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fifth weeks of the regular season Thursday night race, Beijing time on October 7th at 8:30 in the morning, the Arizona Cardinals to San Francisco away 49. Two teams at the bottom of the western region will fight for their ranking. The Color Rush due to the conflict two colours, the Arizona Cardinals will use the original Jersey instead of full black special style shirt. last week due to accidental injury, the Cardinals Carson Ballmer (Carson Palmer) and 49 Navarro - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) respectively for concussion and rupture of Achilles tendon missed this week of the regular season. It was a fatal blow to both the offensive team and the defensive team. Of course, this game is the best time to make a adjustment for two 1 - 3 negative teams. JJ- Nelson (J.J. Nelson) came back to attack the 43 yards with the speed advantage and provided a good kick-off position for the substitute four point guard Drew Stanton (Drew Stanton). Come on, David - Johnson (David Johnson) the first time out of 15 yards, the Cardinals will attack quickly into a rigid punt. This wave of attacks reflects the impact of the absence of two offensive and defensive players on their respective teams. With Chandler - Jones (Chandler Jones line) cheap nfl jerseys free shipping and the second Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu) - traain excellent defense, 49 people attack group was forced to quickly exit. Then both sides have a bright spot, but they have not advanced to the effective position. After the 6 kick, the first game ended. The two sides of the second are still not getting better. After several discard kicks, the 49 Jeremy Kerley (Jeremy Kerley) began to lead the attack team. The 4 catch of the wave ball promoted 63 yards, including a 9 yards catch up. In addition, quarterback Blaine Bote (Blaine Gabbert) - plus and running back Close Hyde (Carlos Hyde) in this attack rushed 25 yards with the ball. The 49 people took the lead in breaking the deadlock with 7 points in the fourth and 4:12 seconds. Then the two sides of the attack once again into the quagmire, but the Cardinals Defense Meritorious, inside guard Kevin (Kevin Minter) min special photographed passing by defensive end Campbell Callas (Calais Campbell) to complete the air interception. Deliver the goods with quarterback Stanton, get rid of the completion of the magnificent wide receiver Larry Fitxgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) 21 yard line, Fitxgerald easily into the end zone. The 7-7 attack wave equaliser. The two fast - passing quarterback lost himself again, and the score in the first half was also fixed in 7-7. in the second half of the 49 first kickoff return wrong, Chris - Davies (Chris Davis) off the ball is inserted feanay - MoMA (Ifean〉former Carolina Panther safety Coleman (Kurt Coleman) and the New Orleans saints 3 years before the eve of the night. this means that Coleman was in the Southern League of nations, and will not leave the saints safety Kenny Vaccaro (Kenny - Vaccaro). This week in the preliminary Panther off Coleman, so they saved $2 million 650 thousand salary space. will be 30 years old in July this year, Coleman will renew his contract with Panther for 3 years in 2016, with a contract value of $17 million, including $7 million in income. , who originally joined the panther in 2015, ranked first in the 7 times of the season. He only made 4 copies in the 2016 season. The boss for the first time he became captain of AKI, but did not get steals.tipper August 6th news Minnesota Vikings continue to send a new contract for their star defender. Vikings and defensive tackle Linwa - Joseph (Linval Joseph) 4 year contract, the contract value of $50 million, including $31 million 500 thousand in guaranteed income. Joseph's contract was due to expire after the end of the 2018 season. before Joseph, the team has and defensive end Iverson - Griffin (Everson Griffen) and cornerback Javier Rhodes (Xavier Rhodes) signed a huge contract. Joseph joined the Vikings with a $31 million 500 thousand $5 contract in 2014, after 4 years for the New York giant. Joseph is the Viking athletic defence group road is difficult to shake the defender. Last season he got 4 escapement from the 77 most successful escapement. He played a vital role for the Vikings to have the best defensive level in the league. earlier this week, coach Mike - Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) said Joseph was "the best I have ever seen (defensive spike)." is Joseph, Griffin and Rhodes renewal, the Vikings will focus on and linebacker Anthony Barr (Anthony Barr) on the contract. offseason Vikings in the year has passed the money to ensure that they can maintain excellent defense squad in the coming years.The official website of NFL | San Francisco laid off 49 people before the two round of the show | football running back La Michael - James (LaMichael James) left San Francisco. According to the broker in the news, team mate Frank Gore (Frank Gore) and Carlos - Hyde (Carlos Hyde) sitting behind the bench of the third grade Monday local time running back to the team and got the license request leave. The team then confirmed that he was cut off. James under coach Jim (Jim Harbaugh) - Habbo two season's performance in the worst season, mainly as a punt returner, but rarely become 49 people rushed the ball in the puzzle. Everyone is aware that this is the best way for both sides, James's agent, Geoff J Bo Beck (Jeff Sperbeck), told reporters in San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. He scored 184 yards in 41 of the three seasons, and he had only 2 shots in the first week against the Dallas cowboy. This year's rookie haid replacement first started Gore with 7 shots, suggesting that James was only substitutes in the 49 people's attack on the ball. James was only 139 in the team during the team. James expects to earn 641 thousand and 718 dollars this season and earn 792 thousand and 577 dollars next season. He will spend the first time in the player's bidding stage before entering the free agent market. Where is the next two show? May be the Baltimore crow, crow in James's departure came out soon after the news announced that cut into domestic violence running back ray - Rice (Ray Rice).

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