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The official website of NFL | Denver Broncos defensive or group will create | football history Denver wild horse's defense team has a chance to create a new record this season, before the team has done it. they are defensive League first teams in the league, anti pass first, quarterback sacks data alliance first, defense alliance second points, since the quarterback captured and killed the data in 1982, no team defense group completed 4 single season record of first. actually didn't do it even before the quarterback was killed. A lot of teams have been close to these data, the 2013-2014 season of the Seattle Seahawks defensive League first points, at least the team and the best anti transfer team, but their number is behind quarterback sacks. Even the Baltimore field in 2000 were let the opponent crow only scored 11.9, has not been able to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping complete 4 first. maybe this is going to change this year, and the Mustang may be the first full defense team in the league.John Abraham (John Abraham) to the occupation career will continue, suddenly filled with doubt. The official website of reporter, exit the Arizona Cardinals linebacker Abraham in Monday's win over San Diego lightning game with concussion. After the game he will be included in the list of injuries with the cardinals, gave him 5 days to decide their own future. ESPN said, Abraham even appeared the symptoms of amnesia. The Cardinals coach Bruce - A Ryans (Bruce Arians) said that he had a conversation with Abraham, Abraham think my heart has once again into the game. A Ryans also denied the player's memory loss. If Abraham cannot return to racing, this is a great blow to the Cardinals will. The team is currently no suitable candidate, can replace the impulse transmission with abraham. Abraham last season scored up 11.5 sacks and 133.5 tackles. As of 2000 by the New York jets selected first round pick, Abraham in jet effect after 6 years to join the Atlanta falcons, 7 years after joining the cardinals. The fifth career bowl was chosen in his career last season. The general manager Steve - Caim (Steve Keim) said: Abraham told us he needs time to consider their own future. He has been working in the League for many years, and he can assess it all. In the next few days, there will be a result.thinks every time he looks at the team's retirement of a player's Jersey. If the NBA Jersey is retired, will the newcomers have no numbers available? This is a problem that can happen, but it's just a matter of time. We can refer to the possibility and time problems of NBA's present Celts. The first method of is now used by some people, such as A De's 12 shirt, which is wearing the number on the request of the retired shirt. Of course, this is rare. second methods, the alliance created a new section. The number of mobile phone numbers in China, 189, 177, 166 and 199, has also come out in the last few years, which has greatly increased the number of mobile phones. Similarly, NBA may also launch 100 to 999 or even 1000-9999 of the number of segments, why not, not too besun?! Even exaggerate the imagination, A/B/C· · · Z can also be used as the shirt number. Third method , increased clearance. As we all know, No. 0 and 00 are different numbers, then can you increase the number, 01 to 09, or 011 to 099? Of course, this possibility is not second big and easy to confuse. which method do you decide best? read the original copyright statement: the content and editing of this article are from the Internethigh school football hand, cowboys safety Geoff Heath (Jeff Heath) completed two additional points in shooting this week in the game. This is the longest distance successful shot since the 1979 packer John Anderson (John Anderson) completed the 39 yard shot. took over the Weiss Wilk (Wes Welker) in 2010 had a shot of additional points for the Patriots, but additional points at short distance shooting. Ndamukong Suh (Ndamukong) tried additional scoring for the lion in 2010, but failed to finish it. NFL in the history of the most accurate kicker Dan baylet (Dan Bailey) after the departure of a groin injury, Heath was shot in 2, 3 additional points. He finished a 49 - yard free kick shot in high school to win the next playoff game for the team.

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