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The official website of NFL | scramble, the American League football | whirling prospect and the League of nations Southern team win 6 wins that is expected to enter the playoffs, compared to the competition between the United States team is much fiercer, and 9 victories may not be enough. want to know 7 wins 4 of the negative Brown Cleveland team ranked only in the American League North of the last one, behind 7 wins 1 flat 3 negative Cincinnati tigers, 7 wins and 4 defeats Barr Timo crow and 7 - 4 Pittsburgh steelers. NFL media man, former Washington Red Leather and Charlie Casserly of Houston Dezhou team manager said that he had never seen such a close ranking at the end of the season in Houston, Charley. in addition to outside North San Diego, lightning and the Kansas City Chiefs also holds 7 wins and 6 wins, Miami dolphins, and Buffalo Bill still has a playoff hopes. In general, Bill and dolphins need more efforts. They are actually on the edge of the cliff. Especially for Bill, their next rivals are Denver's strong rivals, such as the wild horse, the new England patriot and the Green Bay Packers.if you look at the shot data of the 2013 season in the 2013 season of cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Colin Kaepernick, you may notice that the data slumped after second weeks. It is obvious that this is the reason. Capet Nick told the Sacramento bee reported himself in the second week 3-29 loss to the Seattle Seahawks game before the foot bones and plantar foot ball (Note: the thumb, foot before the connection between the thumb and the soles of the spherical joint capsular tear). "I ran to the sideline and fell down," Capet Nick talked about the attack that had hurt him. "I think they defended the striker or one of the line guards on my foot when I was down." against the Seahawks when 87 yards out, Capet Nick in the 4 game the next were 15.75 yards rushing. The 49 quarterback until the team usher in the tenth week break weeks ago has been listed on the injured list due to a foot injury, but the team never elaborated on the severity of the injury. "things like this always happen," Capet Nick said. Never need to mention such a thing, for this kind of thing will never say anything because you are a football player, you have to battle with injuries. Unless you are taken out of the field, you have to be on the spot. If you can bear the pain, you have to do it. " He also said it was the mentality of everyone in the team. "I think this is the kind of player our team has: you will not let such a minor injury, such a real injury, make you unable to play," Capet Nick said. "You're going to get hurt, yes. You can have a sprain or something else. But you are a football player; you can Daishang battle." ???????????????????????????|?26?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? When asked whether his foot against the National League final Seahawks to him, Capet Nick said the foot did not affect what. 49 people are obviously satisfied with Capet Nick's health, or they may not renew his contract in June.Shuttlecock |[Photo] peasant | in Shuttlecock Association shuttlecock shuttlecock game 10 month 19 days, Jiangxi Yichun shuttlecock player Chen Zhenyue (right) the ball in the game. On the same day, the fifth peasant shuttlecock competition at the start of the Jiangxi gymnasium of Yichun Vocational Technical College, Jiangxi Yichun women's team in the group match 2 to 0 victory over the Shanxi team, won the opener. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Kehong tookThe official website of NFL | October China United League player announced | football nest 2 weeks after the start of the 2015 season, the quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) remains the hottest quarterback in the North District of the United States. the Cincinnati tigers quarterback became the best player of the United States League in October due to the unbeaten record of the team in October. In September he also unbeaten. In the 6 matches for tiger, Dalton achieved the best pass rate of career (67.4%), the field pass code (293.5 yards), the array cut ratio (14-2) and the quarterback score (116.1) in . He has the largest number of passes per pass (9.1 yards), the quarterback score and the number of passes over 25 yards (19). The last data is Dalton reason to believe that we in this season, he regained his confidence and aggressive long looking for a group of talented receivers. Atlanta falcons produced the best offensive players for second weeks in a row. After winning the award in September by Julio Jones (Julio Jones), the runner von von Freeman (Devonta Freeman) won the prize in October. At the ball Freeman yards (621 yards) is the largest union, as the League maximum 10 touchdowns than second ranked players 4 times. October AFC defensive player: Oakland Raiders safety Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson), Woodson is like wine the older the better. The 39 year old striker safetys made 1 steals ball after September made in October 3 to change the game ball - including 2 steals Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning). He is a reliable backbone for the growth of the Raiders defense group. in October, the best secret service player in the United States of America: Denver wild horse kicker Brandon Macmanus (Brandon McManus), seventh weeks ago, Macmanus scored 61 more than the wild horse attack group (54). After completing 10 of the 11 free kicks in October, he was the most important player in the wild horse for the whole month. October National League defensive player: the Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Schott Kavan (Kawann Short), a part of the group as a whole season the Panthers defensive game allows the opponent scores never more than 23 points, the Schott Panthers defensive group for second consecutive months, a player to win the player of the month, cornerback Josh Norman (Josh Norman is the prize in September). Schott deserved to win the award, he in 2 games over the Seattle Seahawks and the Philadelphia hawks in.

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