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even-even soccer equipment network this is a building on the basis of equality and the culture of the club. Hummel (Hummel) made 2015-16 Jersey is not only a combination of Pauli and fashion design, but also unified in the game show to defend the gay rights message. The main away kit is white, and the diagonal pattern is asymmetrical chest make this unique style of shirt. It is worth noting that this shirt with a rainbow color in the cuffs, by this way, the Pauli team and players expressed LGBT activity support. (Note: LGBT is the abbreviation of the girl, the male, the transsexuals and the double sex, and the world LGBT Rights Day is the symbol of the rainbow). This shirt combines all kinds of influential elements, not to say the beautiful font used for the number and name of the shirt. Really have a good personality, and this shirt as lit a torch, lit the strong Pauli club. third Jersey Pauli 2015-16 brought enthusiasm elements in a black and white shirt outside, but look at this shirt, it would be cool choice. The jerseys are decorated with zebra line from beginning to end, while the club strives to return to the Bundesliga, and this jersey will bring a high return to the streets.The official website of NFL | Steel cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ers President Te Blunt is right: cut | football former Pittsburgh Steelers running Weile Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) in the team was cut back, choose to join the new England patriots. Now, he has joined the new team in the super bowl. In the American League finals, Blount tribute, he rushed the ball 148 yards with 3 touchdowns. for Blount's excellent play, President Rooney Duarte Steelers (Art Rooney) said that the player sacked is the right decision for the team: no one wants to happen in the middle of the season, but we have to order the whole season's success to make such a choice. We don't worry about where he will go after leaving the team and how it will be. We just want to make sure that the team can grow up healthily, and that his decision is right. We want to be able to use more suitable players at every position. Although the run - Baer (Le Weile viand Veon Bell) throughout the season well, but he in the American League wild card race due to injury, perhaps it is the most important reason for the team has been eliminated. It's hard to imagine that if Blount remained in the team, it would be different. Anyway, the Steelers made you think the right decision, Blount also found a new state in the patriot. Maybe it's a good decision for all 3 parties.The official website of NFL | said teammate Rodgers next season will usher in the peak of | football The 2015 season was bad for Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers), so he was ready to rebound in the 2016 season. recently, the player of Green Bay Packers told reporters: Rodgers has been very focused recently. He used to be very focused on training, but this time he is different. I think he will have a peak next season. Rodgers last season in the worst case still finished 31 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions, but for the 2 time winner of the MVP's passing success rate of 60.7% created occupation career low, passing score fell nearly 20 points, the 2014 season of his score as high as 112.2. in fact became their main reason over the injury is the Rodgers data down, he a person can not save the offensive team, the packers scored fifteenth in the League last season, the total number of alliance twenty-third, only 25 passing yards. The 2016 season is bound to packaging union rebound, Jordi Nielsen (Jordy Nelson) back, Addie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) successful weight loss, which are guaranteed Rodgers more offensive weapons.| Weng Zi man and Bowling bowling fans the most votes ahead of the goddess December 17, 2012 12:01 Sina entertainment Weng tendril Weng vines play bowling Weng Zi man show waist Weng tendril and vermicelli 's love bowling Sina entertainment news "2012 new ETtoday Indoorsman goddess voting activities since November 26th started, activities entered the countdown stage, at present, the chicken sister, Axi vine, Annie Chen, Guo Xuefu, Weng et al fierce fighting, all all of their votes. Weng Zi man 16 days had held a meeting to thank fans and support in the face of the ticket, "love bowling competition". Weng Zi vine and five fans one to one pK, see who hit the most bottle, the loser will carry on the horror punishment, see who will eat the terrible ultimate mustard sushi! wore big beauty aura, Weng Zi man not only deep over last year, more personally penned album, clear voice amazing. She will be more interested in the development of the film circle in the future. This year the final Indoorsman goddess, Weng Zi man not only by the majority of users support, mobile entertainment Xu Nailin behind the sound, will own a sacred vote for her, zhikua: she is both smart and beautiful." is the new Indoorsman goddess of fierce fighting, Weng Zi man get friends to support most "Adorable" goddess of votes, votes up to 43% way ahead, and the other 19 goddesses "Adorable" most votes are not more than 10%. In addition to the 5 fans who participated in the competition, they gathered a lot of loyal fans. After seeing a series of Goddess photos taken by Weng Zi Meng, they called him: "angel is coming!" The innocent face is to obtain many people like, really adorable and positive! Weng Zi man sweet smile charmed beings, photos point of view it is shock like Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway. usually athletic Weng Zi man, said students often play table tennis, volleyball, basketball, and so she arrived at the venue, it is required to try, the first ball is played all good practice achievements, let the people can not help but clap! However, the race, before Mann Weng three games lost to the fans, "drink tea" to accept the punishment, dedicated she did not hesitate to put a full cup of tea a drunk, let a person very admire, she laughed and said: "when you eat hardship." The last two games, Weng have won fans, two men received a hand of love Manman spanking and lipstick to face punishment, but Weng Zi man distressed fans, all of mercy. is entering the New Goddess of otaku this year, Weng Zi.

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