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Michael Vick in 2015 for the Steelers started three games, and said he felt "can play one more year, but quarterback 32 teams don't seem to think so, Vic after holding personal freedom for a long period of time. so it seems that the days of VIC as an active player are probably at the end of the day, and he himself recognizes this. Vic recently told reporters that he still wanted to keep in touch with rugby, but it might not be the way to play. "I think it's time," Vic said. "I'm trying to look at life from a different angle. I have a child but I cry piteously for food, and in the 2016 year spell. I was satisfied with my career and achievement, and the consequences were even beyond my expectations. Review the past every game, every single attack, I can say that I won the game for each team engaged in the team, although I am in the New York giants cheap nfl jerseys free shipping and Pittsburgh Steelers are only three times the first opportunity. I don't obliterate all, my occupation career has been very good, it's time to look ahead." Vick finished the last regular season at the Georgia dome of Atlanta falcons. He said he was "excited" for Atlanta and hoped that they could bring back the highest glory in NFL.Every player in the NFL League has to wear the basic equipment according to the rules. head protection is the most important helmets, masks, braces. These things not only protect the face, but also prevent the trauma of the brain to a great extent. trunk protection - armor guard American football equipment has a variety of armor, designed for different locations. But the range of protection includes the chest, the back, the shoulders. The front lines are more protective, and the outside and the quarterback pay more attention to the stretches of the shoulders. - leg protection pads Shinpad standard for a total of 7 block, 2 block, 2 block protection to protect the knee, thigh 2 pieces and 1 pieces of protection to protect both sides of femoral tail vertebrae. Have some receivers to run faster and give up wearing Leggings board, which is prohibited by the union. is the standard wear of an American rugby player, and the lack of anything will be banned from playing. Some athletes can reasonably increase their protection according to their needs, for example, the outer hand will increase the backboard and protect the back, some players will add joint support equipment after injury.The official website of NFL and Capet, Nick Jersey leapt to 49 Jersey sales list, the first football nest San Francisco 49 people's quarterback Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) has received a lot of attention since the protest of the national anthem. Capet Nick's behavior is mainly aimed at the national policy on racial issues, especially for the police. He tried to express things in his own way to change some things. Some people outside him supported him, others opposed him. seems to be fans supporting Capet Nick. In the past week, the 49 men's backup quarterback jerseys sell more than they have been in 8 months, and become the top 49 player. , this is not surprising, because there are not many stars on the list of the 49 people, and Capet Nick's behavior is powerful enough to win fans' support. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | ram back to Saint Louis to finish the last game of football | six months ago, the rams moved away from Saint Louis to Losangeles. Recently, 40 players and coaches returned to Saint Louis to complete a flag football match. The campaign Isaac Bruce by former wide receiver (Isaac Bruce), he established the fund will bring better education and health habits at present to children in Saint Louis, Bruce hope this his teammates can get together to thank the fans for 21 years of support. Bruce explained: "this is far beyond my expectations, and your friends are still around. It's a great feeling." , it is reported that more than 10000 fans arrived at the scene. During the midfield, Orlando Pace, the professional bowl offensive cutting, was awarded the honor of the professional bowl Hall of fame. (Orlando) Bracey said: he is our MVP, so we want to thank him here in the midfield.

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