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and all the people, the new England patriots headed quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) on the same tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) last week with the Denver Broncos in the game that single catch was unbelievable. Yesterday, ESPN played the Stadium last week highlights the microphone to shout at the Brady 'Gelon after the ball: "this guy is how to hold the ball!?" G Ron Kowski in the last two weeks a total of 18 ball, 254 yards and 4 touchdowns in the. said he had just returned to his would be underestimated, according to Brady's meaning, but also can make each other 'glycopyrrolate has scared the defensive player: "you can imagine how to prevent him, our training camp in nowadays a lot of effort, although Darrel - Lives (Darrelle Revis) responsible for guarding him, but Gelon general can also try to make it a good catch, he is so strong, it is difficult to compete with his occupy position." The confrontation between Lives and Marcus is very interesting, especially after a lot of improvement in the precision of movement of gelon. took over the Gelon kousky dislocation outside really solve the problem of insufficient Brady hand weapon.The official website of NFL | ten old club will miss the football players | free market is always a racing boat. But don't forget that behind every big team there is a team losing its important jigsaw puzzle. so distressed, even a star lost channel free market is far more than this one. Many of the revelations of the players who have been retired or even cut are still in the first World War. After the change of speed and passion, it may be possible to make a inventory of ten players from the old host. Some of them have a transfer, and the same thi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ng is: the old club will miss them. 1) - Bullock Oswald veller, quarterback former host: Denver wild horse recently signed a contract with Houston Dezhou, veller, is a proven not to young people, aged 25, last season played only 8 games, 61.8% passing rate, 10 touchdowns, 6 interceptions, 86.4 pass score. At first glance, it is a careless transcript. However, it was important to know that last season he was probably the greatest quarterback in history to fill the vacancy of the wild horse quarterback when Manning was out. The 7 first 5 wins 2, including the two overtime. Oswald vhailor is not certain to be a star, but his future will certainly be more than the standard League starters. The Mustang system decided they would not rely on quarterback avatar performance to win the game, offseason to maintain the stability of the defense also made many efforts, but next season I'm afraid they will not enter the super bowl. Boldly, it's not the possibility of losing the playoffs. 2) Calvin Johnson, former host: Detroit lion low-spirited lions nine season the league's top hard to provide service after Megatron tired. The new season, if Megatron is still in the array, the lion has the opportunity to fight north first; however they did not die, it is a level 8 wins. In recent years many star data bivvie lion became good. The 2014 season of Gordon Tate (1331) more than Calvin receiving yards (1077), but 8 touchdowns or bitat Megatron 4 more. The average receiving yards (15.2) and (13.4) than Trinidad and tobago. Tate Calvin - in 3 games Johnson missed the good, but the long-term primary defense objects become each other after he can do like Megatron as stable? Signing Malvin - Jones is a good decision, and he's not surprised to be the top lion in the new season. However, Megatron is definitely the future Hall of Famer, lion will miss him. 3) Arrakis Mark, center former host: 〉, the Lakers released an official statement announcing that they will retire from Kobe Bryant's 8 and 24 two jerseys in the Beijing time against the warriors in December 19, 2017. Kobe will become the tenth retirement shirt in the history of the Lakers and the first player in the history of NBA to retire two shirts for the first team. also decommissioned two numbers, and Kobe's greatness doesn't have to expound too much even great as Jordan, once in the bulls through number 45, 23 and number 12, but the Bulls only retired Jordan's No. 23 shirt, and shark O'neal had two numbers to be decommissioned, they were 34 and 32, but those two numbers were decommissioned by two different teams from the Lakers and the heat. the Lakers' retired shirt numbers and Jerry - West's No. 44 shirt 13 Chamberlain's 13 jersey for a single 100 point record and Elgin - Beller's No. 22 shirt Goodrich's No. 25 shirt Magic Johnson's No. 32 shirt day tick Jabbar's No. 33 shirt James worthy Jersey No. 42 Wilkes's No. 52 shirt the story of Kobe changing number why does Kobe change the number? The answer is different. , according to the reason Kobe himself revealed, was because he had 24 hours a day, and he wanted to cherish every minute of his time. This answer is not far fetched to a workout to "see the 4 o'clock every morning in Losangeles". however, from 8 to 24, the city determined clearly there are other factors. First of all, after the rape case in 2003, Kobe's reputation once slipped down. It is obvious that he wandered from Jersey sales to James and Iverson only fourth or fifth. So he also wanted to change his name from scratch. , secondly, when it comes to number 8, it's hard for people to not think of the Lakers court that he founded with O'neal (micro-blog) a few years ago. He chose new numbers to rebuild his own glory. finally, of course, there is one reason, but also the most controversial reasons for the fans. That is, Jordan's jersey number is 23. Although Kobe didn't want to admit it publicly, the choice of number 24 obviously contained the meaning of surpassing the NBA legend. but this is another story. No. 8 or No. 24. No matter what the shirt is, the soul under the shirt has only one name - Kobe &mi〉China base |2011 "Chinese dinosaur garden Cup" national softball Carnival opening August 10th, 2011 China Dinosaur Park Cup National softball Carnival opened in Jiangsu city of Changzhou province Beijiao middle school, 19 teams from all over the country, more than 300 students and more than 50 teachers in 5 days time, participate in Softball Tournament, group home run contest, ball competition, skish etc. softball games and training activities. the event by the Chinese Softball Association and Chinese Education Institute of sports and health branch jointly organized by Jiangsu Province, Changzhou City Bureau of education, Changzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, Changzhou Baseball Association and Changzhou city Beijiao middle school co hosted dragon Tourism Holdings will be named in the China Dinosaur Park activities cup. The activities include the national Softball Championship, the national softball summer camp and the national soft softball sports teacher training activities. softball is based on Chinese students physical and mental development and characteristics of campus security needs of baseball and Softball Fields and equipment, rules are improved, making it safer, more suitable for young students, more convenient in the collective ball games sports classroom in primary and middle schools. softball softball has developed rapidly in China in recent years. It has been loved by physical education teachers and primary and middle school students in the majority of primary and secondary schools. Educational experts believe that soft softball has strong educational functions and rich cultural connotations, which is conducive to the quality education and physical and mental development of primary and secondary school students. At present, in all 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and 40 large and medium cities in the mainland of China, soft softball projects have been carried out in more than 500 primary and secondary schools. this tournament is designed to provide an exchange platform for softball sports teachers and primary and middle school students nationwide, to show the culture of softball project, to promote the popularization of soft softball, and to accelerate the international and domestic exchanges and development of softball. China Softball Association is working with China Education Association, sports and health branch to comprehensively promote soft softball into the national primary and secondary schools, and promote soft ball international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan exchanges, which will enable more primary and secondary school students to get profits. (Liu Xiangqian)

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