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The official website of NFL, American sports, football legend veterans nest November 11th is no stranger to Chinese people today. After all, countless people have to stay up and chop their hands. This is not an ordinary day for the American people on the other side of the ocean. The Veterans Day to commemorate the armistice of the first World War, or the day of Veterans Day, is also called veterans day or memorial day. , Americans' admiration for soldiers can be seen clearly in film and television works, such as escorting money and upcoming Billy Lynn's midfield war. The latter, the midfield, refers to the midfield in the rugby game. In this case, it just leads to the topic of today's American sports and American soldiers. in the veterans during the festival, the North American Sports League will also set up a special commemorative activities, see NFL will know, no matter what the game, before singing the national anthem is a fixed program per game, while playing the national anthem, often standing courtside servicemen as a guest. This year's military Memorial week, NFL on the pitch during the two week period each point, the League will donate 1000 dollars to the United States, Pat Tillman United Service Foundation (the foundation of the story will be mentioned be cheap nfl jerseys free shipping low) and wounded soldiers (in the project the author to write this article, real-time digital has $400 thousand), moreover, it will also launch a series of design around veteran symbols, players and the stadium will commemorate the obvious signs. this year's military version of the ball cap , as a big sports country, will inevitably lead to the presence of active stars in the United States. Read the "brothers" friends will have the impression of the goat in Compton, he is the school basketball team and the University of California at Los Angeles football team, in 1943 in the rose bowl, and then in the same year to join the army, but he was an outstanding baseball pitcher, he also threw a grenade in wartime from home to first base so far. As a TV drama adapted from a memoir, Compton is a real man. what other famous Hall - class players have joined the army in the history of the United States? I'll introduce some of them here. some of them can be known as a household name, such as Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio and Jackie Robinson. Hank Greenberg was the first registered professional league player in the history of the United States to participate in the United States' first peace draft. The time was May 7, 1941. He was allowed to retire in December 5th of the same year, but he was re called into the army in February the next year, because he had been retired two days later.Welcome to NFL Home Field! NFL Home Field provides a home base for football fans in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, complete with family-friendly interactive football activities, on-field training clinics and live tackle football games featuring local teams and local food vendors. This year s NFL Home Field promises "to be an even bigger spectacle with another NFL Hall of Fame Legend. Come out with your friends and enjoy a free day of fun food and football !How will the NFL website in the free agent market impact of the 2017 draft? In rugby wo The team will assess the free player market at the beginning of the new year to plan the direction of the team's development. In the players' market, the team will assess the strength of a free player and choose whether it will be strong or not according to the needs of the team. Although the free agent market is officially opened this Thursday, many teams have been impatient. 49 people will sign the quarterback with number 2? had two quarterback options in the squad after signing the Hoyer Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) and Matt - Barkley (Matt Barkley). So 49 people may not use the pick to take a rookie quarterback. Among the top four quarterback candidates (Deshaun Watson, Mitchell Trubisky, DeShone Kizer and Patrick Mahomes), none of them is suitable for the first round. The selection of a strong quarterback at Gao Shun in this year's show is not a good choice. Therefore, if 49 people do not trade their pick, so they may choose a fighting force, thereby significantly increasing the depth of defense. Whether this is similar to Solomon Thomas punching military or similar Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker safetys, 49 people can through a high priority to greatly enhance the group get defensive sign. at quarterback, perhaps 49 people can wait for the Washington Redskins quarterback after the farce in Jianlou, during the 2017-28 season season to sign Kirk cousins or directly in the 2018 offseason signed him as a free agent. If the red and Cousins agreed, that 49 people can choose 2017 two round draft pick a quarterback, or simply wait until the 2018 year quarterback draft pick. Will the Jaguar choose the attackers with number 4? Leonard Fournette? may choose a new running guard to help their quarterback, Bolt J, to relieve the pressure of the attack. Considering that the team has already spent a lot of cost for the renewal of the defense team, the offense is more reasonable from the draft. Leonard Fournette is regarded as one of the most potential runner in the 2017 show. The power - type runner from Louisiana state is a combination of impact force, explosive force and destructive force. He is good at moving forward after physical contact, and the number of large numbers is not too bad. If the team signed him, the defensive team had to arrange more in the race over the race.NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) has recently been appointed as the 49 quarterback of San Francisco, Colin. Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) and team renewal contract. The new contract will remove the injury protection income clause. 's new contract allows Capet Nick to choose to jump out of the contract after the 2016 season. The rebuilt clause removed approximately $14 million 500 thousand in 2017, and canceled the last three years of the six year contract which expired in 2020. Capet Nick's contract is actually a two year contract. 's bonus in the original contract has been transformed into a basic form. If he plays in the half offensive season of the team, he can get a bonus. The new contract has eliminated Capet Nick's risk of injury injury to the injured team this season, which will give him the chance to test the free agent market in March next year.

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