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The official website of NFL, the giants defensive end Pierre Paul underwent groin surgery in rugby nest New York giant defense end front Jason Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) received the operation. , a passing shock player this season, uploaded a picture of himself lying on a sick bed on Wednesday morning. According to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Pierre Paul accepted core surgery muscle William William Myers (William Meyers) examination, decided to undergo surgery, he will be out for at least 6 weeks. Pierre Paul's groin injury against Pittsburgh Steelers game in. that means Pierre Paul will miss the rest of the regular season, but does not rule out that he will return in the playoffs. even though it was a big blow to the giant, especially in the field, the team did have excellent players on the defensive end. As a rookie in the League defeated Cory Wayne (Kerry Wynn) and the 2015 three show Iowa mabe Audi EZ Zoua (Owamagbe Odighizuwa) base will get plenty of opportunities in the next few weeks. Pierre and Pa cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ul are not as bad as they used to be, but since 2013, almost no defensive front has been better at running than him. This may be a season's reimbursement of the injury that Pierre Paul may not be fighting for the giant. He signed a 1 - year - $10 million - year contract with the team before the start of the season. He will be a free player after the end of the season. Pierre Paul's time for injury can't be even worse. The giant will face the Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Elliot in the next game of Ezrin Kiel (Ezekiel Elliott). At present, the giant in the fierce competition in the National League Wild Card No. fifth seed. The best team to win the League will give them a little breath of breath. Pierre Paul is the only important member of the defense team that has blocked the cowboy attack this season. In the season opener, the giants to 20-19 victory over the cowboys, Elliot won the season at least 20 red ball number, 51 yards and 1 touchdowns. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.NFL????|??????NFL?????????????|????? rookie anthropometric data is an important index of the draft reference, here is the best test performance of over the past ten years 1. Byron Jones (Byron Jones) (Jiao Wei) School: Con Nedig University time: 2015 draft: first round (twenty-seventh CIS), Dallas cowboy Jones created a new world record in last year's NFL body measurements (informal), standing long jump 12 feet 3 inches (373 cm) results, in the past ten years, more than second records of 8 inches. At the same time, this distance may also be a world record, because the standing long jump is no longer an Olympic event since 1912, so the relevant records are incomplete. The Norwegian Arne Tvervaag jumped 12 feet and 2 inches in 1968. It was regarded as the world record. Before 1968, the record was from the Olympic Games in 19001904 and 1908. Ray Ewry jumped 11 feet, 4 and 1/2 inches in 1904. With the same good vertical jumps (the third best in the past ten years), Jones's draft status has been raised to a round. 2. Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) (runaway) School: Dongkalailuona University time: 2008 draft: first round (twenty-fourth CIS), Tennessee Titan Johnson has been sprinting for 4.24 seconds for 40 yards, which has been maintained for 8 years. Last year, J.J- Nelson (J.J. Nelson) was 4 milliseconds from the record. Archer and Dri Archer were closest to this record 4.26 seconds ago. If the in vivo test, someone can beat Johnson 40 yards sprint record, Adidas will provide $1 million as a reward (but the reward rules are required to wear Adidas shoes can break the record winning). 3. Steven Pyle (Stephen Paea) (Defense section) big 〉The official website of NFL | giants wide receiver Cruz | football season , the season of New York giants' top Victor Victor Cruz has already ended, and the team put the star player into a list of injuries that mean the season's reimbursement. Victor. Cruz is injured in the week of the Hawks, left in the third quarter of 9 minutes and 35 seconds, he tried in the other end flying diving catch touchdown pass but without success, after landing his sprained knee. He was in tears in his eyes as he went down. He was diagnosed with a rupture of the knee tendon and has been successfully operated on. hopes we can see him continue to play the court as he used to be the next season.'s attacking frontline really broke Washington's red skin. On Thursday, they announced that T.J. Clemmings, the intercepting front, was put into the list of injuries. And sign Taylor - Carter Rainer (Tyler Catalina), a member of the rookie attack front. Katelaina this season just as right guard played against the cowboys and the Seahawks game, and was then cut. Kelaimingsiben last season for 6 games, after the season due to an ankle injury. Red skin had previously claimed him from the Vikings, making him the fourth attack cut-off in the team. But because of Trent Williams (Trent Williams) (knee) and ensign (Ty Nsekhe) - G (core muscles) was absent, Clemins had to start the past two games. He was the four round of the 2015 Vikings show, and the pre - season was given up by the team.

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