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The official website of NFL | twelfth week night game: Crow won away | Saints Football NFL's twelfth week Monday night match was held by the New Orleans saints in the super dome against the crow of the Baltimore. Finally, a crow steals with 182 yards running back Forsythe and safety Hill's touchdown return to 34-27 win over the saints. the first section at the beginning of the saints home court tried to pre emptive, opening the first wave of attacks will hit the region before the crow 1 yard line, but 4 stalls 1 yards running back Mark Ingram chose to let (Mark Ingram) - Kazakhstan Loti rushed the ball was Ngata (Haloti N'gata) and Adams (Terell Suggs - Terrell Zagreb) stop the final work not completed. Crow launched a comeback this season to play well, running back Justin Forsythe (Justin Forsett) with 38 yards, four Joe Fraco (Joe Flacco) to Steve - Smith (Steve Smith) was a 15 yard touchdown, leading the 7-0 turn from a guest into a host crow. After each punt late in the first quarter, the saints tied the score, Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) to Joe Morgan (Joe Morgan) sent a 62 yard pass to promote direct guidance 9 yards by Jimmy crow, Graham (Jimmy Graham) 10 yard touchdown catch to tie the score. second, the saints did not attack on the crow better way, but in their own end zone before making the crow guard Kell Jiasizhake ( cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Kyle Juszczyk) off the ball. But the failure of attack can only be abandoned, but the defense failed to stop foeter's ball hitting, and Forsythe was able to complete the 13 yard touchdown, and the Raven 14-7 took the lead. The saints used long guns and short guns to bloom more in subsequent attacks, but the red area was unable to attack. They could only kick 20 yards free kick by kicker Sean Graham (Shayne Graham), and the score was close to 10-14. The crow then wave offensive to punt after the end, Bracey resorted to attack without taking poly signs, less than a minute by Marquez - Kirsten (Marquis over Colston) completed 26 yard touchdown catch, 17-14 counter ultra score. The score is over to the end of the half. In the second half of the , the Raven headed by attack advanced a time of 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Finally, the 31 yards free kick of Justin Tucker (Justin Tucker) scored 17. The defense also began to get angry, safety will Hill (Will Hill) steals Bracey pass back into the 44 yard touchdown, 24-17 once again leading the crow. Nothing in section third and the saint. enters the fourth section, and the crow continues to dominate the Saint Louis last week and the New York giants rams in the game, because the two sides were once a grapple and massive scuffle, the referee will be ejected 4 players. Local time Friday, the official website of NFL reporters, the alliance has on the scuffle made a final decision, there will be 5 players fined. rushed from giant hand reached Monterey Moore (Damontre Moore) and Preston Parke (Preston over Parker) were fined $15000. One of the events fuse star receiver Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham) was fined $10000, another party, rams linebacker Alec Aogeteli (Alec Ogletree) is a fine of $8268. Another ram player, the defensive frontline player William Hayes (William Hayes), was fined 10000 dollars. other fines: 1. Oakland Raiders defensive end Justin Tucker (Justin Tuck) in Buffalo and Bill in the game, the referee to make impertinent remarks was fined $22050. 2. Detroit lions Chong military Ziggy - Ansar (Ziggy Ansah) due to the collision of the Chicago bears quarterback Jimmy Clausen (Jimmy Clausen) head was fined $22050.The official website of NFL | Les attacked "gas gate after admitting using glue | Rugby NFL, the famous NFL Jerry Rice, recently announced to the host in a TV column of ESPN that she used to glue the gloves to the match. I know this is a bit of a violation. I just used a small sprayer to spray a little glue to the gloves in order to ensure the surface of the gloves. The alliance banned players from using any adhesives to improve the viscosity of their gloves since 1981, but rice did not enter the league in 1985. So if Leslie did use glue, it was not a violation of what he said, but a complete violation. if there is no gas discharging door of the new England patriots, these words he perhaps is not what, because rice deflating the gate after severely criticized the Patriots, he said in an interview: frankly, I think this is a kind of cheating, because this is equal to you without any cause or reason one more than the opponent advantage. I played a lot of games in the cold, I know the cold and cold ball quite difficult, so put a little gas can make the ball well connected to many. Les added in a few days that if the Patriots won the Super Bowl this year, people should put a star next to their Champions. Worse, Les said, "I always do things in the right way, and I don't want to be opportunistic."The official website of NFL | Panther trading bears defensive end Alan | football when the injury hit their pass, the Carolina Panther got the necessary help. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, said the Panthers have agreed to send a conditional draft pick to Chicago Xiong Chong Jared Jared Allen. Black Panther defense team is battalion. Defensive end Charles - Johnson (Charles Johnson) have been identified and will miss the next game because of a hamstring injury. Linebacker Luke Jikeli (Luke Kuechly) due to concussion missed the last two games, his return is still no set number. In the preseason, the black leopard lost the defensive end Frank Alexander (Frank Alexander), and his replacement Kony Ealy did not play the role. The Panther had three games in the first three games with 7 consortium and seventh in the league, but only 1 captured in the match against the New Orleans saints. is more suitable for the black leopard defense system than the potency bear team. The bear team is looking for Alan to switch from his long defensive front to the outside guard. Alan is now the most captured player in the league, 134 times, which makes him ninth in history. The 33 year old veteran has shown that he is still capable of chasing the quarterback of his opponent this season. Most of this happens when he acts as a defensive end instead of a line guard. and start losing streak bears has clearly entered reconstruction mode, they are contenders next year signed draft. It's meaningless to keep 4-3 defensive fronts like Alan in a team that has a transition to 3-4 defense. It is a reasonable step for the young players to exercise more time for the team. In fact, it was surprising that the bear team didn't cut him off before Alan earned $11 million 500 thousand in a team bonus in March this year.

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