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Ross - Cockrell (Ross Cockrell) last year as a cornerback in the Steelers starting all the games, but the team did not intend to give him a raise. Cockrell only signed the lowest bid contract with the team, which means that other teams can offer him a bid. But if the Steelers no match the offer, the team must give the Steelers provide a four round sign. Finally no one is willing to try to do this, Cockrell will remain in the Steelers array. Cockrell will account for $1 million 797 thousand in the 2017 season. He reap 62 grappling and 14 break passes last season.Calvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) may have completed his last attack on the NFL. , the Detroit male lion, made a statement on Wednesday that he was thinking about his future. "Like a lot of players who have arrived at this stage in their careers, I'm thinking about my future choice," Johnson said. "I will make a decision on this issue in the near future." Before the announcement, there had been a lot of speculation about Johnson's future. local media quoted an anonymous former teammate as saying Johnson may choose to retire after nine seasons. The anonymous person believes Johnson has gone through enough experience. And there cheap nfl jerseys free shipping are also well-known local journalists in the column that Johnson will choose to retire early. He noticed that Johnson had left the ball in the seventeenth week of the match against the Chicago bear. The lion also made a statement after Johnson made a statement expressing Johnson's understanding of the future. has a lot of guesses about Johnson's future this season. He has been down this season, with only two matches taking over a hundred yards -- plus his salary cap will be 24 million dollars next season, which will make him doubt in the future of the lion. now, perhaps Johnson, 30, holds the future in his own hands. He was disciplined in the 2012 season with 1964 yards for the NFL season. He has also set up a record number of consecutive hits (8 games), and a record number of more than 200 yards in history (5). Johnson also maintains a series of male lions' record of catching the ball, including the most frequent ball catching times (80 times), the most professional record number (11619 yards) and the most frequent 70 or more record times (8 times). an anonymous former lion player told the media that an unwinning male lion would deprive the game of playing. Perhaps only the lion would have lost one of the best contacts in history.Author: Fang Ling, NFL Chinese columnist 3 24, Manning's birthday. Impartial, just at the end of every season, the beginning of the new season. So birthday wish in addition to physical health, family happiness and peace in the world, Manning will silently make a wish, hope in the new season, he will enter the occupation bowl, scored MVP, and won the super bowl, for any one occupation football player, Payton Manning has put all the personal honor and the highest the team's honor in my arms, the rest of the career will begin to enjoy the game, decided the fate of Manning but is not materialistic character, he did not slow down the pace, but to face the future, become more greedy". greedy people, easy to achieve success, but not easy to get happiness, because they are not satisfied. in fact "greed" for the football player is a good quality, it is the size of all people are divided into various grades and ranks, and in Rugby World Pyramid spire minority, in the face of the future is not greed, desire to become more excellent. At the beginning of , he joined the professional bowl and was selected for the best lineup of the season, dubbing the animated Simpson family. In March 24, 2009, Payton Manning's thirty-third birthday, he made a wish that he chose the professional bowl tenth times, won the 4 regular season MVP trophy, and won the 2 Super Bowl champion. is willing to be infinite, but the reality is still cruel after all, the departure of old friends added a bit of sentimentality. 12 season, 174 games, 971 passes, 13090 yards, 110 touchdowns, Manning Harrison left town on the combination of infinite memories, although reluctant, but Harrison said goodbye to the seal, the number 88 shirt, Harrison can embrace life after retirement. 7 season, 112 games, 85 wins and 27 losses, 1 super bowl, 53 years of age is still young, but Deng Ji has tired of rugby stadium, my heart miss only family and wife, finally at the end of the 07 quarter and 08 quarter two Luluwuwei season, announced to retire, when a sweet wild village, a few days of leisure. little horse has already found a successor, but this person is not a stranger. He started working with Manning in the 2002 quarter, and was named Jim Jim (Jim Caldwell) by "Manning" as a quarterback mentor. Starting with the pirates in the 2001 season, Caldwell followed the dungeon as his quarterback coach and then moved to the pony with Deng Ji. In fact, Caldwell Be Don Gio also a year older, he is similar to Dungi as a coach in the black leader, not tall, but very powerful, strange hengrou, but delicate thoughts such as dust. With Manning for seven seasons, Caldwell was a witness to Manning's takeoff, and Manning also witnessed Caldwell's daughter-in-law. Mike Shanahan's high.The Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel (EJ Manuel) of the occupation career apparently encountered difficulties, it is reported that he and the Oakland Raiders completed a new contract, but he will not receive a pension. the total value of the contract for 1 years is $800 thousand, but there is no part of the guarantee. , which is a sad thing for a quarterback who was selected in the first round five years ago. Manuel has completed 19 passes and 15 rounds of cutting and 17 starts, leading the team to win 6 wins and 11 losses. when we know his contract details, we know that Manuel is doing this season - Derek Carle (Derek Carr) of the bench, but he needs and a 2016 fourth round player Connor - Cook (Connor Cook) competition, if bad luck, Manuel may even have no access to the list of teams.

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