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The recent renegotiated contract by Adrian - Peterson (Adrian Peterson) will allow him to stay in the team until the 2017 season, and then he will be 32. Few guards are able to perform well at this age. but Peterson thinks he's still at the top of the age of 32. The same is true in the following years. "I didn't see the end," Peterson said to the media. "Honestly speaking to you, I feel like I don't know if I will really do this, because I feel that once my heart tells me, guess what, I will no longer love to play basketball, no matter when I will leave the court. But to be honest, I think I could still play at the age of 36 or 37. And it's going to be high. " reality point, this is almost impossible. In NFL history, there are no 36 or 37 - year - old runner who can get more than 1000 yards for a single season. Marcus - Alan (Marcus Allen) is the only running guard over 500 yards at the age of 37. Even at the age of 33, it is very rare to maintain a high level of running guard. The hall of fame ran Wei John - Henry - Johnson (John Henry Johnson), Jean Riggins (Jon Riggins) and Fran cheap nfl jerseys free shipping co Harris (Franco Harris) is the only spent 33 birthday can punch the ball over a thousand yards running back. Peterson, a 30 year old, thinks he can still have 8 high - level seasons. Peterson has 8165 yards away from Emmet Smith (Emmitt Smith)'s NFL career rushing history record, so if Peterson is right, he will become the top runner in NFL history when he retires.The official website of NFL | crow team Monroe, Jeni root regression training | Rugby Baltimore crow team offensive tackle Eugene Monroe (Eugene Monroe) and defensive tackle Tim Jeni (Timmy Jerrigan) both in roots Tuesday to return to the training field, two people were absent from the wild card game last week. this is Monroe in December 21st last year in Houston, the team lost to Dezhou in the game for the first time to participate in training after a sprained ankle, but Jeni is suffering from root injury affects the feet and knees, this season has missed four games in the last week, once again he was forced to sit on the sidelines. It is reported that both Monroe and Jeni are very likely to play in this week's match against the new England patriots. Jernigan said: I am ready, because of injuries sidelined half a season of taste really hard, but it makes me look forward to participate in the battle. , in addition, the Marlon Brown, the Raven Marlon Marlon, was absent from yesterday's training because of unknown reasons. Crows and Patriots will first release the official injury report on Wednesday.The 2015 Guangxi Liuzhou Thunder Alley "kangxiaole Cup" elite bowling tournament strong incoming | Bowling 2015 Guangxi Liuzhou Thunder Alley "kangxiaole Cup" elite bowling tournament strong incoming 2015 in Guangxi province Liuzhou City Thunder Alley "kangxiaole Cup" elite bowling tournament is about to start in late July 2015 grand! The contest for the elite doubles game players, regardless of the area, regardless of gender, enrollment bowling enthusiasts can, all applicants each send a kangxiaole old yogurt, why not, hurry to sign up now, focusing on participation ~ ~ ~ there are more behind surprise waiting for you! We sincerely look forward to you. The elite will visit the thunder arena competition! Club Introduction: Thunder bowling alley is Guangxi's largest and most grade bowling Liuzhou City Thunder bowling alley, a business area of more than 3500 square meters, 16 new bowling alley (definitely not used, and the fairway) is a new generation of intelligent automatic fairway, with advanced Italy scoring system, which also ad hoc 4 romantic fantasy novel fairway and 3 children. All the fairway installed on both sides of the intelligent electronic lamp light to follow the ball to go with, will let you have fun in sports. 's innovative design, exquisite decoration and 8 million yuan investment will create a high-end, atmosphere and comfortable place for sports and entertainment. Free Wi-Fi covers the whole field. here, you can entertain yourself and keep fit, you can also play a friend party, you can do family sports meetings, you can also organize unit competitions, or you just sit there for coffee and chat. As long as you come, we are 100% heartily welcome. Drinking and singing K is entertaining and consumes your health, playing bowling is entertaining and exercising your body. we sincerely look forward to your visit: Thunder bowling, give you a new experience! A friendly Chile national team and the national team of Uruguay in the middle of the week in a new home court Jersey, New Jersey is provided by Puma, Puma and the team due to the original sponsor of BROOKS contract at the end of the world cup. The new shirt still retains the team red coat, blue shorts and white socks tradition, these three colors are from the Flag of Chile, shirt style from the 2010 annual Puma PowerCat Series in a lapel shirt collar template, the opposite is Flag of Chile pattern under the party flag to write a word - "La Roja de todos (all red)". The new national team logo jersey chest originally position by the Football Association of Chile sign replaced official said this change comes from the 1987 Chilean team jersey style, the Jersey chest is inlaid with red white Blue Shield Pentacle, that year's Copa America Chile team broke into the final, the new session of Chile the team will also be wearing the new shirt next year to participate in the Argentina cup.

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