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The official website of NFL | ten missed the Super Bowl football team | great has another week to be a super bowl. The new England patriots against the Seattle Seahawks, the two teams is the strongest league teams, regardless of who claim the championship will be a great game. Super bowl is a special game, not a powerful side will win, there are a lot of great teams in the history at the end of the super bowl. 10, 1988 season Cincinnati tigers regular season 12 wins and 4 losses that year, the tigers took no offense to revolutionize the way to super bowl. But in the face of San Francisco 49 people when the offensive group is panic, only a touchdown, but they are still in the leading 16-13. Unfortunately, Joe Montana was in 49 people and finally killed the tiger with 20-16. 9, 1978 season Dallas cowboy When won the 1977 season, the cowboy team ended the 78 - season regular season with 12 wins and 4. Super bowl against Pittsburgh Steelers, once in 35-17 behind, finally to 35-31, but ultimately did not have enough time to claim the championship. 8, 1969 season Minnesota Viking The last year of the merger between AFL and NFL, the Vikings were 12 - 2 in the regular season, an cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d the super bowl against the Sheikh of Kansas City. In the game, the Vikings scored only once, and the attack and defense were not good. Finally, 23-7 lost the game. 7, 1983 season, Washington red skin 14 - 2 in the regular season, and the defending champion red skin wanted to win again in the 83 season, and the Super Bowl faced the Losangeles Raiders. The red skin team was backwardness, only got 1, and finally 9-38. 6, 2004 season Philadelphia Eagle then the eagle with 13 wins and 3 negative end of the regular season, the super bowl for the new England patriots. The eagle was backward throughout the field and rebounded slightly at the end of the year, but eventually it was 24-21 no enemy to the Patriots. 5 and 1984 season Miami dolphin with the most powerful passing attack of the time, dolphin to 〉Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Brandon got in the offseason Trading (Brandon Boykin), Boykin did not arrange for him in the first week of the new England patriots in the game as a defensive player on any one. For this reason, Boykin himself not knowing why it is so. said the Boykin local time on Monday in an interview: "this is what I can remember for the first time, I'm sure they have their own reasons. I don't know what's the reason, and I'll keep trying to see what happens next. " Last week, the Patriots defeated easily Steelers second tier, but always can only stay on Boykin on the bench. Boykin revealed that there are still no coaching staff or staff members telling him why the team made the decision. when asked about the issue, the Steelers coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) said: "we decided to use other players." The Steelers will be against San Francisco 49 in second weeks, Boykin expect their own opportunities in this game.tipper August 7th news Jay - Cutler (Jay Cutler) back. , the 34 year old quarterback, ended his retirement life and commentary in advance and signed a 1 year contract with the Miami dolphin. Cutler's contract value is $10 million, in addition to the bonus income. The bonus is up to up to $3 million. dolphin sign Cutler means he will coordinator and former Chicago bears offensive, the dolphins coach Adam - Gus (Adam Gase). In only one season they worked in Cutler and GUS recovery and established a very close contact. Informed sources said earlier in Tanneixier Ryan (Ryan Tannehill) of the knee injury may need surgery after treatment with Gus Cutler. although Taer Sill hasn't decided whether to undergo surgery or not, the dolphin signing of Cutler may show the team's current attitude. Dolphins rely on Tanneixier last season and Matt Moore (Matt Moore) in the playoffs, they think the existing lineup allows them to win. Cutler, who had previously looked satisfied with his retirement, once told Chicago media that it was a "permanent" retirement. But he left behind for his comeback. In Fawkes sports he joined the existing two - person commentary. This means that if he is drawn back to the NFL, he can leave easily without damaging the tacit agreement between the commentaries. Cutler in dolphins does not guarantee success. Last season he played only 5 games, passing success rate of only 59.1%, scored 4 touchdowns 5 passes by steals. Well, on the one hand, there are many excellent players in the dolphin offensive team in the catcher position, including Jarvis Landry (Jarvis Landry) and Kenny Stiles (Kenny Stills). Cutler in the 2015 season pass 3659 yards and 21 touchdowns 11 passes by steals. In contrast, Taer Sill last season in 13 games made 2995 passing yards and 19 touchdowns 12 passes by steals. Does Cutler mean an upgrade to Taer Sill? It is still an unknown number. But one thing is for sure, the dolphins have never considered other people, and Cutler has always been their only choice.The official website of NFL | childhood father ban Miller secretly training | playing football let's imagine that if Denver Mustang doesn't have Von Miller, if Miller listened to his father when he was young, he wouldn't play football, so everything would be different from Miller. Miller recently shared his own story, when his father forbade his rugby training in the fifth grade, but when clever Miller chose to ask his mother, mother let me play it, I will go to bed on time to mow the lawn, let me play. My son hit it, but listen to me. It's a secret. Don't let your dad know. In the end he was able to sneak a ball. when there is a variety of training after the scratch every time Miller and his father always said it was their own backyard to climb. Miller was eventually discovered by his father, because his team needed to win a championship, but there were only 11 people in the team. He had to go there. Miller's father didn't want his son to play because Miller's thin body. Miller has always laughed at himself as a little fool's figure.

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