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|2015 national handball Handball Championship amateur sports reserve talent base supplementary notice | hand Association sports teams: 2015 national handball amateur sports school reserve base Championships will be held in Wenshan middle school, Changyi, Shandong province from July 14th to July 20th. In order to successfully run this competition, after asking for approval of the State Sports Administration's hand music baseball and softball management center, the following supplementary notice will be given as follows: 1. Enrolment: 1, please each contestant will print the registration form and electronic files, and in June 18th sent to the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song (Beijing City, Dongcheng District Stadium Road 2, zip code: 100763, fax: 010 - 80115555 to 77692). The electronic registration forms are sent to and respectively. And Wenshan middle school, Changyi, Shandong (Zhang Qixia, 1356, Ping An street, Changyi, Shandong), zip code 261300, contact phone, mailbox please each team in the registration form to indicate the grade of the athletes in order to arrange the examination content. 2, when completing the registration form, please indicate the sex of the leader, the coach and the doctor in order to arrange the ac cheap nfl jerseys free shipping commodation. two, and will report: Team 1, to participate in the national amateur Handball Championship talent base in July 12th to Shandong city of Changyi province Wenshan secondary school, July 21st will. If you need to report to the team in advance, please notify in advance. According to the unified arrangement of the General Administration, will conduct the test of athlete's culture course before this year (July 13th), and the test results of cultural courses are linked to the qualification of the competition. It is necessary for all teams to report in July 12th, so as not to delay the culture class test and affect the normal competition. 2, according to the notice to be on time to the Changyi Imperial Hotel (Wenshan West High School). According to regulations, technical representatives and judges in July 11th, deputy referee and referee in July 12th, the arbitration committee will report July 12th, time for the reunification of July 21st. three, related expenses: 1, the team travel, accommodation fee, per person per day to the general assembly to pay accommodation fee of 110 yuan per person per day to pay accommodation exceed 240 yuan. note: the boarding and lodging fee is paid by the hand tennis club and softball center. The number of the players is executed according to the competition rules, and is eligible for registration and competition. 〉two years later, the quarterback Josh McKoen (Josh McCown) came to the end in the days of Brown, Cleveland. Brown announced that the old quarterback was cut off. But the 37 year old McCain intends to continue to play. Brown decided to end the McCain in the team does not highlight the career. McCain is in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers laid off after Brown invited him to join the team, I hope he can in the Jonny - Manzel (Johnny Manziel) is still in the alcohol treatment and Blaine - Heuer (Brian Hoyer) from the case to provide a reliable choice in the quarterback position. The result is a tragedy of the two season, in the first week to reach Yimaikaoen regardless of personal danger is crashing to the array he sat on the bench with Robert - Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) the end of the game. when Brown McCain's review of career people, they will think of the ugly season, many injured (two times in two years of clavicle fracture and a concussion) and missed the game (season two only played in 13 games), but they will remember that he lost three of the best players in the two line the season after bravery. They will remember his blue collar attitude. relatively, McCain is not so bad. He passes in the two season in 457 to finish 276 times to obtain the 3209 yards and 18 touchdowns 10 passes by steals. But his performance is in line with the overall performance of the team, which is well below the average. in the McCain to leave, the team will focus on the position of quarterback Griffin and Cody Kessler (Cody Kessler) in the future and then pick a first round pick in the draft in May on the quarterback., the NFL season of the season is coming to an end in three weeks. Many teams who cannot enter the playoffs have begun to exercise their young players. The Chicago bears are no exception. They made a fine adjustment in the quarterback position recently. The team announced yesterday to quarterback David Faires (David Fales) from the team sparring promoted to the list of 53 national people's Congress, and replace into the injured reserve list due to a hamstring injury by linebacker Daryl Shapton (Darryl Sharpton). Faires is a bear team this year selected sixth round picks, over the past 13 weeks he has been sparring team, after rumors that the new England patriots were interested in Faires, but the team did not bear to let go, with a team promoted left Faires, Faires will be the team's No. three quarterback. if the bears are willing to play the opportunity for young players, then Faires will have a great chance to go on the stage, because the top quarterback substitute Jimmy Clausen (Jimmy Clausen) is now 27 years old, and the value of exercise is not as big as that of Faires.The official website of NFL | Oakland Raiders cut cloth | football quarterback Shao unexpectedly, the Oakland Raiders cut off the quarterback Matt Shao (Matt Schaub). Oakland Raiders last offseason sent a six round pick by Shao cloth, but the 33 year old veteran quarterback in before the start of the season to lose his starting position, rookie quarterback Drake Carle (Derek Carr) to become the first. Shaw became more dispensable after the Raiders signed the quarterback Christian - Pound (Christian Ponder) last week. Pound and the other quarterback Matt Mike Gehlaut Hussein (Matt McGloin) are competing for the position of the two quarterback behind Carle. The Raiders can make up $5 million 500 thousand in salary cap space after cutting off Shao cloth. the last pre-season in tendinitis is the result of poor performance by Carle and Shao cloth from the starting position of one of the reasons. However, NFL's official website last offseason reported Shao cloth arm strength no longer have the strength of NFL. many veteran quarterback still have many opportunities to stay in the battle after a sharp decline in performance. If a young quarterback team needs a cheap veteran quarterback as a tutor, Shao can continue to play the role of this role. Otherwise, the veteran who has been in the League for 11 years can only retire.

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