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The official website of NFL | Seahawks retired wide receiver Locket readme: life turning | football I felt like a car accident. All of a sudden, all of a sudden, everything turned into a slow lens. I was running in the direction of the cowboy's cover - like one thousand times I had done it before. I push the people that stop me and run to the left. A white shirt flashed over. car accident. I fell heavily to the ground and heard the sound that I was very reluctant to hear at this moment. Some people say that a man will see a beam of light before he dies. I didn't see the light at that time, but I heard a sound. You should be very familiar with the sound, when you were a kid and your family party, you feel very boring, moving there idly with fingers gently along your aunt's wine cup. It's such a strange, distant sound of the bell. is really terrifying. I can't hear the shouting of the fans and I can't hear my teammates. I felt bad at that time. I'm thinking well, get up quickly. It's all right to get up. but I can't get up. I feel numb in my whole body. I can't move my arm and can't move my head. I can't speak more. the only thing I can move is my eyes. I was thinking: am I deaf? am I paralyzed? What happened to ? am I going to die? cheap nfl jerseys free shipping anyone, please help me with you. at that time, I felt totally helpless. What kind of feeling is this? Have you ever been paralyzed in sleep? Imagine you wake up in the morning, and you can hear the people in the house doing breakfast and talking and laughing, but you can't move in the bed. No matter how you try, you just can't get up. You are trapped in the two stages of sobriety and sleep. so, it's like you are trapped in your body, and the world still revolves around you. That was the feeling - I wasn't lying in bed, of course. I lay at 50 yards at the cowboy stadium, with 90 thousand fans around it. I murmured myself to myself. Please help me. I know I can be here for a reason. If you can help me get up, I'll change my life, this is the second time I have said this. the only time I said before was when I was in college. I'm in the first place.NFL official website, Eli Manning four thrilling touchdowns, giant tiger, victory football nest home court at 21:20 Beijing time 9:30 on October 15th, 9:30, the Cincinnati tigers from the North American League are visiting New Jersey, challenging the New York giants from the Eastern League of nations. The two teams last hand in hand or the 2012 season, when the tigers beat the giant at home 31:13. At present, the tigers' record is 3 - 4, 1 - draw, 1 - 3, 5 - 3 and 3 - 1 at home. At the beginning of the game, the giants first attacked and quickly entered the state. Come on, the proximal front will Thailand (Will Tye) took quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) long, with 25 yards. The tiger into half, running back Rashard Jennings (Rashad Jennings) with 16 yards passing. Finally, the new rookie near front Jareer Adams (Jerrell Adams) completed the 10 yards of the ball, and the giant 7:0 first opened the record. The score behind tiger quickly responded: quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) by Emery Henry formation, long pass found tight end Taylor - Eft (Tyler Eifert) 71 yards. Then, A.J. Green (A.J. Green) 13 yards to catch the ball, the score was made to 7:7 flat. Since then, both sides can not push the half - field and abandon the kick. The competition entered the second quarter. The tigers again abandoned the kick. Then the giant took over Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr) to complete the 21 yard catch to help the team enter the tigers half court. Four file 2 yards, the giants did not choose to try 55 yard free kick, but with Eli Manning was Atkins (Geno Atkins) - Keno sacks, four giant conversion failed. However, the attack failed to take advantage of this opportunity, third out. The giant ball, the tigers cornerback Drew Kirk Patrick (Dre Kirkpatrick) successfully steals Eli Manning pass, and return to the giant 7 yard line. Kicker Mike Nu Nugent (Mike Nugent) hit 25 yards free kick, and the tigers were ahead of 10:7. The score behind giants by wide receiver Odell Beckham completed 18 yard ball, after the way to promote the giant red zone, Beckham in the final end the ball 10 yards touchdown, the giants back at 14:10. At the end of the half of the half of the half of the half, the tigers did not build any more, and went into the midfield. In the second half of the , the giants kick-off and the tiger Alex Alex Erickson came back to attack 84 yards and came directly to the 13 yards of the giant half court. After running back Jeremy Hill (Jeremy Hill) easily 9 yards rushing touchdowns, tigers to regain the lead at 17:14. ????????〉NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?The official website of NFL | San Francisco 49 players and their cars are | football If the to define the team has a number of luxury cars, if not the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco more than 49 people, this is a very interesting thing to see how many wonderful luxury cars in the NFL player in the home. started together these figures, 49 people took over Stephen - Jones (Stevie Johnson) need to race hard if he wants with his teammates, this is his car Chevrolet caprice. maybe Jones should ask Patrick - Wells (Patrick Wills) to borrow one, including this amazing Aston Martin DB9. or this BMW 745Li maybe Jones could buy a Mercedes Benz CL63 AMG with a professional bowl line guard. if I were Jones, I would ask the price of the wild horse. if you don't see it, Frank - Siegel (Frank Gore) might be able to take this car Rolls-Royce to Jones until he can play so far. or this terrible Land Rover, especially when Jones agreed to put up the masonry. or Jones promised to catch more balls and protect the president of the marthati. Colin Capet looks like the best man for Jones's car, as long as he doesn't drop the ball. if Jones is his good friend, maybe the Jaguar is good. you all know that we can't go far alone. Without Capet Nick, Jones needs to understand that.

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