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even-even football equipment network Sunderland announced a new second team this season Away Jersey in November 3rd the team to play in the Premier League before the Crystal Palace, because Crystal Palace rival team jersey color is red and blue home court, and Sunderland this season and the home court Away Jersey are the red white and blue. shirt belonging to Adidas Tiro 13 (from 13), predominantly white, details on the use of the blue. The colors of shorts and socks are also white.4 years ago, Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) was the best offensive rookie of NFL, and now he is about to be resolved second times. according to ESPN, Brown, Cleve cheap nfl jerseys free shipping land, is trying to solve the first - year quarterback that has only been signed for one year. Griffin is the 2012 Washington Redskins were selected, last year after being released and Brown signed as Hugh Jackson (Hue Jackson) is a member of the staff, but in the first week suffered a shoulder to work until thirteenth weeks before the return to the stadium, when Brown and 0 wins and 12 losses, although he got his first victory to lead the team in the season for fifteenth weeks, but obviously he is not in the team quarterback list. us time on Thursday, Brown traded for Brock Osweiler (Brock), and the team will choose their top champion in the draft market. Griffin, from 27 to Saturday, will produce a $750 thousand income, and it is clear that it is time to be laid off.- Carle headed quarterback Derek (Derek Carr) said he was ready to participate in the offseason after the event, four teammates also has signed a contract to express their determination. one is Carle over the past two years trusted passing target -- over Seth Roberts (Seth Roberts), he signed an exclusive privilege of free agent contract bidding, and Michael - Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) and Cooper (Amari Cooper) - Ammari to provide fire original works of Carle. Last season Roberts finished 38 ball, 397 yards and 5 touchdowns, but dropped the ball has been bothering him. The arrival of Cordarrelle Patterson may also reduce his chances of coming into play. is a restricted free agent defensive attack German Nico aoteli (Denico Autry) also signed his bid for the contract, he participated in the 690 season kickoff, made 2.5 sacks, is expected to continue in rotation, ammunition and Mario Luis Felipe Edwards (Mario Edwards) competition. guard Denver - Cochran (Denver Kirkland) and proximal frontal (Gabe Holmes) - Gaby Holmes signed his bid for the contract.U. S. time Sunday, Washington Red Skin activated his own near - end Jordan - Reed (Jordan Reed) from the injury list. Reed's training since July has been on the list of injuries on his left foot toes injury, which came from last season. At present, Reed has not trained with his teammates, nor did he participate in the pre-season match. On Friday, he interviewed that he would take part in the team training next week. Reed had traveled to North Carolina and a doctor orthopedic surgery meeting, currently in his shoes have been equipped with a new orthopedic device to help him ease the pain, but it is not sure whether he is to be able to play the game against the Cincinnati tigers on August 27th. last season 12 games of Reed, completed 66 shots to advance 686 yards and 6 array.

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