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After being cut off by Philadelphia hawk last month, , Evan Mathis, is still unnoticed. It seems that he will not play for the Saint Louis ram this season. is reported to have no intention of signing Mathis. The team wants to "grow up with the young players of the attacking frontline" this season, if this is their plan, the RAM will certainly have a younger offensive front. Left guard Roger Safford (Rodger Saffold) will enter his sixth season, but left Jiefeng Greg - Robinson (Greg Robinson) to enter his second season, in the past two seasons played a total of 10 games, Barrett - Jones (Barrett Jones) will serve as the starting center for the first time. After selecting four attacking players in the draft, the rookie may let the rookie be the first right and right-wing front. It may take a while for to cooperate with the front line. This may affect the first time that the team has scored the top 20 opportunities in scoring since the 2006 season, but this is not enough to worry them, so that they can introduce Mathis.International Olympic Committee and WHO | handball will cooperate to promote a healthy life style | hand Association Luca International Olympic Committee and WHO will carry out cooperation and promotion of sports activities in the global scope. In July 21st, International Olympic Committee President Jacques · Roger and the director general of the World Health Organization, Chen Fengfuzhen, signed a memorandum of understanding between the two major organizations in Lausanne. Th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e document says that lack of exercise is one of the most important causes of non communicable diseases and points out the direction of the two major organizations in the next five years. promotes healthy life in the world , chairman of Rogge, said: International Olympic Committee and who are all eager to promote healthy life and the most basic sports in the world. This agreement is an important step for us to cooperate with each other in this field. He added: it is also our collaboration to get everyone to participate in sports and reduce the risk of non communicable diseases in all age groups. sports as an important means of healthy life style International Olympic Committee targets everyone's participation in exercise, but lack of exercise is one of the key causes of non communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. These diseases cause millions of people worldwide to die each year. As the leading body in the health field of the United Nations, the WHO is responsible for developing a global health strategy. After signing a memorandum of understanding with International Olympic Committee, Chen Fengfuzhen said that the agreement signed with International Olympic Committee strengthens our strength and can better identify the main causes of death in the world. The cure of these diseases is a major challenge for sustainable development in the twenty-first Century. Working Group on the implementation of the memorandum of understanding, International Olympic Committee - the world health organization working group will be divided into two parts to promote public support and work out the work programme for the next five years. The core content of the work will be a joint action by the members of the World Health Organization, as well as by the 205 national / regional Olympic committees. on International Olympic Committee - United Nations cooperation International Olympic Committee maintained close cooperation with many United Nations agencies and received the observer status of the United Nations in October 2009. This is the affirmation of International Olympic Committee's work for the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. International Olympic Committee and its cooperation agencies use sports in many areas, such as promoting health, humanitarian assistance, building peace, education, gender equality, environmental protection and fighting against AIDS. Previous projects with the World Health Organization include smoking ban in the Olympic Games and the promotion of health activities for local residents in the Olympic Games. (He Huaguang)The official website of NFL | pony will continue to use Landry as a starter safetys | Rugby the Indianapolis Colts announced that the team will use Laluoen - Landry (LaRon Landry) this week as the first safety. Local time Wednesday, coach chuck ppagano's explanation of this decision. Pagano said that when he came back, we asked him to be a substitute. We have a special request to him and have arranged a lot of work for the special service. He has done well, and has made progress every week. Sergio - Brown (Sergio Brown) did a good job, but Landry won his place, and that was the reason he started. Landry's 2 season in the pony was not a smooth sailing season. He had been banned for 4 games for a drug problem this season. After the release of the ban Landry also lost the first position. Fortunately, his training attitude and the performance in the special service team moved the coaching team. He gradually entered the rotation line and gradually promoted his time. In the last two weeks of the regular season, the team arranged for him to start the game first. Landry said that after the return of the ban, the team informed me that I had to wait for the opportunity on the bench. It surprised me, but I told myself I couldn't stop. I still do my best, whether it's on the field. During the regular season, Landry completed 48 grappling and 2.5 escapement.The official website of NFL | lions receiver Johnson traced to the end of the season | retired football According to informed sources revealed to ESPN , the Detroit lions star Calvin took over Johnson (Calvin Johnson) in the last season before his family and friends said the 2015 season will be his final season in the regular season, the day after the end of the season, he also told the team coach Jim - Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) said the same thing. According to , Caldwell told Johnson not to be in a hurry to make a decision - slowly. Out of respect for Caldwell, Johnson agreed to do so. The lion has not yet given up Johnson's hope of changing his ideas, but a person familiar with Johnson said he was very satisfied with his decision. in the NFL fighting after the nine season, Johnson's body was destroyed. The five degree professional bowl Bowman has been troubled by ankle injuries and body aches, which makes it hard for him to come back and continue to fight. He will be 31 years old in the middle of next season. According to informed sources, Johnson will retire only inform the two teammates - quarterback Matthew Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford) and linebacker Stephen (Stephen Tulloch) - tulok, and ask them to secrecy. Staffordshire and Turok to keep secret, until this season the team members know the Johnson plan. At that time, the lion made a statement by Johnson and said he was thinking about his future. The team expressed respect for Johnson's decision to consider his future. but unless Johnson changes his mind, one of the greatest players in the history of the lion is likely to retire. Johnson 16 game of the season attendance, completion of the 88 ball 1214 yards and 9 touchdowns. This is his sixth consecutive season, the number of thousands of passes, and the seventh career of the number of passes of the season. picked up the second pick in 2007. Johnson won the best career in 2012, when he set the record number of NFL single season with 1964 yards. He kept the record of the team's history (731) and the number of catch codes (11619 yards).

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