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even-even soccer equipment network Adidas company in the UK Chelsea Club officially launched the new 2015-16 team season second Away Jersey, New Jersey theme of "Back in black (black regression), reproduction of the classic black and white color theme. The Blues will take part in the key battles at home and in Europe. from top to bottom is a black to white transition form, shirt is black shorts, from top to bottom gradually fade, the white socks, and the club's traditional home court blue blue shorts and white collocation is consistent. as the new season home court and away, the new season second Away Jersey unique is the highlight of the fingerprint on the Jersey side label. Fingerprints are a symbol of everyone's identity, and Adidas connects fans and clubs more closely by adding fingerprints on their shirts.NFL's official website, Cutler said on the sidelines, dolphins coach not only football nest on the sidelines tiger dolphins quarterback Matt Moore in August 7th (Matt Moore) said on Monday that the coach Adam Hess ( cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Adam Gase) not to conceal the pursuit of Cutler team he will, he believes that this short retired former Mustang, bears quarterback to compete for a starting position to. But Moore and GUS views are a little different. Gass said at a news conference that Cutler would not be involved in this week's pre-season match. They had no official lineup yet, but he didn't leave any doubt about whether Cutler would integrate. he's not just going back from retirement to stand on the sidelines. Gass said. Gass, who served as an offensive coordinator in Chicago in the 2015 season, worked with Cutler. He thought Cutler knew the offensive system of the team very well and could finish the pass arranged by the team. This is the two main reason Gass believes Cutler can integrate into the team. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Nike Club offers a new season home court Jersey traditional style blue and white stripes, stripes and a shirt is wider than the white, strengthen the proportion, there are large areas of blank back. The new shirt is on the front of the flag - shaped club badge, the Nike Swoosh trademark and the German Railway Company (DB) ad.Water polo | short course World Cup Chinese team 10 gold | Zhao Jing Jiao Liuyang tied for the championship ending Luca Beijing time on November 9th, two days of the 2011 fina short course World Cup Contest perfect ending of Beijing Railway Station. The host China team performed well, and won 10 gold medals. Zhao Jing and Jiao Liuyang won the 59 second 50 in the women's 100 meter individual medley final. In the swimming competition, the contestants are not much more common in winning the championship, and the Chinese players are a good thing. The women's 200 meter butterfly final, the Olympic champion Liu Song failed to reach the top three. The Chinese team won six gold medals on the day. Medley is not the main item of Zhao Jing and Jiao Liuyang. But in the evening's women's 100 meter individual medley final, they all swam out of 59 seconds and 50 achievements, and walked hand in hand to the champion podium. Before the world championships, only the men's 50 meter freestyle race appeared and won the championship. Australian player Harry Seck won the season with 1 points, 01 seconds, 01. men's 1500 meter freestyle final, China players Hao Yun Yiqijuechen, with 14 points 40 seconds 15 results first to touch the wall, this is he yesterday following the men's 400 metres freestyle after harvest second gold medals, the silver and bronze medals were also China players scored with 14 points, which put Jun 42 seconds 97 the runner up, Zhong Guixu to 15 points 12 seconds 08 won the second runner up. is only 14 years old Zhou Min became the women's 400 meter medley final on the field of the protagonist, although the little girl contest experience is not rich, but the face of the brightest master did not fear, with fearless spirit and momentum in the final 4 minutes and 30 seconds 66 won the gold medal at. Japanese player Otsuka Miyu won the runner up with 4 points, 31 seconds 43, and Australian player Fullerton ranked third in 4 points, 33 seconds, 19. women's 100 meters backstroke final, first half of the players is not dominant China Gao Chang 57 seconds to catch up from behind a score of 22, coronation crown. Australia · rachal in 57 seconds 40 won the silver medal, another Chinese contestant Zhou Yanxin by 57 seconds 78 won the second runner up. yesterday won the men's 100 meter backstroke gold medal contestant Sun Xiaolei Chinese angry again, in today's men's 50 meter backstroke final in 23. 34 seconds to dominate the audience. Another China player Cheng Fei Yi in 23 seconds 89 won runner up, Columbia player Pean has 23 seconds to 98 won the bronze medal. also made the ending date of the women's 100 meter freestyle final, two Australian players won the first runner up, Mike Cohen with 53 seconds 09 won the championship, Campbell to 53 seconds 13 runner up, Chinese Tang Yi player with 25 seconds 85 won the bronze medal. men 200 meters 〉

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