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The official website of NFL and former NFL quarterback Vince young is still dissatisfied with their nest, No one shows any interest in football tigers' NFL quarterback Vince - Yang (Vince Young) questioned why some quarterback could get the team to be green and he could not. when I saw some quarterback, I felt like, 'the goods are rubbish, but I can only stay in the kitchen to cook turkey?' Yang said to the sports pictorial. I don't want to get a name, but (Ryan -) Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) is still playing!? He's the first in the league, and then does his mother get a new contract? I mean, what the fuck is this? actually ranked third in the 17 times in Fitzpatrick's last season. He had 23 passes in the 2011 season and was the first in the league. 34 year cheap nfl jerseys free shipping old Yang recently tried to comeback, he joined the people of Saskatchewan tame horse CFL, but due to a hamstring tear in training camp he earlier this month by the team to give up. Yang's last time for the NFL team was in May 2014, but he signed with Cleveland Brown for a year. But Brown cut him out after choosing Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel). Yang announced his retirement in June. Yang was selected by Tennessee Titan in the first round of the 2006 Draft in the first round of the draft. He became the league's best offensive rookie in the league in the season and went into a professional bowl in the season and 2009 season. But he could not maintain that level of performance steadily. His last regular game is to play for the Philadelphia hawks in the 2011 season. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The next season of the new England patriots tight end rob Gelon Khodorkovsky (Rob Gronkowski) has the opportunity to become the highest income League tight end. has now agreed to reorganize his contract with the team, which will ensure that his new season's income rises from $5 million 250 thousand to $10 million 750 thousand. ESPN according to the reporter, if Gelon Khodorkovsky can reach one of his income will rise in 2017 3 data. If he can keep the Gelon had excellent performance of several season so his wages will have to rise, the patriots are willing to believe that pay him more money.The 2017 CONCACAF golden cup official ball was based on Nike's latest Ordem IV, which is currently the ball in the Spanish League and the Premier League's official net. The 2017 CONCACAF gold cup ball with white and yellow, orange, and joined the navy blue and gold details. The trophy of the golden cup is also printed on the sphere.The official website of NFL |NFL will be | rugby players for detection of growth hormone last week, the NFL alliance and NFL Players Association on the new drug policy agreement, including a player in the presence of detection of growth hormone. According to NFL news reporter Albert Brill (Albert Breer), NFL will carry out the test next Monday. For this reason, wrote a letter to all players about the NFL player association president Eric Winston (Eric Winston), saying: as we all know, the new improved drug inspection policy includes growth hormone detection, which will take place next Monday. A total of 5 players were selected from 8 teams each week for a total of 40 players. All tests would not be carried out on the day of the competition. Through negotiation, we are told that the professionalism and safety of the testing process will be guaranteed. More importantly, after three years of tug of war, players now have the right to question the test results. If the test results are positive, the players refuse to accept the appeal. At the same time, also said that no matter whether the drug abuse test is used or the drug testing is improved, the players will be tried by the independent arbitrator as long as the player appeals the positive result.

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