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? Beijing time on October 31st at 8:30 in the morning, two East team met on the Sunday night game. At present, both sides are less than one game, the home battle of the Dallas cowboy 5 wins 1, and the Philadelphia eagle's record is 4 - 2 negative. The two East team last season played two times, each one victory on the road. At the start of the game, the cowboy team at home first attacked and had to abandon the kick quickly. Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (Carson Wentz) - to find out how to take over Lille - Green - Beckham (Dorial Green-Beckham) with 12 yards. The cowboy into half, ran Wei Darren's Rawls (Darren Sproles) 15 yards rushing. Kicker Caleb Sturgis (Caleb Sturgis) used a 30 - yard free kick to help team 3:0 start the record. The Cowboys soon in color: Over - Bryant (Dez Bryant) Hernandez finished 53 yards receiving, ran Wei Yi gathered at the Seoul - Eliot (Ezekiel Elliott) rushed the ball 15 yards under four points, the final guard Prescott duck (Dak Prescott) reading options for 7 yards rushing touchdown. The cowboy team 7:3 took the lead. The Hawks out three . The game entered the second quarter, with the aid of Eliot's 25 yard ball, kicker Dan Bailey (Dan Bailey) hit 38 yards free kick, and the cowboy team 10:3 was ahead. Since the Hawks quickly punt, cowboys also three out, the Hawks began to attack in the first half of the cowboy. Eagles running back Darren's Rawls rushed the ball 19 yards, into the red zone. The final running g cheap nfl jerseys free shipping uard Ryan Mathews (Ryan Mathews) flush the ball 1 yards, the score changed to 10:10. Exchange the ball right, the cowboy took over Rudge White haid (Lucky Whitehead) for 17 yards. Bryant took over the outer Mendez take the ball with 23 yards, then four quarterback Prescott duck out of pocket, rushed the ball 16 yards to score line. Prescott - Hicks (Jordan Hicks) copied the ball before the split line. There were 1 and a half minutes left in the first half, and the Hawks took over from Lille - Green - Beckham to take 12 yards and get into the cowboy half. At the end of the first half, kicker Caleb stergis hit a 55 - yard free kick. The hawks took the 13:10 lead into the second half. The second half begins the two sides out of gear. Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz through a series of short, began to find offensive rhythm. Green Beckham received 14 yards passing into half cowboy. In the red zone, running back Rawls Darren's ball scored 12 yards, and Mathews took over Jordan (Jordan Matthews) a 5 yard touchdown, leading the eagles 20:10. The score behind the Cowboys soon three out, facing four stalls for 8 yards, punter Chris Jones (Chris Jo?The official website of NFL | Eli Manning: looking forward to the best season | play football Eli Manning (Eli Manning) won 2 Super Bowl champion in his 11 years of occupation career, but the New York giants quarterback thinks he has just started. was asked by a reporter do you think you would finish the best season performance? Manning made an optimistic reply. Yes, Manning said. I like the players in our locker room. I like the talent of our team. I like the way everyone treats this season. I look forward to this season. Although left Jiefeng (Will Beatty) will Beatty due to chest torn out for a long time, in the Manning side offensive weapon is the best configuration giants in recent years. Last season, the offensive team because Odell Beckham took over the small (Odell Beckham Jr.) amazing performance and the talent shows itself a rookie wide receiver in the second half of the season often beat the double marking. In a healthy Victor - Cruz (Victor Cruz) and potential Reuben Randall (Rueben Randle) together with the League of nations, the giants have the best combination of receivers. At the same time, Sean Wallin (Shane Vereen) will provide Manning with the league's best ball type running back one option. In the last season - Mcadoo (Ben McAdoo) fast pass tactics to help Manning to reduce the number of steals from the 2013 season of 27 to 14 last season after this season, Eli set up a number of steals and number of touchdown interception ratio reached 4 more than 1 of the target. I think he can get a dominant season, Cruz said. I think we have such a system of attack. In September, we can play the power. All these good things together, I think we will have a very strong offensive team. Every field can get 28,35 points. We can really do some interesting things this season. giant this offseason movement has not received much attention, Philadelphia eagles and Dallas Cowboys got all the attention in the NL east. But the giants have the strength to keep the divisional Championship battles up to December.- Sheldon (Taco Charlton's) is the first round of this year's cowboy No. 28 show, this year is the first pass is only hand rushed sacks recorded. Brown new show Meyers Gareth (Myles Garrett) only fought 3 games, but has harvested 4 escapement. Steelers rookie T.J. watts (T.J. Watt) also has harvested 4 sacks. "I'm not used to getting a catch so long, and I've just taken 10 escapement (11 games) last year." "But I've been working hard in the last few weeks," Sheldon said. It was only a little worse last week. I hope my wish can be realized quickly and then one after another. " charton fought 37 defenders against 49 players on Sunday, reap two quarterback pressure and one break pass. The cowboy arranged the hall of fame Charles Charles Haley to teach Sheldon this week.The official website of NFL | Bracey is expected to become the third team won all the | football quarterback the first week of the season, when Payton Manning led the Denver Broncos 31 to 24 victory over the Indiana colts, he became the 32 team to beat all second quarterback NFL history. and this week, Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) will be expected to enter the club. The Monday night game against the Baltimore saints will home court crow crow team, team is Bracey's 14 season the only team didn't win the team (he was in the 2004 season as San Diego lightning quarterback beat the saints). Brisbane week in an interview with the crow team's official website said: I know, I played in 03, 06 and 10 seasons with the team crow. Thank you for reminding. The news on the Internet has also spread. The crow's official twitter was released: the Baltimore crow was the only team that Bracey didn't win. Bracey in the 3 game against the team crow, passing 136 times 81 times with 920 yards and 6 touchdowns, but 7 interceptions. Bracey also confessed that the difficulty is not small: we don't care who we play, and I want to get it every time. It's hard to win every team, however. Indeed, they in the recent 2 week even in their own home court in the ratio of 24 to 27, 10 than 27 lost to San Francisco 49 team and the Cincinnati bengals. If the game failed again, they will be the first time since 2001 at the Superdome stadium losing streak. crow team - Saggers Terrell (Terrell Suggs) in an interview this is a contemptuous disregard: did I not tell them? They are the weakest. and Tom Brady (Tom Brady) has been defeated in the new England patriots from all 31 teams, unless the Patriots traded him, otherwise he should not join the record list. Michael Vick (Michael Vick) to finish the record need to win over the Green Bay Packers, new England patriots and the Seattle seahawks.

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