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New York giants on Thursday to continue their off-season training, but the absence of the two most big players. reports that Odell Beckham Jr. and defensive end Olivier Vernon (Olivier Vernon) have not appeared in voluntary training in Odell. was reported to have reported that Beckham is expected to be trained on Thursday after training a few days before his absence. Apparently he did not do what he expected. The reason for his absence of training is not yet clear. When was interviewed by reporters, Beckham said he was now training in Losangeles. He said: "I love my team and excited for the new season," when asked whether he plans to attend the next offseason training, Beckham refused to clear answer. But then he said he was sure to take part in the mandatory Mini training camp that began in June 13th. even though he was absent from training, Beckham still relied on Nike's huge basketball shoes contract this week and became a news figure with the former NFL quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel). is the off-season training is voluntary, but when the star players like Beckham m cheap nfl jerseys free shipping issed training always concern -- especially he was originally thought to appear in the training field mountain time. Before Beckham also due to oral surgery and did not participate in quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) annual offseason pass training camp.on Saturday the New Orleans saints training camp in the game, Jimmy - Graham - McCown received quarterback Luke (Luck McCown) precise passing touchdowns, contain his joy ball goal, who this classic celebrations are strictly prohibited in this season. The referee tossed the flag to a foul and booed. "The Jimmy Graham (Jimmy Graham) foul" is the first game. maybe Graham often hit the ball on the pole before, so NFL decided to add a ridiculous rule which prohibits scoring in the form of slam dunk. NFL referees have exchanged rules for new rules with the saints in the last few days and cut several exercises. The referee told the media of the saints that they were also very entangled if the celebratory dunk did not meet the ball column and was not a foul. Graham understands and is helpless when he is convicted of fouls. Anyway, it seems that NFL is ready to manage the order after winning the game. Graham has to think about how to get rid of this bad habit. The referee said, "Jimmy Graham foul" maybe one day you can become a big story in the history of sports.Beijing time at 8:30 in the morning of October 13th, Philadelphia Eagle home against the old enemy New York giant, the final victory in the 27:0 home. A opening, the Philadelphia Eagle Star Sean - Mccoy ran Weile (Lesean McCoy) continuous ball, then by quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) continuous short advance, tapping into the giant red zone, final score, head start. And the giants quarterback Eli Manning offensive disadvantage (Eli Manning) and zaoqin killed, unable to advance, only punt. The offensive team returned to the field after more brave, still by Mccoy and Fowles led the offensive team, and with no sungi attack road forward, finally by Fowles short tight end Zach (Zach Ertz) - heuse touchdown. At this time, the giant attack group finally have something decent, but after several times of rapid advance, small 2 times Manning was sacked, and the giant offensive bogged down. Then the two sides into a tug of war, the ball a few times right after the exchange, the Hawks Mccoy a 15 yard range, Fowles a short and a long 2 pass, finally end James - Casey (James Casey) to catch a touchdown. The giants could not find the state, the Hawks unceremoniously get 3 points. Subsequently, the two sides once again into a tug of war, Fowles steals a pass by, Yilaiman Ning the first half was sacked 5 times, the giants in foul trouble, the Hawks into the second half to 20 great advantage than the 0. in the second half of the giants finally pick up, for the first time into the Red Eagle, but a touchdowns because of foul and canceled, second giant strong four stalls challenge touchdown zone, wide receiver (Victor Cruz) catcher and sprained knee out slip. The hawks at this time more from the side of a trend which cannot be halted 3 yards, began to attack 8 times without taking offense 97 yards run by poly Wei Darren's Rawls (Darren Sproles) to run the ball up front. Then the two sides did not score again. finally, the hawk home to 27:0 victory over the giant. Game giants Manning was sacked 6 times, backup quarterback Ryan nasby (Ryan Nassib) the last 2 minutes of play was sacked 2 times.Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) took over for Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant) the situation is very optimistic, he believes that the latter is ready in this week's preparation. But in fact, Bryant's return was not so smooth. Bryant missed all the team's training on Wednesday at the local time, just watching his teammates on the sidelines. According to previous experience, this is an indication that Bryant will not play this week. The NFL official has made it clear that Bryant will not play in this week's match. cowboy has decided to appoint Matt - Cassell (Matt Cassel) as the first quarterback in New York this week. The team is not in a hurry to make an exorbitant request to the attack team at the moment, but is looking forward to the defensive team to provide the best performance. Now the cowboy is 3 - 3, still in a competitive position in the National League. But if you want to enter the playoffs, they need Bryant and Toni Romo (Tony Romo) help.

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