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Since the This shirtChongqing hong'ao bowling alley fourth week of November Jinsong won the first game, | Bowling Chongqing Hong Ao bowling hall, held in November 25, 2014, will be held for fourth weeks in November. This week's weekly competition can be described by two words with intense words. The competition is intense and exciting. Finally, the first one won by Mr. Mou Jinsong, who scored 1336 points in the 6 game. The top six winners were awarded the prize. The winners were the first ones: Mu Jinsong second: Yang Jin third: Hu Xianhong fourth: Tao FA Liang fifth: Zhang Yue sixth: Chen Songbai .Squash | China squash tour held at the Kempinski Hotel opened the first station The chart is the runners' draw ceremony for the first station squash tour. (photography Wu Peng) Luca July 31st ~8 on Sept. 1, 2010 Chinese squash tour's first station - Beijing Railway Station game held in Kempinski Hotel. 37 contestants from all over the country, including the Hongkong area, have entered the competition, the largest number of participants in the Beijing sub r cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ace. is going to compete in the national sports conference and the Asian Games this year. So in 2010, the Chinese squash tour was reduced to two races and finals, and the competition rules were modified accordingly. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of amateur players involved, the tour is divided into group A and group B, group A was the national team players and Chinese Squash Association approved the wild card players, group B amateur, group A and B respectively set up bonus. At Beijing Railway Station, there were 37 contestants participating in the competition. It was the largest number of participants in the Beijing branch. The men's 24 players, 13 female athletes, male and female each have 5 athletes to participate in a game, group B 19 men and women 8 contestants. Zhang Wen, chief judge of Beijing branch of the squash tour, said: "in 2 days, we need to play 42 games, and the arrangement is quite intense. Some players need to play three games a day, which is a test for athletes' physical strength. In order to promote the popularity of squash and allow more amateur players to compete, the rules of the Chinese squash tour tournament were adjusted in 2010, and the competition will be divided into group A and group B, which enlarges the chance for athletes to compete and win. reported that the 2010 Tour was made up of 2 - station and 1 - station finals, which was held in Beijing and Guangzhou, and the finals were held in Xiamen. (Paul)The official website of NFL Lisa: she is the sweetheart trapeze, she is the best football and rugby childhood to nest what should a nine year old girl look like? Before the ink is static if the virgin, or dancing in the classroom is a pearl in the palm arch, parents in the eyes of the cartoon, or the princess Sarah. No matter which one, you can leave a perfect childhood memory for a 9 year old girl. But for Lisa, a nine - year-old Beijing chick, she chose to leave her best childhood to rugby. On the court, she was a fearless sweetheart I came from the United States and there were girls as big as her in our country playing football, so I wasn't surprised at first. But when I had a chance to get to know her, I found that Lisa had a very high ball dealer, and more importantly, she was not afraid. This is the evaluation of Lisa's coach for her. As the only girl in the team, the number 22 Lisa is the core of the team. Ball, ball, feet, collision, not because they are girls from Lisa and reduce the content of training, their opposite, when other team teammates did not reach the standard of training, she will take the initiative to stand up to their own experience to share with everyone. The coach of the team hopes to let every player feel the fun of different positions on the football field at the age of 8 and 9, and Lisa is undoubtedly the best spokesman for this concept. In the attack group, she was a straight forward. Whenever this role is mentioned, the expression of my pride will immediately appear on her naive face. The defense of her is the last line of defense team - safety, she never because the other team members than their higher than their strong is overcautious. On the contrary, the flexible mind and the super high player became the killing skills of her field. In fact, when you are in tackle, you can directly tackle the legs of your opponent, so that even if you don't hug his legs, you will fall down if you touch him, Lisa. In 's life, she is a good thinking child, has been a monitor, and has been a member of entertainment committee. He has done homework and organized a get-together. The 9 year old Lisa is obviously the child Wang Dali in the eyes of other small partners. I often play games, I often give them ideas, because I feel that whatever I do, I can do it well. That's what Lisa says, and that's what it does. Besides football, Lisa and many other hobbies, climbing when she always silently plan the next step of the starting point, efforts to find out when she surf up time, she is always wondering when the game winning ideas, nine year old small head contains unlimited. She says it's all about rugby. It's just like on the court, there's no tactics to learn. I don't have an idol. I just hope I can do a good job in the future and be an unrestrained job.

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