. The Seahawks quickly played in touchdowns in extra shot, everyone immediately ready for the next game, then realised as before has been out of bounds in harvin. all touchdown had instant replay officials and is located in the New York League referee officials to audit, coach can't challenge the touchdown, NFL spokesman Michael Siegel Norah (Michael Signora) said in a statement. In the first quarter Percy HARVIN touchdown, the game should be suspended by the playback of officials or officials in New York are a video referee. He subsequently acknowledged that the array was wrongly confirmed to be valid, and the result was that the game had not been suspended. If the game video review, the array should be canceled, because out HARVIN 21 yards in San Diego. The bad decision of didn't affect the winning of lightning at last, but this moment is frustrating, because it is obviously a miscarriage of justice, but it has never been reexamined. Sometimes the replay officials are obviously too dependent on the television stations of the relay race. They didn't notice that HARVIN is out of bounds, the team put the game down. The subsequent replay clearly showed the foot out of bounds harvin.

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