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2015-16 new Barcelona goalkeeper jersey will soon be released, but 2015-16 days before the main Barcelona Jersey has been officially released by Nike. The 2015-16 Barcelona home court in the team jersey for the first time in history the bar design, which is yellow and orange shirt printed with red stripes behind.The official website of NFL | plans to win the attention of Sherman | Cowboy: football Dallas cowboys are heading to the CenturyLink center to block the Super Bowl champion. The cowboy hasn't won 4 consecutive wins since 2011, and it's important if they want to relax after the game. but in the past few seasons the Seahawks opponent of the situation, Dallas need to be ready to face all star cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) of the defense, in fact this is the Cowboys owner Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) through the broadcast message to tell the fans on Friday. early in the season, the Green Bay Packers against the Seahawks game ball to Sherman this side are basically meaningless. This was a direct restriction on the offense of the packers, leading to Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) passing a lot of long distance balls. also takes int cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o account that Toni Romo (Tony Romo) will pass the ball to de Bryant (Dez Bryant), while Bryant is the only player able to fight against Sherman. If we exclude being copied, Romo is indeed the top quarterback of NFL. Last season the 694 passes Romo had 15 interceptions, a success rate of over 43.3%. Dallas's attention to Sherman's point is particularly important if he wants to make his offensive team play well in the game.despite the fact that last season's striped Jersey brought endless luck to the team and won the double crown's success, the Kaiser chief of South Africa will return to the traditional yellow shirt's home jersey for the new season starting in August. The club's traditional black and yellow color has been retained. The new shirt has inherited the team's tradition and inspired the fans' nostalgia for the history of the club. The new shirt learned the successful experience of the 1970s "glamour team" and also absorbed the experience of returning to the top of the 2012-13 season. The Paul Sweatshirt collar and cuff of the retro style used a black tone. The club classic "Emirates" logo printed on the inside of the collar, a symbol of Kaiser chief players pride. The new black shorts, socks body is golden, with black stripes. The shirt has inherited Nike's fashion, exquisite workmanship, aesthetic belief, and a variety of technology to improve the performance of the players. The shirt is made of recycled materials, reflecting the Nike's determination to protect the environment. Each shirt and pants are from 13 recycled plastic bottles. The first recovery process is to melt plastic bottles, form fibers, and make regenerated polyester. Compared with the traditional methods, it saves 30% of the energy. Since 2010, Nike has used this method to recover nearly 1 billion 100 million plastic bottles. The fiber shirt weighs only 150g, 23% lighter than the previous version. At the same time, the strength of the shirt is increased by 20%, and its ductility is greatly improved. The shirt material uses the Nike Dri-FIT technology, which can quickly make the body's sweat through the fiber, volatilization to make the players more cool and dry. The improved sweat channel has many small holes, which consist of both sides of the Jersey, as well as the back of the shirt. Meanwhile, the design of the shorts belt enables the air flow of the shirt smoothly, making the players more comfortable and cool. The back of a porous Jersey strengthens the circulation and circulation of the air. In order to improve the comfort of the Jersey, the interface of the Jersey is boldly designed by T-bar, which is more concise and solid inside and outside the line, while improving the comfort and functionality. At the same time, it also makes the Jersey more eye-catching.NFL official website | Biliqieke on Iraq: like the sixth catcher | football to Biliqieke in coach Bill (Bill Belichick) under the command of sixth times to enter the super bowl, the new England patriots must do not do: Denver Broncos quarterback Andrew Indianapolis pony Lakshmi (Andrew Luck). in addition to his energetic passing talent - Iraq season with 40 touchdowns to lead the league, the Colts quarterback has proved to be one of the League quarterback at quarterback in the net to dodge the strongest protection. He just like you want to mark the sixth catcher, Biliqieke Sunday in the American League game so told the media. when asked whether Iraq and big but very clever Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) made a similar problem, Biliqieke replied. Yes, two of them can make trouble. We saw this in the semifinals of the United States League victory over Mustang from the 1 8 yards of the ball. The score was canceled due to a teammate foul, but it was another example of how much trouble he could make on the ball. In spite of his contact with him many times, the wild horse eventually failed to capture. I mean, he Biluosilisiboge much faster, he is more of a threat, can promote more yardage and faster to do this, Biliqieke said. He can shoot the ball, but when he needs to attack for a long distance, he has the ability to create such a large code attack. We have seen him do this many times in his career. which has 1 large number attack happened 2 weeks ago against Cincinnati tigers in the game, he demonstrated his ability to dodge and excellent physical quality, he escaped a sack up their defensive player after 36 yards passing over found outside the East (Donte Moncrief) made moncrief touchdown. is the most imperfect of all the remaining 4 teams. But in the case of such a wonderful performance in January, anything was possible.

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