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New York jet coach Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) firmly used keno Smith (Geno Smith) as the team's first half quarterback in the first half of the season, which made a big hole for him and the team. Today, Michael Vick (Michael Vick) instead, he defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in hot state this week to help the team. We have to admit that, under Vic's lead, the jet's attack team showed the competitiveness that had never been before. in the interview, a reporter asked, if in the earlier time to become a starting, the situation of the team will change. The Vicker bluntly said, "in my heart, my answer is' yes'. If I say no, this is the performance of myself, the lack of confidence in my teammates. I believe that if we can be the first one in a few weeks, we will win more games. But now we don't think about these problems, we need to look forward. " Vic's performance this week gave him confidence, and he said he could be the first in most of the teams in the league. It seemed that the old man's fighting was once again lit. Talking about Ryan's previous decision, Vic didn't mind: "the coach will make a decision, and no matter what decision he makes, I can fully understand i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t. We need to give a young quarterback, we need to try to cultivate him and give him more opportunities to succeed. "The official website of NFL | Tom Brady: I want to play football for 10 years | seems to be the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) retirement plan has not drafted this table. in the United States on Wednesday, when Brady attended the media conference expressed his interest in playing in the League to continue. He said: I want to play again for a long time, perhaps more than 10 years. Brady went on to say, "it doesn't really look at myself. It's just my goal." It's my own expectation. It's obvious that the team needs me and I like it. I love to communicate with the teammates and wish me a long play. 38 year old Brady this season has completed 1699 yards passing, 14 touchdowns has just 1 interceptions. news: Charles - Van derson: I can still play 10 yearsNFL????|??????49??VS?????????????????|????? local time the evening of November 27, 2014 at 8:30 Thursday night race Thanksgiving San Francisco 49 Seattle Seahawks against the war at the Levi's stadium. as the National League West District with 49 enemies with the Seahawks this season has not yet met last year in the regular season, the two teams clash two times, their respective teams in the home court to win one game in the playoffs, and the League of nations finals is a fierce battle, and ultimately the Seahawks hard and lucky win. now the record is 7 wins and 4 losses, the playoff tickets to the Zhou Haiying home court against the Arizona Cardinals, the Seahawks defensive force, Paibingbuzhen rushed in and pass the other Cardinals final 9 wins and 1 losses too busy to attend to all, the Cardinals on offense scored only 200 yards, the Seahawks said after the victory the team has a very good communication, more not to consider the various negative factors, and such a young and confident Seahawk is horrible. In the last week, it was a difficult game for 49 people to challenge Washington Red. It was a three chance to change the ball, but eventually it was a victory. : a game featuring the Seahawks offensive attack in 49 people rushed from the in the last game against the Redskins, had suspended 9 games returning outside linebacker Smith Alton (Aldon Smith) shine, and defensive end Justin - Smith (Justin Smith) to complete the team 5 sacks in 3, Smith took only a match on the back the state also made his comeback, the defense team take on an altogether new aspect. On the other hand, against the Cardinals Seahawks quarterback Russell (Russell Wilson) - Wilson with flexible but was sacked 7 times for the audience, although the defensive front underestimated the strength of the cardinals, but the Seahawks offensive attack problem is not a cold day. Thanksgiving in the face of two Smith is the Werwilson this don't know whether it is constantly on the run. game two things: the Seahawks running attack and 49 air defense run now the Seahawks averaged 169 yards run yards ranked first in the league, this is not only the horse - Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). Lynch scored 9 times so far, rushing touchdowns and Wilson had 4 recorded, interesting is the tenth week of the best running backs Lynch and Top5. Wilson common list. In the face of the ground offensive rapid run can play out against the Seahawks, strength of 49 people, only an anti run to allow rivals to get more than 100 yards last season 49, competitors are the Seahawks and Lynch, occupation guard Willis (Patrick Willis middle bowl) season, the backbone of the defense forces Bauman (Navorro Bowman 〉)NFL official website | lion head running back Baer will miss the game against Bill on Sunday | football According to the team spokesman, the Detroit lions running back Joe Baer (Joique Bell) - Zach has announced that it will not play in Sunday's game against the buffalo Bill. The 28 year old suffered a concussion on Sunday against the New York jets, and the whole week without training with the team, including the training session on Friday morning, in the complete absence of Wednesday after Thursday's training, Baer took part in training on Friday, but only in running out. Baer is the first lion of the season running back, 48 red ball 152 yards, and 9 receptions with 73 yards. With the absence of Baer will give the first lions running back Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush) earlier this week to sign with the training potential running back George Yin (George Winn) no greater burden. Baer is not only the lack of war injuries lions running back, and had Reddick on the sidelines of the rookie Theo (Theo Riddick) but also because of a thigh muscle missed this week all the training.

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