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The official website of NFL | Gary Tohti from the historical record in just a | football Todd Gurley, the Saint Louis rookie Todd Gurley, has completed a 144.3 yard advance in its first 3 games, but this Sunday's match against San Francisco will win a new record if he can keep this average. According to , according to ESPN, Glen's 433 - yard run was more than fourth of the league's shot data since 1970. He only needs 107 yards to complete the new record - the first 4 games in the first 4 games. if gri can keep this state until the end of the season, he has 10 games to create data, and then he will complete the 1547 yard ball, which will be the fifth place of the league's rookie running historical data. But you have to know that gri is only 21 years old, and the only player of that age has done these terrible numbers.The official website of NFL | red plans to let Mccoy return to the starting position | football quarterback this season has be cheap nfl jerseys free shipping en the Washington Redskins quarterback problems, Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) and Kirk cousins (Kirk Cousins) and Mccoy (Colt McCoy) - colt had served as the team starting quarterback, currently starting quarterback Griffin Sans in the back after the downturn, also let the team losing streak in the mire, it makes the team coach group began to consider replacing the starting quarterback. According to NFL famous media people Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the red plan to let Mccoy in this week's game against the Indiana Colts to replace Griffin III starting lineup, but Rapoport also said that this is only a short-term adjustment, Mccoy also be replaced sooner or later. Mccoy has won two games for red skin this season. 's red skin move also means that the team has lost confidence in Griffin III. Next year is the last year of Griffin III's rookie contract. Because Griffin is the first rookie, he has the right to decide whether to execute the fifth year contract option until May 3rd next year, of course, he is still in the red leather team.Seattle Seahawks for cam - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) the strike has already done the worst, but according to the Seahawks players revealed that the new season, they are also not ready to the team and the occupation safety bowl of the absence of the game. "I don't think he's going to play with us this season," one player said. "The team will give up his salary until he gives in." has signed a four year contract before signing the top contract with his teammates Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) and Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas). At present, he has three years left in his contract, and his salary is sixteenth among the players in the same position. If he continued training in the regular season, chylor would lose 267647 dollars for every game he missed. a team told ESPN. "This is a double loss for him," another team said that the team has continued to prepare for the next game, whether or not chylor is out of play. "From the point of view of the game, we are prepared in accordance with the situation he is not in the team." One player said: "we will win when he is out of play and it will hit him." coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) said Monday the Seahawks received other traded money Eisner request but has no intention of negotiating a deal, and if the chancellor does not appear in the second half of the week, 2014 voted rookie Duhem - (Dion Bailey) will be the first Bailey. at the same time, Thomas said that although he has not fully recovered from the shoulder operation, he will be in the first of the season against Saint Louis rams. He has been limited to training, he did not take part in the pre - season and had not been hit or caught before the new season.The official website of NFL | chief Berri accepted cancer screening, wait for the results of | football is now waiting for a cruel trial. The chief coach of the Kansas chieftain said Eric Berri (Eric Berry) is accepting the biggest challenge after his graduation. It is reported that the chief's security guard has just received a Hodgkin lymphoma examination. , a 26 year old player, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system, in December last year. At present, Berri has been put on the list of non football injuries, and his player career is not stable. Now he may accept his return to his alma mater, University of Tennessee for treatment. , the defender, returned to his alma mater to see a friend last month, a friend said: I really didn't see that cancer could beat him. The team did not give the safety guarantee of what things, but I believe there will be results soon. The coach said, "we don't have the final inspection report, then we won't have anything to do, but everything is hoping Berri will take a more active part in the treatment.

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