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Denver wild horse Jordan Jordan (Jordan Norwood) ripped the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of her left knee in Wednesday's practice, and regretted the best comeback of the tournament. at that time, Norwood was about to catch Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) from the sideline ball and the impact of touchdowns, but was to grab Houston Blanton - Harris (Brandon Harris flanker) block. Norwood fell badly, was finally carried out site. Norwood has had four teams in five rounds of layoffs throughout the season in cold-shouldered. But there are five years of occupation experience of Norwood is Denver's most adhere to the spirit of the punt returner, he will strive to be a good catcher role. Before the season's opener against Seattle, Norwood has a 20 yard punt return yards and 34 touchdown catch performance. now, Weiss - Welker (Wes Welker) to replace his position as cheap nfl jerseys free shipping chief punt returner, bench rookie rookie Isiah - (Isaiah Burse).The official website of NFL | crow receiver Tore next season will not stay in the crow | football ESPN reported that the Baltimore team took over the crow Torre Smith said Sunday against Clif Browns game may be his last game in crow team. He will be a free agent in March next year, and the crow will probably not use a privilege label for him, because the big date costs 12 million dollars. said: this season is likely to be a good season for the playoffs, and I feel very bad about it. I think I'm not going to stay in the crow next year. But I'm not worried. I'll still try to win the last game. Smith took the first 1000 yards of the ball in the last season, but had a big step back this season. The 15 games took only 45 of the 86 passes and took 684 yards to create a new low, but the 10 is the last. crow team need to beat Brown and San Diego team lightning team lost to the Kansas City Chiefs to enter the playoffs.The official website of NFL, Hopki Yeezy, was fined for wearing football nest Yeezy shoes are well known all over the world, but it seems that NFL doesn't welcome these shoes. Recently, Houston, Dezhou's outer man, Andre, Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins) was fined for wearing Yeezy during the competition. on Thursday, Hopki was fined 6000 dollars for wearing Yeezy competition. Afterwards, Hopki said he would not wear Yeezy again, unless Kanye West (Kanye West) paid him a fine. but the last week by the Denver Broncos linebacker von Miller (Von Miller), Buffalo Bill Watkins (wide receiver Sami Sammy Watkins) and the Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) in Yeezy. , however, Hopki won the first catch of the season in the Yeezy match, and a 23 yard catch to help the team defeat the Chicago bear 23 to 14. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The twentieth World Men's handball handball | Youth Championships in Brazil opening | hand Association China Handball Association official website twentieth world men handball Youth Championship was launched in Brazil in July 19th. The host Brazil team defeated Japan by 31:30. there are 24 teams in this competition. It is divided into four groups, A group: Sweden, Russia, Holland, Tunisia, Belarus, Paraguay; B group: Spain, Romania, Serbia, Qatar, Angola, Portugal; C group: Denmark, France, Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Algeria; D group: Germany, Brazil, Egypt, Norway, Uruguay, Japan. The remainder of the first round of will start in July 20th. the technical statistics of this competition are supported by China's handball statistics software PHMS. Chinese Handball Association sent 4 technical support team went to Brazil, before the completion of the statistician timely training and practice exams. In the first unveiling battle, successfully completed the guarantee task, ensuring the uploading of all the match data and the real-time broadcast of the match score. can focus on competition progress and technical statistics through the International Association of hands: JuniorWorldChampionship2015/tabid/7100/Default.aspx can also focus on the related competition information through the domestic "my handball / handball online" website (Li Zhaomeng from Brazil)

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