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when the Minnesota Vikings in the weekend to Canton Hall of Fame Game, Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) will travel to. The next time he went back to the coast may be in his hall of fame ceremony. 's evaluation of him at that time may depend on his performance in the second half of his career. The 30 year old runner will return to the game in September 14th after a year away from the field. Peterson, who played just one game last season, said he had been squeezing his body to the limit for months. He also said he felt stronger and more explosive than ever. this year when he returns, he will again be a playoff team to the backbone for his career and reputation have more indifferent than before. In an interview with ESPN, he said he didn't feel "doing it or doing that to improve the public's image." H cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e wants Rugby to be more fun. "I have been enjoying the original meaning of the game. But now I'd like to say that it's not just a game for me to think more deeply, "Peterson said. "I just realized the meaning of the game, because life is far more important than rugby. Life is much more important than NFL, the hall of fame. That's why I think I can come to the field and enjoy the game more. " , who won the most valuable player in the 2012 season, returned to the team in June 2nd and rebuilt his contract with the Vikings this month. He expects he can play for the Vikings in his remaining career after the current contract expires in 2017, Peterson. "I feel a good relationship between the two sides," he said.The official website of NFL | Cowboys running back by the Police Interceptor cable photo | Rugby usually when you are intercepted by the police, you feel panic and fear, and think of what I did wrong? Do I have to receive a ticket? My insurance is going to be done! but if you are a Dallas Cowboys players, maybe you're wrong. recently, Christie Michael, a Dallas cowboy runner, released a photo of herself with a policeman on his Instagram, Christine Michael. It is reported that at that time Michael was stopped by the police at the high speed. Michael said in a message: "let me stop just for a picture of a picture... It really makes me laugh and laugh." The photo was released 3 hours before the cowboy started a match against the new England patriots.NFL????|????????|???????????????|????? Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) to play on Sunday has taken a substantial step. he had the first training after his injury in London on Thursday, and the cowboy team included him as a limited trainer. The team is optimistic this week that he can play on Sunday against Jacksonville jaguars, though they have gone through a 9.5 hour long flight. Thursday's resumption of training is the best explanation. by himself said in an interview: we are looking forward to, I am getting better every day to see what happens when approaching the game. I think today's training is a positive signal. The recovery is going in a good direction and there should be a chance to play. and the Cowboys a weekend time to observe the injury recovery and Romo Friday to participate in training the situation to decide whether to play him on Sunday. The boss Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) is still in the team last week reiterated that he lost to the Arizona Cardinals after the game said, that he wants to play for the team to avoid by the losing streak. The training is to return by the boss expect strong feedback.even-even soccer equipment network England Bournemouth sports club to join JD company with the launch of a new team in the 2016-17 season home court Jersey, coach Eddie · Hovey (Eddie Howe) team in their history of the second season continued wearing red and black sword Relay logo jersey competition. new shirt has a stylish and elegant Polo collar, JD sports circle logo appears on the Jersey chest and sleeves, cuffs and shirt in the shoulder, below is inlaid with ornate gold. The new season's home shorts and socks are black, the edge of the pants and the sock mouth are red, with gold edges.

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