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Philadelphia Eagles crazy offseason continues. Tennessee Titan and hawk announced that Titan has already taken over the last two rounds of the last year to Lille Green-Beckham Green Dorial Green-Beckham. And the cost of the eagle? On the 2012 five round show, Denis Kelly (Dennis Kelly), who was able to play the front and the offensive, first started 2 games for the Hawks last season. Kelly should be able to strengthen the squad depth and competition for Titan's attacking frontline. the deal seemed to be without signs, but all the signs showed that hawks had been looking for a suitable player to take the offensive system, and Titan is looking for the right opportunity to get rid of Green Beckham. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the eagle previously has pursued free players outside the amkhan - Boulding (Anquan over Boldin), but Boulding finally joined the Detroit lions. And today's talented Green Beckham has become an attractive choice. 's poor performance in the first season of the pre - season has exacerbated the eagles' demand for an excellent takeover. So far, Jordan - Mathews (Jordan Matthews) is the only reliable hand of the eagle, but he is out of the knee injury. The introduction of the offseason Reuben Randall (Rueben Randle) and show the performance is less than expected last year in the first round of Nelson Aglo (Nelson Agholor) is still a long way to go. is not a risk for hawks. According to the official website of NFL reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo reported to Green Beckham, the Titan's focus and investment dissatisfied. Team coach Mike Muraki (Mike Mularkey) witnessed Green and Beckham's cheap nfl jerseys free shipping best performance last season, but he also saw that the latter made enough mistakes in psychology to make him determined to facilitate the transaction. last season Green Beckham completed 32 catches for 549 yards and 4 touchdowns.NFL official website to | after Rivers still maintain the confidence of | Mustang football Philip - Rivers (Philip Rivers) led the San Diego lightning in the first half of the season 5 wins and 3 losses. For most teams, can achieve the 5 victory in the first half of the season is gratifying. More so for lightning, they will be more relaxed in the next half of the season. Rivers said in an interview on Thursday local time: the season is made up of 16 games, which is like the 16 round. At present, we have won 5 and lost 3. Although this game is very important, we have 8 games to go all out. We need to adjust, and the first task is to play with the Miami dolphin. talked about the loss of the week and the outlook for the rest of the season. Rivers remained confident: we were beaten and there was no excuse. But I have to say that the injury still affects us. So we need to recover and keep fit as soon as possible so that we can continue to win. Now our record is 5-3, if one more 5-3? I believe that 10 victories can help us get into the playoffs. We need to move on. Lightning is now on the right path, and Rivers has been asking himself to be more perfect. We have reason to believe that lightning can continue to create surprises.The official website of NFL | Super Bowl MVP Simms and Anderson | Rugby MVP - twenty-first Super Bowl quarterback Phil Sims (Phil Simms ) asked if Phil Sims can become a great quarterback ranks, I am afraid this is a controversial issue. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? The first round of the 1979 draft , selected from the New York giants beyond all expectations Morehead State University, the little-known Sims, which led to great dissatisfaction at the giant fans at the time, time to consider the draft and later became one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of Joe - Montana (Joe Montana) is selected, the selection of giants now seems possible the controversial. But it is said that 49 people but San Francisco coach Bill - Walsh (Bill Walsh) first saw the Sims and going to pick him in the first round, but was first elected to the giant. Sims's rookie season played well as a starter, the team made 6 wins and 4 losses record, was elected to the League Rookie team and ranked second in the rookie of the year award players. But the next three seasons of his performance fell a lot, his performance is not stable and plagued by injuries (1981 season suffered a shoulder injury, 1982 season knee anterior cruciate ligament tears), even the new coach Bill - Pa Searles (Bill Parcells) arrival did not allow his fate changed much, he once dismissed but as a substitute in a game instead of Midway starter thumb injury season, which makes a lot of fans think he is smuggled goods. But after he was asked to watch more videos, he had a better understanding of the NFL defense team, which made him grow into the leader of the attack group in the 1984 season. In the 1986 season, Sims led the giant to the super bowl for the first time. In the opening of the Sims on giant touchdowns in a brief lead before the end of the half face 9-10 behind. But in the second half Simms completely broke, he instigated the first wave of 63 yards of offense and made two touchdowns, then the giant wave attack were made free kick and rushing touchdowns, Sims next attack completed third passes his touchdown, the giants scored 24 points to put the game out of suspense. The Sims 10 in the second half of 10 passes successfully, the second half giants record 30 points. In this occupation career the most important game, Sims offered one of the best in the history of the Super Bowl performance. The 25 time he successfully passing 22 times (3 times without success in 2 is due to pass catcher, sell) 268 yards and 3 touchdowns. His pass rate (88%), the quarterback score (150.9) 〉Japanese Prime Minister IOC | handball lobbying mission | Tokyo traffic accommodation world ranked first hand | Co Cleveland Beijing April 17, Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso on Thursday to welcome the International Olympic Committee to assess the arrival of the delegation, and promised the Japanese government will fully support Tokyo's bid for the 2016 Summer olympics. 's 13 member assessment team began a four day bid inspection in Tokyo on Thursday. At present, it has received detailed plans for Tokyo organizers about urban planning. has participated in the shooting competition of the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. Taro Aso, prime minister, told International Olympic Committee representative: we will fulfill all commitments we made in the bidding report. Ensure that all necessary preparatory work, venues and funds are in place. The assessment mission will review the use of the venues on Friday. After the end of Thursday's statement, had a 30 minute answer to the press. The Tokyo organizers did not reveal the specific content of the problem, but said all the answers were convincing. the Tokyo Olympic Committee said they will offer the most compact Olympic Games, according to their plan, almost all venues will be within five km range of the main stadium. If won the 2016 Olympic Games, Tokyo, which once held the 1964 Olympic Games, will use the multiple venues left by the Olympic Games. organizers said 34 intends to use the venue in Tokyo, the 23 existing construction, 11 other stadiums and land have been in place. one of the five new stadiums will be permanently used, including the Downtown Waterfront of the Olympic Stadium, the stadium can accommodate 100000 spectators, will host the opening and closing ceremonies and athletics. , at the same time, is full of confidence in Tokyo's strong economic capacity to cope with the global economic downturn. At present, Tokyo has set an annual budget of $66 billion for the Olympic Games and a special cash budget of $4 billion. International Olympic Committee will vote in Copenhagen, Denmark, in October 2nd by voting for the host city of the 2016 Olympic Games. Tokyo's rivals include Chicago, Madrid and Rio De Janeiro. During the visit, the mission will also examine Tokyo's infrastructure, transportation systems and hotels. Taro Aso says he believes Tokyo will impress members in these areas. Taro Aso said: Tokyo has an excellent city structure that provides the best transportation network and accommodation in the world. It is also one of the most developed cities in the world in terms of sports, environment and public safety. 〉

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